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  • If you’d like to use a recipe from my book or website on your site, or elsewhere, please read my post on Recipe Attribution first. Recipes can be adapted following the guidelines at that post if you wish to share them elsewhere. While I do appreciate that people want to recreate recipes on their own sites, note that standard recipe adaptation guidelines means that you should completely rewrite the recipe as you made it, not merely change a few words for the sake of saying that you “adapted it.”

    Folks are more than welcome to link to recipe pages on this site and permission isn’t needed. Recipes on this website, as well as those in my books, are copyrighted and should not be reprinted word-for-word. If you wish to use a recipe from a book, please contact the publisher; their contact information is on my Books page. I do not allow photos from this site to be used on other sites.

  • For questions about making ice cream, please visit the post Ice Cream Making Tips. Unfortunately I’m not able to respond to questions about making ice cream in addition to the topics covered there.
  • For questions about Paris travel (hotel, bakery, and restaurant suggestions), blogging, internships, culinary programs and schools, holiday dining, and career advice, you’ll find comprehensive answers to those on my FAQ page or at My Paris.
  • While I appreciate the interest, photographs on this site are intended for use on the site only and are meant to be part of the stories and recipes on the blog. For that reason, I don’t give permission to use them on other websites or blogs, in magazines, and in other material, whether they’re for a commercial enterprise or a non-profit, either printed or online.
  • While I appreciate offers to send or bring me food items, due to the challenges of receiving packages or obtaining the items by other means, I’m unable to accept packages of foods – and other items – from elsewhere.
  • I can’t answer specific questions regarding cooking schools around the world on in France, or give specific career advice, as noted above. You are welcome to consult my list of Paris Cooking Schools for more information and links to various schools in Paris.
  • If you have a questions (technical or otherwise) about my Paris Pastry app, or would like to suggest a correction or inclusion, please contact the publisher directly at the link for the app. Unfortunately I cannot respond or act on questions regarding the app.
  • I appreciate folks wanting to help me in the kitchen, the work that I have is of the less-fun variety (French paperwork, ironing, cleaning the shower, flossing, etc) so I don’t offer internships or work opportunities.
  • Please (and I really mean it) do not send requests for link exchanges, paid or promotional (text or otherwise) link opportunities, requests to write guest posts, SEO schemes, requests to publish infographics, or invitations to join aggregating food or travel websites – I will put a hex on you if you do.
  • If you have a question about the recipes in My Paris Kitchen, please check the errata first.
  • If you’re looking for restaurants in Paris that will be open around Christmas and New Year’s Eve, check out the list from my friends at Paris by Mouth.
  • Answers to most other queries can be found on my extensive FAQ page.

  • Note: I really appreciate folks taking the time to write, but please excuse me if I’m unable to respond each message, or to do so in a timely manner. I do read all messages but it’s often not possible to respond to all and I apologize.



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