A Paris Café, in Winter



Parisian Culture, Whining


  • David, I see myself there bundled up and waiting to slosh down something hot and alcoholic as soon as you sidle up, recognizable and ready to lecture me about wearing fur. Or maybe it is warmer there and I could survive in wool?
    I thought I might be in Paris with my daughter, also a cook, in late March, but the outlook is presently grim. And since it is no longer truffle-bribe season, maybe you wouldn’t show up?

  • Hope springs eternal…even at 7°C they put the chairs out. Maybe that isn’t so cold..whatev I’d sit in one in a flash

  • Judith: I show up if there’s chocolate involved!

    Carol: In Belgium, people sit outside and drink beer…even in the winter, when it’s snowing. Maybe they’re expecting some Belgians to show up!?

  • i had hot chocolate last weekend in pisa and goodness, it was creamy and just the thing i needed… unlike the hot chocolate i got in dublin which was like water-down chocolate, and the last two white hot chocolate i ordered tasted like hot milk… *sigh*

  • I spent Christmas and New Year en france and that picture makes me miss it!

  • Well, I actually do make a good chocolate-esresso truffle, and so does my kid.

  • Uh Oh The French & the Belgians are at it again. But the Belgians gave us Pomme Frit & Adel Blanc-Sec & can possibly lay claim to starting the high-end chocolate thing.Speaking of hot chocolate,I tried making it ahead 6 hours for the 1st time(or overnight) as Chloé Doutre-Roussel reccommends & what a difference in intensity.David, have you heard about the January Chocolate Fantasy event? You should be there next year! http://www.memphischocolate.uni.cc

  • Beats my L.A. freeway at any time of the year, you win!

  • lament for summer gone
    unabashed hope for summer to be