Strawberry Cooler Cocktail
Makes one cocktail
7 small or 4 large strawberries (28g, 1oz) rinsed, hulled, and quartered if large
3/4 teaspoon sugar, agave nectar, or honey
1 1/2 ounces gin
3 ounces tonic water
1 lime wedge
freshly ground black pepper
1. In a tumbler, muddle the strawberries with the sugar (or other sweetener) until pulpy and well broken up.
2.Add gin, tonic water, and gently squeeze a few drops of juice from the lime wedge into the glass, then stir the ingredients together just enough to combine. (If using homemade tonic water, be sure to mix the base with an equal amount of sparkling water.)
3. Fill the glass with crushed ice, add the lime wedge, and grind a bit of black pepper over the top.