• wow. this looks absolutely delicious.

    I want some too! :)

  • My brother has a Pinkberrys right by his house in L.A. Of course it’s not on my diet, but when go visit him I must try some, since he’s always raving about it!

  • Is there no Parisian equivalent? With all of the yogurt one finds there I would think there might be something akin to it..otherwise if there were anyone who could recreate it at home…

  • I have a non-pinkberry related question that I am unable to find the answer to on my own. And you are the ice cream expert, so I thought you might have a shot.

    Can I make a waffle cone using graham flour and/or other less typical flours? I’ve made your cornmeal cone recipe which worked great. What about replacing the egg in the recipe with banana or applesauce for a flavored cone?

    I guess I’m just interested in increasing my cone variation possibilities.

  • Pinkberry is amazing. In Georgetown DC we have something similar, Sweetgreen.

  • I’m just going to pretend you didn’t write that and continue on with my day.

  • Excuse my (European) ignorance: what is Pinkberry???

  • Click on the Pinkberry for lots of non-information. Supposedly it is a “secret” recipe for frozen yogurt. I think they add crack.

  • Apparently it’s not yogurt, but only contains it, hence they dropped their previous ads saying it’s frozen yogurt. They opened a new one in walking distance of my office and I have not visited as I don’t want to get addicted!

  • Well that looks so good I followed your link … when are they going to open up in London? And, David, I suppose Paris, too ;)

  • During the mid 90’s, I was on a medically supervised fast and didn’t eat solid food for 3 months. My doctors only allowed one food besides my meal replacement shake and it was a confection sold commercially but I can’t remember it’s name. It was just like this… sweet, satisfying, minimal calories, no fat. Just sweet whipped air!And it was delicious ! Wonder if this is the same?

  • oh, dude! if you’re in the new york metro area, you have to try out their rival, crazy bananas. exact same taste, except they give you waaay more toppings! :D

  • Why no Pinkberry in the North Bay? Aren’t we deserving?! For now I have to go all the way down to Palo Alto for Fraiche.

    I’ve been complaining about frozen yogurt that does not taste like yogurt for years. And now, it is getting so close! Pinkberry (or Fraiche): Come to Berkeley! I offer my firstborn.

  • you mean crackberry.

  • There is one opening two blocks from my house. I’m waiiiiiting.

  • your plain frozen yogurt recipe from “the perfect scoop” will probably be better than this!

  • There is a new MY BERRY in the Marais-
    28, rue Vielle du Temple 75004
    I didn’t try it.
    The New York version is mostly yogurtless ice cream.

  • Alas, I have never tried Pinkberry (I am one of the forlorn in Pinkberry-less-NorCal). But my brother has tried Pinkberry and says your frozen yogurt recipe (I made it when he came to visit) is just as good, probably better!

  • It looks like there has been some discussion on this already in the comments, but what is it?? I’m from Chicago – no pinkberry here. Are we not good enoughhh? I want some, whatever it is…

  • I was wondering if you were going to try it during your travels. So I take it you liked it;)! There’s something about that hollow swirl that is strangely addictive, no? Try it with the mochi balls if you haven’t. Such a great combination of textures.

  • *shaking head* What have they DONE to you!!! I’m with Hilary on this one.

  • I was so excited to try this stuff and was very disappointed when I did! Their website and stores are beautiful but I thought the finished product was overly sour. I’m a yogen fruz gal myself.

  • Trader Joe’s carries a Japanese product called Mochi Ice Cream – Does anyone know if it’s anything like that?

  • Pinkberry is simply to-die-for. I love the plain flavor straight-up; toppings are a distraction from the sour goodness. There are so many wannabes out there, but just as L’As du Fallafel has an inimitable *something* that keeps challengers at bay (I would argue that it is, perhaps among other things, their meticulous stratification of veggie layers, so that each bite perfectly captures a taste of all the ingredients), Pinkberry is the original and the best.

    I tried MyBerry in the Marais a couple weeks back (and took some spy photos of it to show friends back home in L.A.). As a Pinkberry veteran, I found it disappointing. The texture was too creamy and dulled any yogurt-y tang. Reminded me of Penguin’s frozen yogurt (Did this exist beyond stripmalls in the Valley?), circa the mid-90s.

  • For those of you not as (un)lucky as Kevin and myself, who both live in a city saturated with this place and all of their competitors (seriously, we have four just in West Hollywood alone). Pinkberry is an unsweetened frozen (non) yogurt. They have two flavors–natural, which tastes like well, plain yogurt and green tea, which is just as yucky. Also, you choose toppings–either fresh fruit or um, sugared cereal that they pile on.

    For the life of me, I cannot figure out how people think it tastes good. I may get kicked out of Hollywood just for saying that.

  • katec,

    go to michelle’s on durant and telegraph–their mangoberry yogurt is better that pinkberry. more sour, more creamy. so delicious. there’s also papamingo on channing, and a new place opening on telegraph. but so far, michelle’s is the best.

  • Wow wow, you’ve got some very tantalising foodstuff on this blog! And this time, it’s so delicious you have to finish it before taking the photo! Hahaa…

  • Hilary, I’m with you.
    I don’t believe there’s no sugar in the plain version, since it always makes me in comatose on the subway home, like other sugary sweets.
    I’d rather eat French yogurt.

  • How long was the wait for this beloved piece of healthy fluff? I passed the shop on Sunday and the line went around the bend. Wait, David, was that you?

  • I didn’t really care for pinkberry when I went. I had the green tea flavor with strawberries and thought it tasted a little strange. I was a little put off by the fact that it was nearly five dollars for a small with one topping.

    Southern california has a ton of new yogurt eateries: Red Mango, Cantaloop, et al.

  • Thanks, had a look at the site.
    Now, this is definitely OT (off topic) but I wanted to thank you David for mentioning somewhere (probably ages ago but as I’ve only just found your blog) the Microplane foot file!

    I had the graters (souvenir from Chicago!!) for the kitchen but didn’t know they were in the footsy dept. too. It is brilliant: I see what you meant about getting used to luxury!!!

    Will be off to Paris in just 48 short hours with my oh so soft feet! Merci!!

  • Two owners are Koreans, and similar kinds of stores like Red Mango have been a big hit in Korea since late 1990s. I googled articles about them and it seems they are planning to open up in Vagas, Florida, Arizona first and London! Yum.

  • i happen to like my yogurt frozen, especially on hot days… i mean, literally freezing store-bought regular yogurt… not the yogurt ice creams in the frozen section. they taste better.

  • It’s one of the things (along with their competitors) that I miss most about living in Southern California.

    The reason they cannot call it frozen yogurt is because that label requires that it all be made on the premises. Since they make the mixture up off the premises and only freeze it at the shops, it isn’t frozen yogurt according to the law.

    However, I think that stuff tastes a great deal more like yogurt than most other “true” frozen yogurts (think TCBY).

  • Hilary, Kevin, I’m with you. It’s time to stage an intervention and nip this Lebovitz-Loves-Pinkberry nonsense in the bud.

  • Samin – Thanks! I work on campus and have never noticed Michelle’s. I just don’t understand why most fro-yo only tastes sweet, like a bad version of ice-cream. I guess many Americans are used to overly sugared regular yogurt. Tart is delicious!

    And of course, I have made David’s frozen yogurt multiple times (w/ less sugar). But sometimes it is nice to go out and get a treat (and my fro yo freezes up rock hard).

  • i noticed you didn’t save any for me.

  • PinkBerry looks delicious. I will try that when I visit.

  • Great appearance on AGTV!

  • It’s all about OKO in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

  • I do believe you have an addiction, David. :-)

  • Well, I don’t know what they put in that stuff, but whatever it is…I want more!

    Heidi posted that my frozen yogurt rivaled Pinkberry’s—so perhaps I should open a place in New York City too.

  • there’s a Yogurberry near me and it’s the best one i’ve tasted so far. creamy, tart, and fruit is always fresh. i like the blackberry flavored yogurt. you can see they use real fruit in there.