Visit to a Paris Market (Video)

Everyday in Paris (except Monday), there are outdoor markets taking place in the various neighborhoods spread out across the city. Each market has its own distinct personality – and personalities – and like many residents of Paris, I like to do my shopping at an outdoor market.

As a dedicated market shopper, I find myself gravitating toward my favorite stands and sellers, such as the friendly gent who sells potatoes (and who wears just a t-shirt all year long, no matter how freezing cold it gets) and the people who come bearing gooey wedges of locally made Brie as well as unbelievably delicious crème fraîche, the kind you just can’t get anywhere else but in France. There are sturdy metal tables heaped with plenty of ice to keep all the pristine seafood and shellfish fresh, and come fall, when I don’t pick them myself, I rifle through bins of irregular apples to find just the right ones to bring home and caramelize in a warm tarte Tatin.

Some Parisians even take into consideration which market they’ll be close to when determining which neighborhood in Paris they want to live in. But outdoor markets aren’t just places to buy food; they act as social centers and once you get to know your market and the various stalls, and vendors, you develop favorites—even some who let you pick out your own apples! Here are some of mine.

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  • David,
    You are the most darling person in the world! I was recently in Paris, looking for Lebovitz inspiration in all things. This video brings to me the Paris that I missed. Thank you for all that you share about your life and the things that you love.
    -Rene Flynn-Federspiel

  • I’ve been reading your blog for several years now, but have never commented. I really loved your video and think you should do more of them. It’s great to see how you relate to food–everything seems so natural. I love it. You experience food the way it’s supposed to be experienced. It reminds me of my Sicilian grandmother who would take the bus and subway to various green markets in NYC until she was 96. She loved food and loved to feed people. You remind me of her, in the best possible way. Thanks for such a great post and a great blog!

  • La vidéo est formidable. Vous voici devenu Français, le menu pourrait être celui de ma table!

  • Love your videos, David. . .like so many others, I’d love to see you on Cooking Channel perhaps someday (eh, not Food Network, ha). Looked like a beautiful morning to bundle up and head out for the croissant with that nice big basket!

  • I absolutely agree with Nicole! I have been following your blog for a couple years now as well. Your writing and recipes are fantastic, but it is always quite a treat when you do a video. I loved the video you released with your book– the one with the chocolate chip cookies. I IMMEDIATELY made the cookies after watching that video! I’ve remade those cookies so many times and I always think of that video when I am making them. (And I recently just re-made them for my blog as well.) This market video is excellent, too. I think the draw is really being able to see how you interact with food and people in Paris.

  • Lovely video David! Thoroughly enjoyed watching it. Such vibrant colors!

  • David – I do hope you’ll do more videos – I love seeing a small, beautifully lit slice of your daily life via video. The relaxed pace of visiting the market, selecting what you want, and your simple preparations are a meditation in the flavors of your home city. Perfect. Thanks for sharing with us!

  • What a perfect day and delicious meal. Thank you for sharing!

    I also hope you do more videos, David – you are quite engaging on camera, and it’s great to see you in action in your kitchen.

  • Wonderful video. The market reminded me of the market in Rome where I used to shop. I got hungry watching you cook and I want to try all of those dishes. I’ve also sent links to colleagues as an example of how a blog video should be done.

  • I just returned from Paris and I can see you go to my favorite market, La Bastille.I love it! I bought a Breton homard that I cooked simmply boiled and served it witth melted butter. And for the first time ever, I got to go to the Marche de Noel @ Champs Elysees. Oh Boy!!! A foodie’s dream! I was amazed at the size of the “tartiflet” pans and the GIANT grills!! What a treat!
    Merry Christmas!

  • I hardly comment once, let alone twice. But I had to tell you…I had my husband, mother, and daughter watch your video. And not all at once. I loved it so much I kept saying “you gotta watch this!”. We spent a couple of weeks in Sicily a few years ago with American family visiting Sicilian family. It was extraordinary. The sentiment about food is so similar there and your video helped my show my mother why I’ve always loved Paris. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that everyone who I showed your video to said the same thing. Your food looked delicious as it was. Even those sardines! My mother loved your tiny and clearly well used kitchen. You charmed us all. Really. You’ve no idea how great that video was. And the piece de resistance is that my seventeen year old daughter said “I want to be his friend!”, which is exactly what I wrote to you in my earlier comment. Your fan base spans the generations!

  • I enjoyed the video. What a treat to be able to stroll through a French market without leaving my living room!

  • Loved the clip. More please!

  • What a beautiful video!!!

  • A well written and beautiful video! I went back and watched the others you’ve created. I really enjoy them and hope you’ll continue to share the work of the food artists in France on your site.

  • All that food looks great, especially the sardine pate`. Yum!

  • LOVED this video – food is so beautiful!

    Also loved your sardine comment about bacon. I love making sardine salads!

  • I think I’m not the only one who really loved, adored…your video!! =)

    I loved your “façon” of doing it, showing the market and after all, working at the kitchen with an amazing menu!!

    C’est Parfait!!


  • David, loved the video! Please do more of them!

  • I was wondering what was the cider you had in the video? We went to Spain earlier this year and enjoyed the ciders, we’re going to Paris for Christmas and I am hoping to taste French ciders.


    • It’s sold in glass bottles as apple cider, and has a low alcohol level. I buy it at the Bastille market apple vendor, but you can find it in grocery stores as well (and places that make crêpes too – which invariably offer several varieties.) There are plenty of brands, but I recommend the artisanal ones much better than the commercial ones.

  • Love the video!! Such a treat to not only see a market but also watch you cook. I’m envious of how round your dough came out. I just made six pies in a row (Christmas presents) and none of them rolled out that nicely.

  • david, this is such a great video! i hope there will be more to come! i’ve been following your blog for years and it’s just really nice to see you in the flesh and to see bits of the paris you describe so well.

  • Fantastic! Of course, you (David) and your content were great. It takes a ton of hard work and time to plan, shoot and edit content that good (it looked pretty effortless, which is a mark of how good it was!)

    But I really want to compliment the video maker! Sure there were a few brief moments where the shallow focus was off… But overall, shot after shot was amazing – the light was fantastic, the composition of the shot was great.

    And the audio was great! As it should be, I didn’t realize how good the audio was until part way through – the speech was clear (both the English and the French), the ambient sounds and the sounds of cooking in your kitchen were full and natural, without being distracting! It’s tough to communicate just how difficult good audio is to capture and edit!

    (I just deleted a paragraph about why I don’t think that it would be a good idea to turn this in to a TV show (too much time distracting David, networks would want to water down the content, etc) but I’ll leave it at that so as to not tick anyone off. Basically – these little gems are too good for TV!)

  • I really enjoyed this video, hope you do more of them.

  • Hi David – Great video! Although I do think you are a little cruel to eat that wonderful croissant in front of all of us. We just got back from a November Paris trip, including a visit to the Bastille Market area and this brought it all back. We are so jealous, have another one this Saturday morning for us. Send more videos – we wish you all the best for 2012.

  • I loved watching you shop at the market and then cook! After reading you for over a year–it was nice to see you in action and hear your voice!….You should do a cooking show or really a David in Paris show!
    Hope you have a great Christmas!

  • I love the video, and can’t believe how much you packed into 6 minutes without any of it seeming rushed. Thank you so much for the little peek into Parisian markets.

  • I cook with my 2 year old son Levi in the mornings, and today I found your site while in search of a new granola recipe. What a special treat to find this little video of your shopping and cooking away. We were both mesmerized! Thank you for letting me take my son to Paris this morning.

  • Time to have your own show David! you are so natural with camera and endearing personality. Loved the video and I hope you do more of them in the coming year.

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year. :-)


  • Dear David,

    I had tears of joy watching this video, made me want to go to Paris more… Please post more videos of your Paris life and recipes.

  • Yes! I agree with everyone else – more videos! Loved it! Oh what I would do to join you for a morning at the market and lunch after! We have a brand new cider here in Austin, TX called Austin Eastciders – it has all the fresh appleyness without the sweetness that more American ciders have. It’s delightful. Thank you for sharing your love of food and Paris with us!
    Warmest wishes for the New Year!

  • Dear David,

    I am coming to Paris Jan 14th, 2012 to celebrate my birthday! I am so inspired by the photography on your site and love this market video too.–I wish I spoke French as fluently as you do. The sardine spread made my mouth water. Thank you for sharing your life in Paris–the one that most of us only dream of.

  • More videos please :)

  • It is January 3rd and after what seems like a month of non-stop eating I was feeling somewhat underwhelmed by planning this week’s menus. Watching your video and reading your words has re-inspired me to get out to the market and back into the kitchen to cook in a way that is thoughtful, simple and full of flavour. Just the push I needed. Thanks.

  • i don’t think i’ve ever commented here before but i just wanted to let you know that i loved your video. seeing the market and all the produce was amazing but seeing you cook in your kitchen was really special! you’re great on camera and it’d be really nice if you did more videos. Thanks David.

  • Thanks! Am glad you liked the video. I enjoy doing them, although my filmmaker friend lives 6000 miles away, so it’s not possible to do as many as I’d like. However there are some in my archives, which I’ve listed at the end of the post (and in the Categories tab, in the sidebar)—but there will be more in the future, including one we just wrapped up.

  • Ive been a fan of yours since the website had big green dots & brown type… many brownies later & baked apples that were never the same. I adore your sense of humour. I read The Sweet Life over & over because it made me laugh so much [the support hose OMG!]
    This is a Huge newsletter and no wonder it took you 57 hours, its as big as a website…
    I Loved seeing you walk through the market & cooking in your kitchen… you came across really well on camera, very relaxed, you’re a natural.
    Thanks always for your delightful creativity… bisous

  • What a lovely respite from all that is going on in the world. I’m sending this link to friends and then going out to look for tarte tatin mold somewhere in Los Angeles.

  • You are my hero! You have such a beautiful way of talking about food. You are an excellent teacher, and I am so glad to watch you on video.

  • David, love the video, make more. And by the way the dinner you cooked made me hungery for sardines, and the only thing I can get my hands on are cento canned sardines, but hey what ever works. Get a show, it was a fantastic ,

  • David, this is my first time looking at your site. I have a pied a terre near the market you visited and go there once a month. Watching your video from home in England made me very home sick! Everything looks so beautiful. I guess you went there on a Thursday as I know it is so busy on a Sunday.
    Thank you for the lovely cooking.

  • Lovely, David! Glad to hear you have more in the pipeline. Thanks for the small window into your life.