Room for Dessert & Ripe for Dessert by David Lebovitz

The publisher of my first two books, Room For Dessert and Ripe For Dessert is downsizing their cookbook division. Consequently many of their cookbooks will be unavailable shortly, including my first two books. If you’ve been pondering getting a copy, this may be your last chance.

Room For Dessert has the recipe for the ultimate Fresh Ginger Cake, Lindsey Shere’s recipe for Chocolate Pavé and lots more, and Ripe For Dessert has over a hundred recipes that feature fruit in all its guises, from summertime crisps and cobblers to healthy Cranzac Cookies studded with dried cranberries, gooey-topped Toffee-Plum Cake, Chocolate-Cherry Biscotti, and almond-rich Blackberry Financiers.

Perhaps they’ll become collectible, in which case I will be more than happy to say “I told you so” (which I love doing, btw). Or they’ll be re-introduced in another edition or format in the future.

I dunno.

But for the time being, they’re going…going…going


  • Lucky for me to have gotten them as birthday gifts last year!

  • Lucky for me to have slept with the photographer! I have more than 1 copy of each.

  • Gail: Is that what it takes?
    If only I had known…

  • Oh NOOOO mr. bill!
    I can’t believe this!
    I talked with Claudia Fleming about the crime that is the fact that her book is out of print! EEK!

    Years ago I found and bought your Room For Dessert at Cowgirl creamery, of all places. I have made more than my fair share of those recipes, and I have had the chance to then feed them to thousands of others!

    thank you thank you for writing them!

  • Shuna: Thanks for the praise, and nice to hear from another Claudia Fleming plan. I just read a nice review of her new restaurant on OAD, the North Fork Table & Inn.

    She’s so talented—glad she’s back in the saddle, even if her book isn’t.

  • David, are you saying that Harper Collins is not going to publish cookbooks anymore? As the owner of a book store specializing in titles on food and wine I am disturbed by this news. Partially because my rep has made no mention of this… I will have to stock up on some of their better titles. Sad. Hopefully Ten Speed is a better place for you anyway?
    ps LOVE your books!

  • Sam: Both editors I worked with are no longer there, nor the publicists, and I was told they are downsizing their catalog severely. I think they are concentrating on single-subject, smaller books, but am not sure. I do know they’re planning to pull many books out of print.

  • I love your Room for Dessert book! I got it as a birthday gift a few years ago and finally this weekend I made the Chocolate Chunk Cookies! Heaven!

    I have been looking through the pages of this book all this time, marking all the things I want to bake with little bits of paper. Well, the whole book is filled with bits of paper by now! I finally made my choice…..I love the photography in your book. I was sorry that you did not have a picture of these cookies…so I took some myself!

    …and here too.

  • I’m very partial to “Ripe for Dessert.” I highly recommend the buckwheat cake with cider poached apples. The orange-buckwheat crepes are also very dependable and tasty. I love eating them with nutella.

  • Need not say anymore. I’m logging on to Amazon right now to purchase both copies. BTW, I made your chocolate ice cream (from your Chocolate cookbook) last Saturday and my friends called it “divine” and “superb!” Sorry, but I shamefully took all the credit! : )

  • Hopefully, that will never happen to your Ten Speed titles! I was just going to order Ripe for Dessert, so thanks for the word.

  • Asia: Sure there’s a photo…I made ’em (and ate ’em) myself! (See page 139)
    : )

    Lisa: I like that recipe too, and it’s gluten-free as well.

    Ellen: You can take the credit, but I’ve got a batch in the refrigerator almost ready to churn right now. Here, however, I get to take the credit. Okay?

    TenSpeedHal: Well, I think I know exactly how to keep the folks at Ten Speed happy. Lots of ice cream, chocolate and salted butter caramel sauces, and plenty of candied almonds.

  • David- ah-ha! So you combined them with the following recipe! Thank you!

  • Why, oh why, have I not come across your cookbooks before now when I have so many and yours look so good? The next time I have a cookbook budget to spare I’ll see if I can grab some. I’m always looking for new cookbooks to review. Also, if your publisher is looking for cookbook reviewers, I’ve reviewed well over a hundred of the things and am always happy to do more!

  • You scared me just enough to buy all three (Room for Dessert was out of stock, so I bought a used one, which I’ve never done on Amazon before…fingers crossed).

    For those who may be tempted, Amazon has a deal where if you buy “Ripe for Dessert” and your book of chocolate, you get a deal.

  • Oh no! I’ll have to pick these books up soon then, been on the fence for a while.

  • David, these just arrived today from Amazon. They are both wonderful. I can wait to get into the kitchen and start baking. Such a shame that these will go out of print!

  • Thanks David… just the encouragement I needed to give the credit card a little Amazon exercise…

    If your caramel ice cream’s any indication, I can’t wait to wrap my lips around your ginger cake…