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Chez Panisse Anniversary Weekend


Well, the anniversary fête for Chez Panisse finally came to an end and I was more than glad that I came for the weekend of events. From the moment I had my first sip of Bandol rosé on Friday afternoon to the big final blow-out event for the hundreds of people who’d worked in the restaurant and café on Sunday, hoo-boy, the weekend marked a milestone in my life. And although Alice Waters swore there wouldn’t be another anniversary celebration like this, I’ve learned never to count out this fiercely determined woman.

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One of the main things I learned at the restaurant, and from Alice, was that less is more. I’m as guilty as the next person of saying this, but when I hear people say they didn’t like a restaurant because they left and were still hungry, I’m glad that I no longer feel the need to qualify a restaurant based on how distended by stomach feels. Yes, we eat the feed ourselves, but I’m not so sure the hype about extreme eating and so forth have had all that many positive effects on society and our health. During breakfast with a friend at a local café, I was amazed at the amount of food on the plate that was presented to me. (Although I did somehow manage to eat it all, as well as the heaping plate of carnitas I had the day before. So I should keep my mouth shut, in more ways than one.)

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Ici: Ice cream shop, in Berkeley

Thanks to everyone who came to the ice cream tasting and booksigning at Ici last weekend. In French, Ici means ‘here’…and although by now I should say I was definitely ‘there’, it was nice to meet so many of you nonetheless and glad you all got your licks in!


I hadn’t tasted Mary Canales’ ice creams and sorbets in her jewel-like shop, which I’d heard so much about (and I got one of her prime recipes for The Perfect Scoop.) But one lick of her smooth, uber-dreamy Chicory-Chocolate Chip and a few quickly-stolen spoonfuls of Coconut Sherbet I managed between signing books, and I could see why she’s got anxious lines out the door from opening until closing.

Appreciate the big turnout at Ici, and for those of you who live in the Seattle area, I’ll be heading up there this coming weekend teaching classes at Sur La Table on Friday and Saturday, as well as conducting a booksigning and chocolate-tasting on Saturday afternoon at Theo chocolate.

See you there!

(Also, I’ve been posting photos of my trip on my Flickr page, if you’d like to see how much fun I’ve been having and some of the great food and folks, including chefs and food blogger friends, I’ve encountered on my tour.)