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Chocolate Dipped White Chocolate-Berry Popsicles

Just dipped popsicle

Of course, I picked the hottest day of the summer to make popsicles. After the success of my Vietnamese coffee popsicles, I thought it’d be fun to try something dipped in chocolate.

In retrospect, am I insane?

chocolate enrobage

Our summer in Paris has been uneven; some cool days, and a few nice warm ones. Unfortunately the day I decided to make chocolate-dipped popsicles was the one day the temperature in my apartment shot up to 98F degrees (37C). But I’ll stop talking about the weather since there’s only one thing more boring that people talking about the weather, and that’s having to listen to someone recount their dreams for 15 minutes while you sit there and pretend to be interested.

I could never be a therapist—obviously.

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Vietnamese Coffee Popsicles


Well, it’s the end of July and Paris has, at long last, warmed up. It’s actually so warm here that—get this: a few Parisians actually went out without scarves tied up around their necks!

While we’re all enjoying the Parisian sunshine, over in Istanbul, Cenk at Café Fernando churned up a batch of Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream, from my ice cream book, which looked so lovely, I couldn’t stop thinking about it while I was wandering around Belleville the other day. If you don’t know the area, Belleville is a lively ethnic neighborhood in Paris where there’s lots of Paris Pas Cher stores; huge variety stores where you can find everything from unmentionables to cookware.

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