London and Paris Book Events

My Paris Kitchen

– Next week I’ll be doing a chat and book signing on Monday, June 2nd, in London, in conjunction with the folks at Toast. There will be snacks, treats, nibbles, and – yes, cocktails! Sign up here.

– And on Saturday, June 7th, I’ll be at WHSmith in Paris from 3:30 to 5pm signing books as well. No need to sign up. Just stop by!


  • Can you come to Hannover,too?
    With cocktails, please. :-)

  • How about coming to God’s only country – Yorkshire.

  • Where are you going to be in London?

  • Shoot – June 7th is a long weekend in Paris so we’ll be gone. Keep us posted for the next one?

    • Hi Adele: I try to keep people posted, without going overboard (via the blog, newsletter, Twitter, and Facebook) – although I was surprised when I was on my tour in the US, that so people told me that they didn’t realize that I was coming. The best place to check is my Schedule page as I put events there as soon as they are confirmed. Thanks!

  • Oh I hope I will be able to come to the Paris one! I’ve been wanting to forever and it never falls right when I can hop on a train and come! I’d love to meet you

  • I can’t believe it… I’ll actually be in France during the book signing, but in Provence. Will be in Paris on my way home for less than 24 hours on the 11th (and staying that night in the Marais ;-) I bought your book several weeks ago and it immediately became one of my favorites; not only for the recipes, but I just love your writing. I feel as though I’m sitting with a friend while reading it (while I’m enjoying a glass of rosé with ice!)

  • I would love if you were able to come to Munich.

  • Oh no, the London event has been sold out….:(

  • This doesn’t seem the place to leave this question, but I couldn’t find a way to leave a note on the errata page:

    I just made both the beet and non-beet hummus from My Paris Kitchen. The beet recipe calls for 6 T of tahini (120 g) and the non-beet 9 T (90 g). Which is correct – the volume, or the mass? Thanks; I’m loving the book!

    I was saying to my editor that writing a cookbook in two systems of measurements is like writing two cookbooks! : ) Use the volume – in tablespoons. For the conversion: 1 tablespoon tahini = 15g. Thanks! – DL