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Menu for Hope 6 Winners Announced!

Menu for Hope 6 raffle winners have been announced here. This year we raised nearly $78,000 for the UN World Food Programme. Big thanks to all the folks who donated, as well as the bloggers and others who donated such fantastic bid items.

  • Congratulations to the Shana Worthen (EU39) who won the collection of two of my out-of-print cookbooks, plus an autographed copy of The Sweet Life of Paris.
  • And Armelle Deforge who won the Krups deep-fryer (EU42), offered in conjunction with Krups.
  • I scored, too! And several of my readers…(and French friends, and shopkeepers, and just about everyone else in Paris…) will be thrilled to know that I won a series of French classes.

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    Menu for Hope 6: Europe & United Kingdom


    Welcome to this year’s European and UK edition of Menu for Hope 6, where you can make an online bid in an effort to raise money for the United Nations World Programme’s Purchase for Progress program, which assists low-income farmers to raise crops and support their local economies.

    This is our sixth year raising money and in the past, we’ve topped $92,000. With your help, in 2009, let’s take it over that mark!

    UPDATE: The auction is now closed and we raised nearly $78,000! Please check back on January 18th, 2010, for the announcement of the winners.

    There are some truly amazing prizes, gathered from across Europe and the UK, including French and Italian chocolates shipped right to your door, cookbooks, a shiny-new standing mixer, and for those of you visiting Europe this year, or living here, you’ll find wine tastings and culinary tours…and tons more!

    For a donation of just $10 per entry, you’ll have a chance to win fabulous bid items from all over the world. You can make as many donations as you wish; the more you enter, the more chances you’ll have of winning.

    I’m being assisted this year by Sara, of Ms. Adventures in Italy, and she will be popping in here and on her site with more information and perhaps a few surprises.

    The Rules

    1. Please read the bid item descriptions carefully. If you have any questions about the items (date of validity, shipping & customs, descriptions), contact the donor at their site directly. Do not contact me about specific items as I am unable to answer questions about them.

    2. Because of customs and other regulations, certain bid items may not be shippable to all destinations. Please confirm before bidding on items which might require special handling.

    3. If a tour or vacation is offered, there may be a period of validity, and dates when they are and aren’t available. Please contact the donor or visit their site to find out that information.

    Note that European dates may be expressed differently than elsewhere, and 12/01/2010 is January 12, 2010 in Europe, whereas in the states, it’s December 1, 2010 so when in doubt, ask the donor at their site.

    4. Bid on the items you want at the Menu for Hope 6 donation page.

    5. When the results are announced on January 18, 2010 at Chez Pim, it is the responsibility of the donor and winner to contact each other to work out details of delivery.

    6. Please see the end of this post for instructions on how to bid on items.

    Good luck to all!


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    Menu for Hope 6: Call for Prizes!


    This year I’ve been tapped to be the European host for Menu for Hope 6, an annual event to raise money for the UN World Food Programme’s Purchase for Progess campaign.

    The auction will go live on December 14th, with participants from all over the globe, ending on December 25th. Prizes will included signed books by the authors, culinary tours and cooking classes, wine tastings, and lots of surprises!

    You can read more about the event and the charity at Chez Pim.

    If you live in Europe or the United Kingdom and if you are a food blogger, or have a food or travel-related business and would like to participate as a donor, we’d love to have you! Entries are due on December 10th.

    Latecomers are welcome but must donate €50 to the auction…and host the auction next year ; )

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    Pimping for Prizes

    Well, if that doesn’t scare away the riff-raff, those of you who are left have a spectacular chance to win a slew of equally-spectacular prizes in Menu for Hope V. This is the home stretch of the benefit and we’re up to $18k $22,445 $25,175 $52,131, last time I checked, which is terrific, but far short of last year’s $92k. Which means that some of you may have passed over a chance to win one of the prizes.

    So I thought I’d use something no one can resist to get your attention: S-e-x.

    I mean, how about cool would it be having this vibrating Cuisinart ICE-50 Ice Cream Maker in your bedroom, like I do?

    Win This Ice Cream Machine!

    This sturdy mother-of-all home ice cream machines will satisfy you like no man or woman, or either (depending…) could ever do. I mean, you just press a button and in about forty minutes you’re on your way to bliss. And seriously, you can’t expect that with every Tom, Dick or Harry…or Harriet.

    And ladies, there’s no batteries to run out at the wrong time, either.
    ; )

    Can one even put a price on that?

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    Win This Cuisinart ICE-50 Ice Cream Maker!

    Welcome to the Menu for Hope V auction!

    Last year, we raised over $92,000 for the UN World Food Programme. This year, I’m featuring a very special prize: the lucky winner will be churning out ice cream all year round with this fabulous, professional-style Cuisinart ICE-50 Ice Cream Maker!


    This heavy-duty, stainless-steel machine will have you lapping up all sorts of ice creams, sorbets, and sherbets with just the flip of a switch.

    Donated by Cuisinart USA, this machine is self-refrigerating and ready when you are. No need to pre-freeze canisters—just pour your mixture in, and soon you’ll be scooping out all of your favorite flavors.

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    Win A KitchenAid Mixer, Ice Cream Maker, and The Perfect Scoop

    As an avid baker, the one kitchen tool I rely on more than anything else is my KitchenAid mixer. And now you can have one in your kitchen too as part of Menu For Hope IV, raising money for the UN Food Programme in Lesotho.

    KitchenAid Artisan Series Mixer

    Through the generosity of KitchenAid, here’s your chance to win a brand-new KitchenAid Artisan® Series Stand Mixer. With the included beater, whip and dough hook, this powerful appliance can whip up anything, from a loaf of crusty bread, a buttery cake batter…or a batch of feather-light meringues in minutes.


    If you’ve been dreaming about owning the world’s best mixer—bid now!

    I was fortunate enough to visit KitchenAid and you can see how these quality mixers are made, which was the thrill of a lifetime. And you’ll be just as thrilled since you can customize your very own mixer by choosing from over a dozen colors.

    And check this out: as a super-special bonus

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