Gretchen…Where art thou?

Gretchen di Limur…come on down!

You’re the winning contestant for my Paris Chocolate & Gastronomy Tour in the Menu For Hope III auction.

Am I going to have to take my fabulous culinary tour of Paris all by myself?

Get in touch.




  • Oooh lucky Gretchen. Has she been overcome with excitement?

  • Um. Yeah, I’m Gretchen. Yeahhhh… that’s the ticket… I wish!

  • Hansel here…
    I’m sending Gretel over PDQ.
    Yow Gretel, leave off eating the witch’s house and sign on for DL’s chocolate tour!
    Oh man…

  • I’m Gretchen!


    (Well, I thought it might work…)

  • Hi David,

    I am simply overcome with excitement! What a fabulous surprise. I feel like a winner!

    Yes, this is me, the authentic Gretchen, who happens to be residing in Paris dans Le Marais… I can’t wait to hear directly from you, and share chocolate and stories of some dear California friends we have in common.