The Sweet Life in Paris + All-Clad Cookware Giveaway!


To celebrate the release today of my new book, The Sweet Life in Paris, the fine folks at All-Clad are giving away a brand-new 7 piece set of their magnificent stainless steel cookware!

All Clad set

This set includes a 2- and 3-quart saucepan, both with lids, a 10-inch frying pan, and a huge 8-quart stock pot. This is my favorite cookware (I carried mine over to Paris with me, piece-by-painstakingly-piece) and I’m thrilled they’re offering a set for my readers. If you’ve always wanted to start or add some All-Clad to your collection, this is a great way to do it.

The book features stories about my adventures in Paris, whether learning how not to walk in a straight line…or why the roads in Paris are all intended to take you right back to where you started, how I eloquently regaled startled guests at a swank dinner party with raptures about a magnificent black, er…zizi I saw in the hills Piedmont (and I’m not talking about the famous truffe noir d’Italie), and why, when the film version of my book comes out, Daniel Craig is the foremost candidate to play me in the movie.

(Hint: It’s not because of any abdominal similarities.)

Learn how I got into the thigh-high boots of the famous fish-boys, come along on my visit to Paris’ only clothing-optional sock shop, and learn how I manage to dodge the right hook of a certain dame d’une certain age, who’s become the love of my life.

chocolate pain d'épices

Somehow, I managed to get nearly fifty recipes in there, with everything from the sweet to the savory, and then some. And if you’re the lucky winner of this amazing, spiffy set of All-Clad cookware, you’ll be cooking up a storm in your own kitchen, too.

Now excuse me, I’m off to book a trip back to Italy…


UPDATE: The contest is now closed, and the winner has been announced. Thanks to everyone for your participation! -David

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  • I’m an American living in England and would have to say vanilla clotted cream ice cream is my favorite. I don’t recall having anything so decadent growing up in the middle of Ohio!

  • Peanut Butter sorbet… and its gluten free too! Look forward to checking out your cookbook

  • My favorite flavor has always been mint chocolate chip (or mint choclate chunk, mint chocolate swirl…. you get the idea). And it always tastes just a little bit better if it’s green. :)

  • I would normally say coffee, but I ate wonderful hazelnut meringue icecream at gelateria San Crispino in Rome. Just last week. I still dream about it.

  • stracciatella

  • Chocolate sorbet.

  • Ben and Jerry’s Coffee and Heath Bar

  • Baskin Robbins Peanut Butter Chocolate

  • Fig ice cream

  • My favorite ice cream is the rose ice cream I had at Shiraz in San Antonio, Texas.

  • Homemade Lemon Ice Cream! I just got the ice cream maker for my Kitchen Aid!!!

  • Homemade Lemon Ice Cream! I just got the ice cream maker for my Kitchen Aid!!!

  • Homemade Lemon Ice Cream! I just got the ice cream maker for my Kitchen Aid!!!

  • Mariage Freres Wedding Imperial. This is the easiest cheater caramel vanilla ice cream shortcut ever. Their teas are incredible for flavoring custards!

  • Homemade Lemon Ice Cream! I just got the ice cream maker for my Kitchen Aid!!!

  • Homemade Lemon Ice Cream! I just got the ice cream maker for my Kitchen Aid!!!

  • Rose, from Shiraz in San Antonio, TX.

  • pistachio. the real one. none of those chemically artificial “taste-like” pistachio concoction. ;)

  • mango!

  • Gelato cioccolato! Had some in Rome last summer that was delicious though the best I had was in college in Berkeley at a place called Vivoli.

  • chocolate with pepper !

  • Yam and Sweet Corn ice cream, exclusively.
    I have only tasted them in South East Asia, Singapore and Malaysia, and I think Hong Kong too, but never in the US, I really miss them.

  • chocolate with pepper !

  • Wow, I guess you’re hitting some kind of ‘comments-record’ here!

    Favourite ice cream flavour – I have to addmit its a classic – chocolate gelato from a real italian gelateria.

    Have a nice day!

  • Mint chocolate chip – it’s a childhood favorite that I just can’t shake. Although salted butter caramel is quite fab, as well.

  • Reading your blog never fails to give me a chuckle and I assume it will be the same with your book! I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures.
    I’m not sure if I could pick my favourite ice cream or sorbet flavour… Since I can’t eat dairy anymore though I’ve definitely gotten more into sorbet. A place recently closed in my neighbourhood that made a mean grapefruit sorbet and it went really well with their strawbery and lemon flavours. I’ve also become a fan of Turtle mountain desserts – non-dairy ice cream in flavours that will make you a believer. Peanut Butter Zig-zag may be my favourite but there are just so many!

  • Before living in Paris my favorite ice cream were pistachio and very dark chocolate, now is speculoos.

    Congrats for the new book, cant wait to buy it!!!

  • Mint chocolate chip

  • Salted butter caramel, thanks to “The Perfect Scoop”

  • Raspberry sorbet!

  • DL is the best blog writer…and funniest too.
    Coffee ice cream w/real grounds included. s.

  • Coffee! Simply the best.

  • Coffee! I’m a simple girl.

  • I’ll have to go with Nutella!

  • My favorite ice cream of all time is the burnt caramel ice cream as made by El Carmelo Restaurant in Havana, Cuba. I never got over it.

    Other favorites: coffee ice cream and ginger ice cream.

    Congratulations on your new book!

  • Green tea and ginger

  • Raspberry sorbet! Mmmm.

  • Salted butter caramel!

  • Butter Pecan!

  • Blood orange sorbet

  • greek yoghurt & honey, made at g&d’s cafe in oxford, england. well worth the trip. =)

  • elderflower sorbet.

  • My favorite sorbet: raspberry

    My favorite ice cream: mint chocolate chip


  • Strawberry Balsamic

  • hmmm, it’s a toss-up between mint chocolate chip and a mix of orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream. depends on the day.

  • Pear from Berthillon, please!

  • Vanilla. I know, I know.

  • oooh. mint chip.

  • basil ice cream!

  • Ever since my honeymoon in Buenos Aires, my favorite is Dulce de Leche! If that’s not around, whatever has the highest Chocolate component is probably a safe bet. Or Caramel with Sea Salt.

    Thanks for the most amusing twitter feed.

    Can’t wait to read your new book.

  • Mine is another vote for Bi-Rite’s Salted Caramel. Must. Have. Some. Now.

  • Hi Dave,
    Favorite right now is Dolce de Leche, but I’m planning on making your burnt sugar ice cream this weekend. Yum!
    Thanks for your books and blog.

  • My favorite flavour of ice cream is pistachio. Never liked it until I moved to Paris, and now I can’t get enough of it!

  • black mission fig.

  • I love pear or lemon sorbet, especially in the summer.

  • My favourite taste of icecream is BLUEBERRY.

    Thank you


  • mmm…cookie dough. or, on a hot summer day, lemon and strawberry sorbetto.

  • My fav ice cream is sticky toffee pudding which was put out by Haggan daz as a limited edition. Each spoonful was orgasmic—for lack of better words. Hope it comes back soon! :)

  • Mmm… Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch – which is an amazing rich and delicious flavor from this place in my home town called Capannari’s that makes all homemade ice cream and is voted the best in Chicago!

  • Ginger. But it has to be very strongly flavored with a real bite to it, not the wimpy might-as-well-be-vanilla variety.

  • Mint, with chocolate. Congratulations on the book, and thanks for the great blog. I sure could use a nice set of cookware…

  • Coconut

  • Rum Raisin – yummy

  • looking forward to reading the book…
    my favorite ice cream flavor is hazelnut. the creamy praline flavor with the crunch of italian roasted nuts topped by a chocolate sauce!

  • Honey Dew sorbet.

  • my favorite is “turtle soup” green icecream, with chunks of carmel, pecan turtles. it was my idea till Ben and Jerry used their mind reading tool to take it from me

  • Haagen Dazs Vanilla

  • How fun! I never comment, though I am a regular and avid reader of your blog. I lived for years at Walnut and Virginia and have spent my share of time at Chez Panisse and at the Cheese Board across the street.

    My favorite ice cream — at the moment — is the Lemon Verbena from the Herb Farm Cookbook.

    I was just thinking today, as the weather warms here in Western Ma where I live now, that I might find an orange sorbet in the Perfect Scoop to make over the weekend.

  • dulce de leche avec fleur de sel

  • banana dark chocolate chip

  • Pistacio ice cream or gelato

  • Ube macapuno ice cream is the best!! :) They sell them here in America. Translated in english, it is purple yam with sweet coconut strings Mmmmmmmmmmmm…………Yummy!!

  • Butter Pecan

    (I hope I got in on time.)

  • Ben & Jerry’s HALF BAKED

  • How can anyone NOT like a really fabulous Gianduja gelato? Especially when it’s topped with a deep, dark, chocolate sauce? My favorite, hands down!

  • Moose tracks.

  • I can’t believe you expect us to choose just *one* favourite flavour, David, when you’ve given us all an entire book full of favourites to love … but given the springy mood I’m in at the moment, I’m going to say that lavender and honey ice cream (homemade, of course!) is my favourite. For now.

  • With 45 minutes left in the contest…

    Anything with chocolate and caramel. Or a good quality vanilla.

  • Lychee Sorbet

  • chartreuse, homemade

  • If anyone ever made it, it would be blue cheese ice cream. Has someone?

  • Grapefruit sorbet.

  • I’d have to say vanilla- so simple, but when it’s done right it’s hard to beat

  • Chocolate! (I actually have your version of chocolate sorbet in my freezer right now! It’s wonderful!)

  • Coffee.
    There’s a wonderful cherry flavor in Germany that’s very good as well!

  • Strawberry!

  • favorite ice cream? meyer lemon (Lindsey Shere)
    honorable mention? cherry almond (from Perfect Scoop)

  • Real, fresh strawberry is my favorite.

  • congratulations on the book & thanks for the great blogging! my favorite flavor is peppermint with dark chocolate bits (preferably pink or white rather than green).

  • chocolate

  • I love homemade peppermint ice cream

  • Mint Chocolate Chip!

  • Dulce de leche with dulce de leche from Mora Iced Creamery on Bainbridge Island. Any gelato in Siena on Banci di Sopra is a very close second.

  • Good o’ fashion strawberry ice cream. Real cream and big chunks of strawberries. Yum!

  • My favorite ice cream flavor is:

    Coffee Heath Bar Crunch

    It is amazing –

  • I’m not trying to suck up– I promise– but it’s your salted butter caramel ice cream. I make it once a month. Thank you for this gift of sugary cold goodness.

  • coffee.

  • French Vanilla.

  • chocolate with brownies