1 aperitif
I first had a Spritz when I was in Trieste, Italy. The bars were packed at happy hour, or apertivo, which is because the bars put out copious amount of snacks to go with all the drinks and you’re welcome to help yourself. Everyone was drinking large wine goblets half-filled with ice, with a bright orange drink in it, so I ordered my first Spritz. And then my second.Aperol is made with sweet and bitter oranges, but if you can’t get it, try another aperitivo like Campari or ask (nicely) at a knowledgable liquor store. Campari is pretty strong so I use less of it, but you can customize to taste. No need to use a fancy sparkling wine or Champagne; another sparkling wine will do just fine. Be sure to use plenty of ice!
2 ounces (40ml) Aperol or 1 ounce (20ml) Campari
3 to 4 ounces (60ml-90ml) Prosecco
sparkling water
orange slice
1. Fill glass* generously with ice cubes.
2. Pour in Aperol or Campari, then add Prosecco.
3. Add a splash of sparkling water and a slice of orange.

*The first time I had this drink, they were served in very large oversized wine goblets, which was really festive. Although I’ve seen them served in large on-the-rocks glasses, I prefer stemmed glasses, which also makes the icy drinks easier to hold.