The Sweet Life in Paris + All-Clad Cookware Giveaway!


To celebrate the release today of my new book, The Sweet Life in Paris, the fine folks at All-Clad are giving away a brand-new 7 piece set of their magnificent stainless steel cookware!

All Clad set

This set includes a 2- and 3-quart saucepan, both with lids, a 10-inch frying pan, and a huge 8-quart stock pot. This is my favorite cookware (I carried mine over to Paris with me, piece-by-painstakingly-piece) and I’m thrilled they’re offering a set for my readers. If you’ve always wanted to start or add some All-Clad to your collection, this is a great way to do it.

The book features stories about my adventures in Paris, whether learning how not to walk in a straight line…or why the roads in Paris are all intended to take you right back to where you started, how I eloquently regaled startled guests at a swank dinner party with raptures about a magnificent black, er…zizi I saw in the hills Piedmont (and I’m not talking about the famous truffe noir d’Italie), and why, when the film version of my book comes out, Daniel Craig is the foremost candidate to play me in the movie.

(Hint: It’s not because of any abdominal similarities.)

Learn how I got into the thigh-high boots of the famous fish-boys, come along on my visit to Paris’ only clothing-optional sock shop, and learn how I manage to dodge the right hook of a certain dame d’une certain age, who’s become the love of my life.

chocolate pain d'épices

Somehow, I managed to get nearly fifty recipes in there, with everything from the sweet to the savory, and then some. And if you’re the lucky winner of this amazing, spiffy set of All-Clad cookware, you’ll be cooking up a storm in your own kitchen, too.

Now excuse me, I’m off to book a trip back to Italy…


UPDATE: The contest is now closed, and the winner has been announced. Thanks to everyone for your participation! -David

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  • Carmel

  • Mmm. I’ll go with the green tea flavour they serve at my favourite Japanese restaurant at Jourdain..

  • My favorite ice cream flavour is pistachio. Nuts and cream do it for me!

  • Strawberry! Congratulations on the book.

  • black walnut

  • Favorite flavor – lemon sorbet, i really can’t quit it. I never make it anymore because I wind up eating it on the spot. Every. Single. Time. It’s a dangerous thing to keep around me in general.

    Out of curiosity, what is a zizi? :-)

    Can’t wait for your book, it’s supposed to arrive tonight!

  • Congrats on the new book!

    I must say my favorite sorbet is a lemon rosemary! Refreshing and savory.

    Thanks for all the stories and recipes.

  • I just recieved your new book and I’m super excited to start reading it. With it, also, I recieved “The Perfect Scoop”. Lucky enough, I am a dairy farmer and have saved the milk from our top butterfat producing Jersey cows and will be making some ice cream this weekend!

    As far as favorite ice cream flavors, at this point I’d have to say Strawberry Cheese-cake. There is a ice cream shop close to me that sells it with a “cheese cake sauce” SUPER Delicious, I try to get a few each summer =O))

    Congrats on the book!!! And as I said earlier, I can’t wait to get into it! I love the blog, and since I have just returned from a trip to Paris, I look forward to reliving some of your wonderful Parisian experiences!

  • Butter Pecan, all the way!

  • coffee

  • Chocolate

  • i’m a butter pecan type of girl. love the sweet and salty together!

  • Pralines and Cream

  • grapefruit sorbet with a hint of anis

  • Blackberry Cabernet Sorbetto, Ciao Bela makes a great one

  • Vanilla Bean. Something is so good about simplicity.

  • gianduja… mmmmm…

  • Butter pecan for me please.

  • It’s too hard to pick one. For today, how about concord grape….

  • Coffee. Vietnamese Coffee actually, thanks to you. Well, I thank you, but my hips sure don’t :)

  • pistachio, or coconut .. yum. :) congrats on the new book!!!

  • Favourite ice cream ever: the salted caramel at Bi-Rite Creamery in the Mission, San Francisco. Oh my good lord, is that stuff heavenly. Makes me sad I live across the continent from it!

  • My absolute favorite is the malted milk ball ice cream from The Perfect Scoop. Yum!

  • avocado ice cream

  • congrats on your new book! my favorite is vanilla with fig and almond.

  • Digger flavour (anzac biscuits & honeycomb combined)

  • Cinnamon ice cream. I can’t wait to check out your new book!

  • 50 recipes!??!? Nice

  • ricotta gelato

  • Dark chocolate and/or Mexican vanilla

  • Mint Chocolate Chip is my favorite, although I have several close seconds.

    And Congratulations on the book!

  • Cinnamon ice cream! Made some last weekend.

  • Hm. There are so many! But I guess it’s going to have be peanut butter. With the cookie dough from the Perfect Scoop. OMG. Congrats on the new book!!!

  • Graeter’s Cookies and Cream

  • It’s so hard to pick a favorite. I have to go with mint chocolate chip. Congratulations on the new book!

  • Mango!! Congrats on the book!

  • Cherry Garcia

  • I will have to say vanilla, because I just made some using my own machine, for the first time (using your recipe, of course).

  • I did a silent scream when I saw your book in the store. I can’t wait to read it. Favorite ice cream: mint chocolate chip!

  • Toffee Cinnamon Crunch with a struesel swirl and a hint of vanilla :)

  • vanilla. I love your book and my coworkers like the results :)

  • There are many but rum and raisin is one of my favorites.

  • lemon meringue

  • Lemon sorbet, please.

  • Nocciola (If we are counting gelato)
    Vanilla (Icecream)
    Ruby Grapefruit (Sorbet) :)

  • Congrats on your next book release, I hope this chocolat delight’s in the book, I adore chocolate gelato and I’m ready for the new set!

  • Strawberry sour cream ice cream! Congratulations on the new book!

  • Does gelato count? If so, pistachio gelato. If not, I’ll have to go with butter pecan ice cream.

    Congratulations on the book – I’ve already ordered my copy, and Amazon says it will be here tonight. I can’t wait to start reading…

  • Childhood fave=strawberry. I still love it but I think green tea ice cream now overranks it.

  • maple walnut

  • Menthe Gelato from the little shop on the hill in San Gimignano.

    Or maybe a rich homemade dark chocolate peanut butter ice cream. It’s a toss up, really.

  • Coffee ice cream is awfully nice.

  • It’s really hard to choose a favorite, but if I have to, I’ll go with black raspberry chocolate chip.

  • Raspberry sorbet, with fresh raspberries from the garden.

  • Hard to choose but I really like the chocolate raspberry ice cream. Congrats on the new book!

  • Make mine coffee. And congratulations on the book.

  • Grandma’s banana nut ice cream! Yuummmm…..Dave, congrats on the book!

  • Hmmmmm…Pistachio!

  • white sesame!

  • It depends, but I always fall back on mint chocolate chip.

  • cookies & cream…always cookies & cream!

  • Butter pecan

  • My favorite s Rocky Road. Yum!

  • Vanilla — like basic black, perfect on its own yet with infinite ways of dressing it up. But your commenters have me salivating with new flavor possibilities.

    Congratulations on the book! There are obviously some tantalizing tales that never made it onto the blog…

  • Peach!! Can’t wait to read your new book!

  • The aggregated spumoni of all the flavors in your book savored in my imagination.

  • Congrats on the book. I can’t wait to read it.

    Favorite ice cream flavor? Cherry Vanilla. Hard to find but it’s soooooo good.

  • It’s a tie: Buttermilk or Salted Butter Caramel

  • Earl Grey. Earl Grey ice cream – the mother of all glorious epiphanies.

  • Looking forward to reading your new book – congratulations! My favorite ice cream is still strawberry, but I really like other flavors as well.

  • chocolate

  • Coffee ice cream can’t be beat.

  • Almond praline (icecream)
    lemon (sorbet)

  • Hmm, my ice cream faves change with the seasons so I guess now that it is springtime I would say mostly berry flavors. I’ll go with blackberry–not too sweet, not too tart.

    Looking forward to the book…

  • Chocolate peanut butter

  • Strawberries and champagne ice cream . . . with real alcohol.

  • Lemon, lemon, lemon

  • An ice cream place called Christina’s in Cambridge, MA does a Fresh Mint icecream in the spring. The best way I can describe it is to say it tastes “green”, but in a good way!

  • Vanilla

  • Mango Lemon Sorbet is the best!

  • Lemon, Lemon, or something similarily citrus…..

  • I’m a mint chocolate girl…but it has to be DARK chocolate.

  • Man, this is hard. But I think I’d have to say… orange sorbet with bittersweet chocolate pieces.

  • black raspberry . . . mmmm. it would be okay to have that for breakfast, right?

  • my favorite is blood orange sorbet…mmmm. can’t wait to read the new book!

  • Raspberry sorbet with a hint of chilli

  • My favorite ice cream flavor is black cherry.

  • Congrats on your book. Love the blog. Mint chocolate chip

  • MMMM. Coffee ice cream. Very very fattening kind….no double-churned crap.

  • Chocolate!

  • Espresso with chocolate chunks.
    Looking forward to the new book,
    congratulations David!

  • Fig studded with candied lemon…

  • Congrats on the book!

    Ice cream: peppermint stick

    Sorbet: blood orange

  • melon gelato from Vivoli. And Caramel Cone from Haagen-Dazs. And homemade peach…
    Can’t wait to check out the book–will there be a French translation?

  • Passionfruit!

  • Strawberry-sour cream… from The Perfect Scoop, of course

  • Rosemary & Thyme Sorbet

  • Ice cream: Snickers (as produced at Mad Martha’s, Martha’s Vineyard, USA).

    Gelato: Hazelnut.

    Congratulations on the book!

  • Raspberry lime sorbet; so refreshing in the summer!

  • Butter Pecan