How to Use the Comment Feed

A number of you have asked me about adding a Comment RSS feed to the site, so you can keep in touch with the comment and responses. We’re in the process of adding one at the end of each post, but if you’re using Firefox or Safari, each already has a built-in way to subscribe to the comment feed of the site.

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  • In Firefox, in the URL bar, where the name of the site appears, there is a square orange icon on the right (see above). Click on it, and there is a drop-down menu for both subscribing to the RSS feed for the site and for the comment feed. If you hover your cursor over it, then click on it where it says, “Subscribe to this page…” the drop-down menu will tell you which one it is.

  • In Safari, there is a gray box that says RSS in the URL field, where the name of the site appears. If you click on that gray box, a drop-down box will appear with two feeds: one for the blog itself and the other for comments.

  • For those of you who use Explorer, there are directions at the Windows site.

    We’ve also added a Recent Comments widget in the right sidebar so you can zoom to a comment or response that might interest you. Since I jump into the comments often, recent or in the archives, it’s now easier to see what people are talking about, near and far.

    Other Ways to Stay in Touch:

  • Enter your e-mail address in the box in the upper right sidebar, and blog updates will be sent directly to your Inbox so you never miss a post or recipe. Your e-mail address is never shared.

  • Subscribe to the blog feed at the second box in the upper right sidebar, just below the previous one, or use one of the methods listed above.

  • Join my Facebook page and get notified of updates and other goofy stuff.

  • Follow me on Twitter.

  • If you’d like to receive my newsletter, it’s sent out a few times a year with stories, pictures, and recipes which don’t appear on the site. You can subscribe here:

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    • andy raabe
      September 2, 2010 5:55pm

      Hi David, I hope this question makes it to you and you might be able to respond. I was trying to make Kosher Dill pickles. I found your recipe on the Internet, and I purchased Arthur Schwartz’s book. I followed the recipe. Except one thing, I tightened the lid tight right away. I opened my first jar 8 days after the initial pickle and the jar bubbled over ( similar to opening a bottle of soda pop). The smell burned my nose. And the pickles were mushy. I started off with fresh pickles straight from my own garden. I tossed the whole batch. What do you think I did wrong. The salt I used was Kosher salt, not very coarse. I have a guess: I should have left the jars open??? I did not boil the water. Whatever suggestions you can make. I want to start over and I need some profession advice. I’m in a bit of a pickle :). Thank you !

      Andy Raabe
      Sept 2

      Since that recipe is from Arthur Schwartz, from his book, Jewish Home Cooking, I suggest you consult his book or his site for more information. In that post, I gave several links to resources for troubleshooting pickle problems as being a baker, that’s not my area of expertise. -david

    • Jan Barney Newman
      December 21, 2010 3:23pm

      Reading your remarks everyday brings back all the wonderful experiences I’ve had in France and inspires planning for future trips. And your reminders of the good fortune many of us enjoy is very important. It’s so easy to get caught up in the stress of the season and to forget the essence of it. Thanks. And the Creuset offer! I love it. Now that’s a bit of joy in itself!
      Thanks for all,