Paris Pastry App Update – Version 2.0+

UPDATE! The Paris Pastry Guide app was completely updated and can now be found in the iTunes store. The new app was completely redesigned, all addresses were updated, and dozens of new addresses and photographs have been added. Get it today!

Paris Pastry App

We’ve completely revamped and rebuilt the Paris Pastry app, starting with adding updates and the latest information about Paris pastry shops and updating my favorite addresses. But we’ve also rebuilt the app from the ground up, including a scrollable, enhanced French pastry glossary and dynamic maps searchable with a tap, to find the pastry shop nearest to wherever you are in Paris.

Paris Pastry App

To use the app, open up the home page and you’ll find categories for everything, from delicious scoops of ice cream to where to find the best hot chocolate. There’s also an introduction by me about Paris pastries, as well as a glossary of terms you might come across in a bakery or chocolate shop. If you’re looking for a quick “Best of Paris” overview, check out my Top 25 Places in Paris for Pastry.

Click on any entry, in any category, and you’ll find the address, opening hours, telephone number, website (if available), and a description of each and every shop, including specialties of the house. And for each shop, there are several pictures to give you a sample of what’s in store for you when you go. There are over 500 full-color shots in the app. (And even if you’re not planning a visit to Paris right away, lots of folks have told me they’re been enjoying just gazing at the pictures of the pastries!)

Paris Pastry App

Due to popular demand, maps are now linked to GPS, so that you can tap any address and a map will show you the way there. You can also tap the “Nearby” icon, and you’ll be shown all the great shops right near where you are. The glossary is now expanded and scrollable to help you with the various terms and names of pastries, to help you choose your favorites and learn about new ones. And my Top 25 Favorite Pastry Addresses in Paris has been updated. (Which is also available on the free Lite version of the Paris Pastry Guide app.) Plus some terrific new places have opened since the last update, and others have expanded to new addresses, so those have been included in the new version along with pictures and descriptions of their specialties as well.

Paris Pastry App

If you have the app already, go ahead and update it. For those who don’t have it, it’s available in the iTunes store. The Paris Pastry Guide is also available for Kindle and as a downloadable e-book, as well as a version compatible with Android devices (all $3.99), at the Paris Pastry website.


-If you have technical questions about the app or e-book, please use the e-mail contact address at the Paris-Pastry (in the right sidebar) to inquire with the editorial and tech team.

-Please note that e-books and Kindle versions are not updatable, only the app for the iPhone.


  • Oh my!!! I wish I had this app when I was in Paris! this is awesome. Giving me a sweet reason to visit again!

  • Bonjour! Would you mind explaining what are the « melon wedges » in the lower right-hand corner of the app picture? What are they made of? Is it pâte d’amandes?

    • Those are beautiful pastries made of almond paste, created by a North African bakery. (It’s one of the places in my Top 25 list – and everything there is exquisite!)

    • Those are pastries made of almond paste from an excellent North African bakery (which is one of my Top 25 places in Paris) – everything there is stunning and exquisite. And delicious as well!

  • Does the “lite” version provide fewer calories?

  • I love this app and used it while in Paris recently. However it didn’t work if it wasn’t connected to wifi. I thought it was supposed to work offline, but maybe I was mistaken?

    • The first version had off-line maps, but we had so many comments from people – in fact, the requests for GPS maps were overwhelming, that we added them in this version.

  • I’m going to Paris in november. I want this app ;)

  • This could lead to some dangerous detours…

  • I updated my app a few weeks ago and tried to use it in Paris, but it still wouldn’t give me a map unless it was connected to wifi…

    I can’t say why you couldn’t get to the maps, but here is a screenshot of how they appeared as fixed maps. We overhauled the entire app so now the maps are GPS-enabled. -dl

  • I will have to get this app if I ever get to come to Paris! I’m afraid I would only see restaurants, cafes and pastry shops and nothing else :)

  • David, I don’t know if you can help me, but I lost the black knob to my 8 quart Oval Dutch oven. I think it must have been accidently thrown out when I was having a party and took it off to put the pot in a hot oven. I can’t find anyone to help me on the retailer end. Do you have any suggestions. Help (in the store nearby you that sells them?) Thanks for any input Helen

  • Oh brother, I’m an idiot it’s a Chasseur dutch oven

  • Will be downloading this app ASAP. This is really nice!

  • Glad to know there is now an android version, and the GPS maps are a great addition! I have the ebook, and we referred to it frequently while in Paris this spring – we made a valiant attempt to hit all of the places on your top 25 list (I think we got to 14 or 15 of them in the two weeks we were there) and made it to several others as well. So many patisseries, so little time… :-> We’ll try again on our next trip!

  • So, if I don’t have an iphone (or ianything) and I previously purchased the e-book for my kindle, do I have to purchase it again? Or is there an update for me like I’ve seen on other e-books?

    Any hope of an app for us Android folks?

    I’m headed to Paris for a week over Christmas and can’t wait to see how many of your faves I can visit!

  • Where are the accents?!

  • Ok! I’ll get it, David. (Of course then I just need to get to Paris to use it. Meanwhile, thank God I’m a dreamer.)

  • I used the Paris Pastry app while there in April. I’m returning in October and updated to the latest version.

    I have feedback to the developers as a requirement for the next update:

    When using the “By District” filter, the information is the arrondissement, click a business and see the map and address, phone number and hours– that’s all good.

    However, I’d love to click that screen to connect to the lovely synopsis of the business (that is provided through other filters). T


    • It has that function; simply click on the pin (it may take a few taps) until it’s zoomed in all the way, and it’ll take you to the page of the bakery or pastry shop.

  • I have the e-book on my PC.
    Is there an update for the e-book too? Where & how does one get it?


  • congratulations, David! awesome release!

  • Alas, I am completely app-less. No cell phone, no mobile devices, no lap-top, so I can’t enjoy this fruit of your labors. I did just find out that I will be returning to Paris in June 2013 — wonderful!

  • Do you know if the maps will work with the iphone5 since apple is doing away with google maps?

  • I know it’s old news BUT I’m reading “The sweet life in Paris” and cannot put it down. Your sence of humor and wit are truly enviable! Wish I were your friend :)

  • Because I will (sadly) not be going to Paris in the forseeable future, the mere existence of this app seems a torture! If, however, plans change, I’ll be sure to get it before I start packing my suitcase. I am sure a lot of hard work went into creating it :-)

  • Hi David,
    Thanks for the update. It doesn’t seem to work on my iPhone though. Could it be that my iPhone is too old (3G)?
    Does the app still work offline?

    • Hi Adrian: I forwarded your message to the developers and here is there response:

      “The app supports iOS 4.3 and up. It has been tested on the iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, and iPad. At this time, the app requires a data connection (either Wifi or cellular) to get started.”

      (Note: The developers mentioned that they are working on more efficient offline support, which will be taken care of shortly.)

      “If the app doesn’t work at all, then I suggest deleting the app and installing it again. To re-install, go to the App Store app > Updates > Purchased “

  • Ah! One must carefully tap the blue arrow to see the synopsis.


  • This is so timely. I just bought the app and I’m so excited to use it on my way to Paris tonight! WIll be there for the weekend and hopefully get to enjoy the Gastronomy festival as well as find some mouth-watering pastries through your app. Many thanks for this wonderful guide.

  • Hey David! Any idea if you want to make this app available on the Android Market. Very frustrating not to be able to enjoy your great app!
    Cheers and thanks thanks for your wonderful blog that is helping me to rediscover Paris and see France from another perspective! It’s very refreshing! Bisous

  • Good morning!

    Is it necessary to be hooked to the internet to get benefits from this? I have a Touch but not an iPhone.

    You mention the first version worked offline, but it’s not clear from your comment if that went away with this version or if you merely added GPS to it…?

    • Hi Beth: Can you pose your question to the developer and editor? I linked to the site at the end of the post as they are better able to respond to questions about functionality and compatibility. Thanks. -David

  • I can’t wait to get to Paris and use this wonderful app. Thank you especially for the glossary. A tiny typo I found there: Paris-Brest is in the Palmier definition instead of in its own section.

    It would be wonderful to click on something in the glossary and get a list of the shops that make outstanding examples, but that’s probably getting too complicated.

  • Hi David,
    I’ve purchased your app last week, since I was going to Paris for a few days, and in between my work meetings, I managed to make a few great discoveries thanks to you. 134 RDT bakery was fantastic, especially their brioche pistache. I even ended up heading back to buying a few more brioche and a loaf of pain a la chataigne before I hopped onto Thalys and zoomed back to Brussels. And Saint-Honoré at Jacques Genin across the street was worth the journey too.

    I look forward to trying more of your recommendations.