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The ultimate guidebook to the world of chocolate, this comprehensive volume has it all, beginning with how chocolate is made to explaining what those labels mean, simple explanations of the history of chocolate as well as some of the startling health benefits that scientists have discovered about chocolate. The New York Times and Food+Wine magazine named The Great Book of Chocolate was noted by as one of the best books of the year.

Much of the book is devoted to recipes for classic and modernized chocolate desserts, which are guaranteed to satisfy the cravings of Chocophiles everywhere! You’ll find recipes for moist and light Chocolate-Cherry Scones to Warm Individual Chocolate Cakes oozing chocolaty goodness. With simple instructions to make your own unbelievably good Belgian Chocolate Truffles and my famous recipe for Homemade Rocky Road, this is the one book that every chocolate-lover needs to own.


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