Le Creuset Holiday Give-Away!

As holiday thanks readers, through the generosity of Le Creuset, I’m giving away a six piece set of classic French cookware in cherry red. This colorful set goes from oven to table effortlessly and includes a large 5 1/2-quart round covered French oven, a 2 1/4-quart covered saucier, a 10-inch square skillet grill, and an 8- x 11-inch rectangular roasting dish.

This time of year traditionally food bloggers get together to raise money for charity.

So I’d like to offer these charities up as places where you can give this holiday season. No donation is required to enter for a chance to get this fantastic set of cookware. But just the other day, I was watching television on the devastation in many parts of the world, and was sitting in my heated apartment with a refrigerator full of food, and realized how fortunate I am.

It’s easy to forget or to click away to something more entertaining when we see a natural disaster or a face filled with misery. But instead I sat down at my desk and sent a donation to Doctors Without Borders, an international aid organization. It took just a few minutes and no matter how much you can contribute, any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Five charities that I would like to point out that could use help this year:

Doctors Without Borders: This organization provides urgent medical care to people in areas struck by emergencies.

Share Our Strength: Carol at Alinea at Home is starting her annual campaign for Share Our Strength to help feel hungry kids.

101 Cookbooks Kiva Group: This organization helps distribute loans to small businesses in underdeveloped countries and you can loan money to help a specific individual begin a new life.

Stoves for Darfur: This is an amazing initiative started by a young American teenager to provide low-cost stoves for women who normally gather wood, walking at great lengths and often getting assaulted (or worse), just trying to feed themselves and their families.

The Smile Train: The Smile Train provides free surgical procedures to children to fix cleft palates, which gives kids around the world a reason to smile.

Although a donation isn’t required for a chance to win this fantastic set of Le Creuset cookware for your kitchen, please do consider helping out one of these charities if you possibly can this holiday season.

NOTE: The give-away has ended (see #1, below) and comments have been closed. The winner will be notified by e-mail on Christmas Day. Thanks to everyone who participated and hope you all have a terrific holiday! -dl

To Enter

1. Simply leave a comment below. When you leave a comment, please include your correct e-mail address in the field that asks for it. It will not be visible to the public there, so do not leave it in the actual comment area.

I will close comments promptly on December 24, 2010 at noon Paris time, and the person who will receive this set of cookware will be chosen by a random number generator, then contacted by e-mail on Christmas Day. Winner must respond by December 31, 2010 noon Paris time, or forfeit the cookware. No exceptions.

2. Le Creuset can only ship this set to a winner in the United States due to customs and other restrictions. (If you want to gripe about things available in the states that aren’t available elsewhere, the line begins here…) Shipping is included to all 50 states although winner is responsible for any local taxes or charges levied, if applicable.

If you live abroad and you wish to bid, you can do so only if you: 1) Have a mailing address in the US that accepts parcels, or 2) Use a mail and parcel forwarding service. If you choose to use one, you will be responsible for any and all fees, including customs, duties, and taxes that may be levied. I have no experience using one but you can find one by searching Google, using the search words “International Forward Shipping.”

3. Only one entry per person. Multiple entries will all be disqualified and you will get a lump of coal in your Christmas stocking. (Or worse.) When you enter, you agree to the delivery terms listed above. No purchase required.

4. Bonne chance! (Good luck!)


  • I love your blog David. Thank you for your recipes and inspirations! With all of my best wishes to you and happy holidays!

  • I second the awesome Christmas present for me! My cookware is sad (still using the nonstick set my parents got me for Christmas almost 13 years ago at this point!) Thank you and happy holiday.

  • David – Your delightful blog was just called to my attention – and I have added it to a few other equally lovely blogs about . . . . Life, and Love, and Peace. My daughter is in Paris this year and I hope to be able to visit in the spring. Such difficult times for so many people. In our little community here in west Georgia so many people are struggling to put food on their tables. We do a fair amount of baking and always home cooing – and we will be bringing extra portions to a family we just learned about who are struggling to keep their household together. Cooking can be the salve that keeps us all together! Merry Christmas and Joyeaux Noel!


  • Happy Holiday and New Year!

  • Lovely pots!

  • DROOL. Thank you so much for reminding us of these charities. It’s important to remember what the holiday spirit truly is about: giving and good food… and the right for everyone to have good food and services. Happy Holidays! xoxo

  • Repost many of your posts, as they make me happy to see what you are doing here and in Paris. Joyeux Noel!

  • Ooo, those would look so good hanging in my kitchen, simmering on my stove top, baking in my oven AND sitting on my dining room table! I need to go plan a menu now!

  • Love seeing the charities that different people choose this time of year. We always focus on local ones, nice to see others!

  • Excellent choices–all of them!

  • Happy Holidays :)

  • Bonnes fetes de fin d’annee et meilleurs voeux pour 2011! And thank you for a wonderful read and inspiring recipes!

  • You can never have too much cast iron and the Le Creuset are so very pretty!

  • Médecins Sans Frontières and Women for Women International…one long-time admired and one a new favorite.

  • Happy Holidays to you and thanks for introducing me to these great organizations.

  • Thanks so much for reminding us that giving is so needed in this years economy. Who knew our paths would cross again starting at Zuni Cafe…and now here. I also am knitting with Therese Shere! Small world!

    Happy Happy!

  • Share Our Strength is an amazing organization, I try to attend their fundraiser here in Portland every spring. Lots of amazing food.
    Thanks for all the wonderful recipes.

  • Happy Holidays!!

  • Joyeux Noël! Thank you for all the great links and recipies!

  • Happy Christmas!

  • Oooh. What a lovely Christmas gift!

  • Thank you for the excellent reminder about charities and, of course, your fantastic blog.

  • Our family supports Doctors Without Borders with an annual donation. They are heroes for what they do!

  • Christmas is all about giving, sharing and, being with the ones you love. I love to cook and give by way of sharing my culinary talents with loved ones.

  • Thanks for entertaining us all year– and occasionally reminding us of what’s important!
    Merry Christmas!

  • Free Stuff!!!

  • It is such a pleasure reading your articles and seeing your travels through your humorous and knowledgeable eyes. Your recipes are inviting and the pictures allow us to feel as if we are in the kitchen with you. Thank you for your love of food and your wonderful ability to write !

    Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee

  • Christmas is a great time to remember all we have to be grateful for, and to pay it forward to others.

  • Nice…

  • Happy holidays. Your blog keeps inspiring me to find ways to cook in small Parisian apartments!

  • …your chocolate mousse cake is our christmas desert this year- very likely to become a new tradition! thank you for sharing and inspiring!

  • Crossing fingers!!!! Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

  • The spirit of Christmas is about giving, and between the charities and Le Creuset, you have most admirably nailed that aspect. Wishing you a deliciously Merry Christmas!

  • Happy Holidays! Thanks for the blog posts and FB updates all through the year, much appreciated!

  • Oooh just what I asked santa for in my letter! Happy holidays!

  • Happy holidays. Thank you for your beautiful blog that continues to fuel my love of food!

  • Happy Holidays!

  • What a great post! Doctors Without Borders is a great charity.

  • I asked for Le Creuset for Christmas but really doubt I’m getting any so this would be perfect!

  • Thanks for the contest. A joyous Christmas to everyone.

  • Happy Holidays!

  • I would love to teach my daughter how to cook in such lovely pans. Le Creuset is on my ultimate cooking wishlist – just haven’t gotten them yet :-(

  • I’ve always wanted to own some Le Creuset cookware. Thanks for the chance to possibly get some, David. Love your site. Merry Christmas!

  • Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  • Joyeux Noël!

  • Happy Holidays, and it is great to support these groups always, but it does seem easier this time of year.

  • David, great charities. My husband and I have consistently donated to Médecins Sans Frontières for years and I’ve recently enjoyed donating to Kiva. I would also recommend DonorsChoose.org, a group that allows school teachers to submit proposals for funding in their classrooms, as well as Heifer International, who donate livestock to families in need to help lift them out of poverty. I bought flocks of chicks as “family” presents for extended family members this Christmas.

    By the way, hope the weather’s OK for you right now! I’ll be in the UK and Paris in a few weeks and I’m hoping I won’t freeze to death!

  • I almost forgot – my favorite way to act locally around Christmas time is telling anyone who asks me what I want for Christmas to instead use that money to buy food to donate to a local food bank. Last year I had 6 people donate at least a bag of groceries each to their various local food banks!

  • Merry Christmas,Joyeux Noël to all!

  • happy holidays!

  • I give to MSF, too. And we love Le Creuset–our big blue pot’s enamel is starting to chip away at the bottom. It’s 20 years old and we use it every week. It was a pleasure to meet you in person at Ici in Berkeley and I love reading your blog. Frölichte Weihnachten!

  • Happy Holidays!

  • Great blog!

  • J’aime le crueset batterie de cuisine! Choisis-moi!

  • I have one Le Creuset piece and it’s in this color! And I’m going to second @Robin with DonorsChoose.org. I like being able to help teachers get supplies for classrooms – especially with so many counties & states slashing education funding to try and balance their budgets.

  • I’m a big fun of you!

  • My dream Christmas gift! Fabulous giveaway! Merry Christmas!

  • Thanks, David! Happy Holidays to you and Romain.

  • Love the blog. Merry Christmas!

  • How wonderful. Thanks so much. Have a fantastic holiday.

  • Thanks for bringing ‘Stoves for Darfur’ to my attention.

  • !!! I hope I’ll win this set!

  • What a lovely gesture – and a beautiful gift that can be used all year long preparing good food for loved ones – Joyeux Noël!

  • happy holidays!

  • Merry Christmas, David! I just made your Toasted Coconut Ice Cream last night – can’t wait to indulge. Hope to see you at another book signing in NYC in 2011!

  • Merry Christmas!!

  • Love Stoves for Darfur!!

  • Darn nice of you Mr. Lebovitz!!! Thanks for a most enjoyable column.

  • Infinite gratitude for your wonderful recipes. Thank you for the list of charitiesas well. Happy blessings for the holidays. May Peace Prevail on earth

  • I so love le creuset cookware

  • Fingers crossed…

  • Joyeux noël et bonne année, David! Thanks for a beautiful blog and for fattening me up this year.

  • I’m a member of the 101 Cookbooks Kiva Group, an appreciative fan of your recipes, and Le Creuset luster-afterer. Maybe this will finally be the blog contest that I get to win!

  • Thanks David, excellent idea!

  • Happy holidays & bonne annee – and thanks for such an enjoyable blog.

  • A great reminder to help those in need. Happy Holidays!

  • I love that you are putting a charity supporting spin on your giveaway. I appreciate the help you are giving others.

  • Your blog and your books are awesome! Thanks for your contribution to the culinary world. Happy Holidays!

  • Beautiful pots! Doctors without borders are my heroes!
    Peaceful holidays to everyone.

  • Lovely idea! I hope everyone has a wonderul Christmas and new year filled with peace, health and prosperity.

  • Hi David
    Love yourblog it givesme a delicious vicarious taste of wandering the streets of Paris . .thanks for the recipies , I’ll be trying the persimmon muffin one soon.
    Have a happy healthy New year Doris

  • Happy Holidays

  • Happy Holidays! I love that this contests connects to charitable giving!

  • Thank you, David, for all your wonderful stories and excellent writing. Always looking forward to the next post.

    Happy holidays!

  • Ah, cherry red. Really cheery red. It’s Christmas …let’s try to send the cheer everywhere. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Ooooh! What a great give away! They look so pretty!

  • Thank you so much for all the wonderful posts!

  • I love reading your posts of Facebook. I have been lusting after Le Creuset for a long time!

  • Happy Holidays!

  • Happy Holidays! You are right, we are so very lucky and most of the time don’t even realize it. There was an article in the NYT the other day with a list of innovative charities. Lots of overlap with yours, but if folks want any more ideas i recommend it.

  • I have just one Creuset piece. I would love a complete set. Your blog brings back memories of living in Paris when I was a kid.

  • Happy Holidays! Love Le Creuset! We’ve made our holiday donations in our daughters’ names – to the SFPCA and the San Francisco Food Bank.

  • Hey David,
    First of all Happy Holidays and wishing you a fab year ahead! Second of all it’s great idea the way you are supporting all these charities! I have been a huge fan of KIVA, not to underestimate the other organizations they are all doing a very selfless and wonderful job! Third of all can I just say this is the most generous and wonderful giveaway! I have been lusting a creuset for ages now, so thank you Dave and thank your LeCreuset!
    Warm regards,

  • I love your site, makes me happy to live a tasty life. Happy Christmas!

  • Happy Holidays!!!
    I love your recipes. Thank you for sharing and for the opportunity to win these….would make a girl VERY happy! LOL

    Take care!

  • Hooray!

  • Merry Christmas, David! Best wishes for a wonderful New Year!

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and talents! And thank you for the chance at some spectacular cookware!

  • I just discovered your blog and am slightly (okay, maybe fully) obsessed with it. You’re living the dream! :)