How Uncool Am I

I’m looking at my Pandora playlist this morning, thinking…

…”Anyone who sees this is going to think I’m a complete and total dork.”

Feel free to add stations.

Help me. Obviously I’m in need of an intervention.




  • Dude, you are so uncool that you have reached a level of uncoolness that is actually kind of cool. Didnt think that was possible, did you! Uncool is the new trendy, you know? But if you throw a party, (which of course I would be invited to) Im totally taking over the dj responsibilities..

  • Yes, do let her.

  • It does not know a SINGLE artist I entered! Some genome project… they were al famossissimo.

  • Charo?? Come on now :) Hope you like Imogen — something different.

  • Broderick: How can you dislike someone who records a song called, “It’s Just The Right Size” and was a semi-regular on The Love Boat?

    (Actually, she’s quite an accomplished guitarist…really!)

  • My dorky ass submissions would be The Veronicas, Zero 7 and Missy Higgins. Imogen was a great choice — she would have been my first suggestion. :)

  • I think you need to add a Rufus Wainright station. :-)

  • Or how about a Jenny Lewis station – still turns out country tunes, but cool ones…

  • David, you should add a little misery to your days. The Smiths is THE band.

  • David- LOL!! OK I’ll have to check it out. I love her on the Geico commercials though. I guess you wouldn’t see them in Paris but someone’s probably got it on YouTube by now. (Found it!)

  • you are too funny david! although, i did click on the serge gainsbourg radio… anybody wants to listen to les sucettes? but none of those breathy jane birkin songs please…

    • Andy Creighton–“Everyone’s All Right”
    • Andrew Bird “Fatal Flower Garden”
    • Aslyn ‘This classically-trained pianist merges tales of personal loss with a polished pop sound.’
    • Barney Kessel ‘Cool, bop-Jazz guitarist’
    • Basement Jaxx “Do Your Thing” (Good when you’re cleaning house naked)
    • Benjamin B. “The Comfort of Replay”
    • Jake Shimabukuro (Hawaiian super-hottie who plays a mean ukelele. His rendition of ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ gives me chills every time.)
    • Big Tiny Little (Used to play with Welk. Lives in Carson City, NV and sometimes plays at the Nugget there–a great show!)
  • You are living in a pop-bubblegum past. Full of love and sex, free of this Bush 911 world. Have a Pink Martini, it’s gonna be a Green Day!

  • Where is the classical… Bach, Brahms, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, etc!!!

  • Try some Neko Case–she is in the country vein, but very modern, with a voice to die for. Also Kelly Hogan–a little bit more of a torch singer, but she has some swinging R&B/country tinged songs as well. Actually, given your predeliction for country, check out the Bloodshot Records website–just about ANYTHING on that label is great, though all very different styles. And, since you like Reba and Dolly, why not check out Loretta Lynn’s recent collaboration with Jack White of the White Stripes, Van Lear Rose. Loretta is awesome. Too bad you don’t live in San Francisco–the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival is coming up–its in GG Park and it’s *free*. Last year, we got to see Dolly Parton in all her sparkly glory. And its FREE.

  • Free? Does that include airfare??

    I love Dolly Parton ever since I heard her in an interview:
    She was asked, “How long does it take to do your hair?”

    And without missing a beat, she replied, “How should I know? …I’m never there!”

  • HOLY SHIT, and excuse my french, David.


    I’m printing this out and keeping it close to my chest, forever.

    I knew there was a reason we loved you so.

  • David, I’ve sent you a couple of stations.

  • abba, barry manilow, george michael … you’re not so uncool :) ( disco forever ! )

    do you like jazz ? if you do, you would probably like viktoria tolstoy, diana krall, or sarah vaughan .
    in a more poetic and strange style, try Bjork.
    for nice french text : benabar, telephone, pauline croze, camille… :)
    to be in a good mood : mano negra, les negresses vertes, jamiroquai, steevie wonder .
    all are artists names.

    thanks a lot, i didn’t know pandora :)

  • Um, if you are uncool, then I am an uber-dork. I would happily listen to anything on that list.

    Okay, maybe not Charo and Lawrence Welk.

    But I have the car radio permanetly dialed to the country music channel now, because my Chef man loves it. So what does that say about me?

  • I’m speechless. I thought I knew you. I thought we had a special bond. Obviously I’ve been living in a dream world.

    Barry Manilow?

    Help Mr. Wizard, HELP!

  • I was scrolling down the list thinking what a LOSER you are until I reached the last one: JONI MITCHELL RADIO!!! HA HA!! I have the exact same station!! You can’t be all that bad, I guess.

  • You are redeemed only by the inclusion of Pink Martini.

  • This is cool, after hot hours of cooking …Merci Mr. David!

  • Barry Manilow???? (Or as my university friends used to refer to him “Barely Man-Enuff”???) I was doing okay until I saw that one!

    Dear, dear. We need to get you some Dan Fogelberg (Fogelburp) to go with it…

    : )

  • Listened to Charo radio when I got home, actually not bad :) It reminds me of the Gipsy Kings. If you don’t listen to them you’d like them too! They’re awesome in concert…

  • Charo trained under Andres Segovia (yes, THAT Andres Segovia). I was as shocked as you are. But then I saw her play one of her classical pieces for the interview without any of the “cootchie” cringe-making act, and it was the real deal. Just goes to show you– concert guitarists just wanna have fu-un (and now that Cindi Lauper has gone all acoustic and has abandoned her art socks, what’s left?) Listening to your link just now, I think I’m gonna buy Charo’s album for my birthday. (But I still hate Lawrence Welk.)

    If you like her work, you might also like David Broza, an extremely popular Israeli guitarist who spent his teens in Spain and a couple of years in the US during the 90s trying to encourage people to listen to South American poets by setting their work to music. Don’t know if it worked–he moved back eventually, but he was on NPR. Try also John McCutcheon (hammered dulcimer, amazing in concert if you can find him, bluegrass, folk, Pete Seegerish labor politics) and visit his website. He has great kids’ songs as well as some “short shelf-life” topical/political songs for free download– items overtaken by events.

  • You have Pink Martini, what else do you need? They cover everything!

  • I’m speechless David. Speechless.
    I’ll note, however that my mother loves Pink Martini. She gets her senior citizen discount soon. Kinda like my grandmother used to watch Lawrence Welk. Telling…

  • Hi David,
    I’d never judge about people because of their musical preferences, because I, too, have some pretty weird music on my shelves ;) Pandora is great, but was my favorite service, sadly they closed months ago and still no sign of life…

  • No doubt about it, Lebovitz, you are a dork. That combination of music shows it, not just one or two of the selections. Enjoy!

  • Not so much uncool as retro ubercool!! Abba forever. Where are the Pet Shop Boys though? And personally I’d throw in The Specials too, if you like ska/two-tone…