• i bet you ran to get tickets! :->
    was it sold out?!

  • he sings?!

  • I…uh, what?

  • I saw that when I was in Paris too, as I really like to stop and look at the posters and ads on the metro walls. I had not seen the word “exceptionnel” though. Do you think it’s ironic ? ;)

  • David,
    I understand he beats his guitars to a bloody pulp — while whispering.

  • I saw him play at a Les Paul tribute concert in February… REALLY hard to reconcile the whole seeing him play/hearing him sing thing. Kept expecting him to turn around and beat the tar out of his bassist or something…

  • Where do I even begin to describe all the frightening things about that poster???

    I must go and eat some chocolate just to get the image out of my head!

  • steven segal plays and instrument and sings? EEEEKKKKKKKKK!!!!! i think i would rather pound a railroad spike through my head than listen/watch.

  • Yes, but in the poster he looks so debonnaire. Maybe it’s that thing he does with his eyebrows.

  • Spectacle indeed!

  • I’m ashamed to admit that Master Chow and I watch every single lousy Seagal movie on tv, and have a raucous evening of poking fun at him and noticing his weight fluctuations.

  • Stepven Seagal is hot. Especially when he ties the hair all back in a pony tail. I bet his Thunderbox is awesome.

  • Listen, if we have to put up with Jerry Lewis playing Vegas…

  • What is really funny is he is here in Vancouver, or was, he played Friday,May 12th at the River Rock Casino. This truly is a small world… and no, I did not attend!

  • Did he have some face work done? Him and his Thunderbox are just soooo sexy….


  • Exceptionnel?! bizarre, sûrement.

  • Holy Moly! I just looked at the date, and it’s in September. Either they’re expecting it to sell-out well in advance, or they’re giving it a long lead time to fill those seats…

  • No. Just no.

    Oh DEAR…