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Parisian Prune Desserts

Chocolate & prune
Chocolate-Prune Tiramisù

Skip the chocolate, I’ll take prunes.

Chocolate Dessert Recipes, part 4

Here it is!

The final round-up for Sugar High Friday #27: Chocolate By Brand.

These are the last entries for the event and thanks to everyone for their participation.

I was overwhelmed by the number of entries (to say the least…) but was happy there was so much interest in chocolate and was amazed at all the beautiful and well-crated dessert folks are making out there. It was also a pleasure to learn about a few new chocolates and I plan to do a post in the near future to write more about them.

Due to the very high number of entries, over 100, a few photos in this post aren’t included. If you’re one of those who did send a properly-sized photo (100×100) and it’s not here, please re-send it to me and I’ll insert it. Desolé.

Thanks to Jennifer, the Domestic Goddess who came up with Sugar High Friday, the event on which these posts are based.


Starting off is a gorgeous Schokoladen-Ingwer-Tropfen mit Zimtsauce und Mango Püree, a professional-looking, teardrop-shaped river of Chocolate Ginger Tears with Cinnamon Custard and Mango-Ginger Puree which are so pretty, you’ll shed a tear too!
Brigitte used Michel Cluizel couverture from France.


Two great tastes, one great dessert!
Peanut Butter Cup and Chocolate Chip Bars from Lisa Yockelson, using Callebaut chocolate.
Samantha’s raised the bar for bar cookies with these buttery beauties.


Karen at Familystyle Food whipped out a simple and sensation Chocolate Truffle Tart. using her ‘embarrassment of riches’ (check out her chocolate stash…it rivals mine!), she plucked one tablet of Nestlé Chocolatier 62% bittersweet chocolate.
And oh, how bittersweet it is…


Slipping in at the last-minute was Plum who instead of paying the $50 bribe…er…I mean late-fee, sent a photo proving she owns all three of my books. (Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you get my attention…or $50 works too, fyi.)
So here’s her Chocolate-Raspberry Truffles. She wanted to use a local chocolate, but ending up using Callebaut 53.8% drops.
(Plum: Are you sure they weren’t 54.6%?)

Abby at Confabulation Cooks goes all-out with Warm Chocolate Pudding using the ever-popular Lindt brand bittersweet, in her adorable new ramekins she broke out (not literally!) just for Sugar High Friday.


Another adults-only recipe, although a quick visit to Cucina Bella’s site shows a younger-sort rifling through her chocolate stash! She used Trader Joe’s bittersweet chocolate for her Adults-Only Mudslide Mousse with a mature measure of Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Does size matter?
I think you’ll have to decide that for yourself, but Brigid at One More Bite answers the question Does Brand Matter?
In her classic S’mores, she finds that good-‘ol Hershey’s hits the spot.
And not that spot…get your minds out of the gutter…


And from Trini Gourmet comes a fusion-filled recipe, Upside Down Chocolate Cake with a thin, biscuit-like crust and a cakey, creamy layer of fudge on the bottom. She broke out her Trinidadian chocolate for this special event: Blendo’s.

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Chocolate Dessert Recipes, part 2

The avalanche of entries for Sugar High Friday #27: Chocolate By Brand continues.

Thanks again to all participants, and be sure to visit their sites and click on the chocolate links to learn more about the different kinds of chocolate used from around the globe. This entry takes us all over the world, from Paris, to America, through South and Central America, as well as Istanbul and Holland.


A real Dutch-treat, Ashleigh at Stiched in Holland whipped up a Dark Chocolate and Cherry Steamed Pudding, which she claimed was hard to photograph (although I’m sure it was easy to eat.) A trip to the natuurwinkel yielded a tablet of Green & Black’s organic dark chocolate, which she put to delicious use.


You’ll be gnawing at your computer screen when you see Piperata’s Cranberry and Chocolate Cookies which she baked up in her kitchen in Milan. Zani chocolate, produced-nearby, was her choice for the dark chocolate, and a bar of Lindt white chocolate was sacrificed as well for this sweet event.
(Although I wonder where the heck she got dried cranberries in Italy?)


Suzy, who claims Suzy’s Not A Homemaker, process herself wrong by whipping up a picture-perfect batch of Chocolate Hazelnut Scones. Unwrapping a bar of snow-bound chocolate bar she had from Starbucks, Suzy proves she was up to this sweet challenge.


Alanna at A Veggie Adventure who fussed & fumed about what to make, before deciding on a silky, creamy, Light ‘n Easy Chocolate Pudding she made in minutes. Alanna likes Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa Powder, because it gives chocolate desserts, like her low-fat chocolate pudding, a dark-black chocolate color.


Although she’s finds lots of chocolates to choose from in Metz, France, including Cémoi organic, Julie at Cookbook Addict chose to use Lindt 70% for her Individual Butterless Chocolate Cakes. Although it’s hard to imagine a cake in France sans beurre, she pulls it off…these chocolate cakes may look small but they’re big on addictive chocolate flavor.

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