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I don’t know how you say “bad influence” in Spanish, but I think the photo pretty much says it better than I could—in any language…


    • Memoria

    Yes, it’s “mala influencia”.

    • Memoria

    Yes, it’s “mala influencia”.

    • Aprille

    Looks like everyone is having fun in the sun!

    • Abigail Blake

    How do you say “eewwwww” in Spanish?

    • Tami

    OMG! You supply my almost daily dose of laughter. Thank you David, that is hilarious! The tatoo’s do look pretty cool though.

    • food lover kathy

    You are cracking me up even in Mexico. Please keep them coming.

    • Matt

    “How do you say “eewwwww” in Spanish?”

    Wow Abigail. You’re sweet!

    • cdecocina

    You made me laugh, simply very funny. I hope those children have false tattoos, please!
    Nice blog, a favourite for me.

    • Ann

    YUCK! I wish I hadn’t just eaten lunch before I viewed that.

    • ChefDylan

    oh please make it stop! pleasssse!

    will somebody please think about the kids! lol

    • Leslie

    Dare we ask why it was the best hour of your life…? Hope it’s warm there, the rest of us aren’t! Enjoy yourself. More fuel for the blog!

    • Easter Hat

    Adam is FIERCE. He’s one of the greatest people I’ve met ever! Truly incredible. Outside and inside! Sorry for you Ann and Abigail (Abigail, you might consider taking your photo off of your site unless you’d like similar comments left about you by strangers!)

    • Anya Keefe

    Please tell me those are temporary tattoos on the kids! I don’t have anything against tattoos, but that’s reee-donc-u-lous.

    • Francheska

    ”Mala Influencia” :)

    • Bernadette

    I’m with Leslie, I’m still waiting for the best hour info!

    • Gaby

    Francheska’s right, it’s “mala influencia”. And I’m hoping you’re talking about the big belly and not the tattoo! :)

    • Lynn in Tucson


    • Aknes


    EVERYBODY raises her children as they want

    • Ena

    I’ve never met, heard or talked to Adam but he strikes me as such an interesting character. His work is beautiful and to me he seems so subtle and kind despite that he is quite a big guy and has all these tattoos. Plus, I think he’s cute!
    P.S. I’m guessing these are Jaden (Steamy Kitchen)’s kids, handsome boys.

    • Phyllis

    Adam is such a good sport…course after the string trunks at David’s feet on the last beach; this photo is down right upright!! LOL Have a ball, David, frigid Paris will be there when you get back.

    • Mark Du Pont

    What happened to the body being a temple? What they do is the same as spraying graffiti on the walls of Sacré-Cœur or some great work of art. Unfortunate for these poor boys who don’t know any better. Our bodies don’t need this. Truly disgusting – CHE SCHIFO!

    • Mark Boxshus

    I didn’t know that Guy Fieri was there……..LOL

    • Debby

    That guy’s tattoo (real or fake) is genius. I love love love that he and the Buddha share the belly button!

    • Lisa in Seattle

    This doesn’t fly in the U.S. Recently, a couple (in Georgia) were arrested and sent to jail for tattooing their six kids. They were charged with three counts each of illegal tattooing, second degree child cruelty, and reckless conduct.

    • Jen Carroll

    OMG this picture is brilliant!

    • david

    fyi: Of course, the kid’s tattoos are temporary. And they are the coolest kids I think I’ve ever met. (They think I’m out of my mind, and it usually takes adulthood before people come to that realization.)

    Adam’s pretty cool, too. Tattood or not..

    • Denise

    I so much wanted to be there this week…not to see THAT, but to meet YOU! Tried to make last-minute reservations, but to no avail ;-( Maybe next time…As a fairly new food blogger, I have so much to learn from the pros!

    • matt

    “Our bodies don’t need this.”

    Whoah Mark! I’m not sure about you but I don’t think I’d want a total stranger to tell me what I can or cannot do with my body.

    For the record I happen to think my husband has a mighty fine temple! :)

    • jessica

    i love me some matt and adam.
    big love.
    and those youths look mighty happy to be in the presence of the lovely and talented adam. don’t feel bad for them.

    • Tiffany

    I think they look GREAT! My kids would totally love those tattoos. Fun!

    • Collette

    I adore the fact that the kid on the left has a lollipop sticking out of his mouth that vaguely resembles a cigarette. Rebels!

    (And it never even occurred to me that the tattoos on the kids could be anything other than temporary. Odd, that.)

    • Cary

    Very cute and funny!

    • Cookin’ Canuck

    That’s funny and disturbing at the same time.

    • Diana

    I LOVE this photo! Adam is one of my new favorite people, and I’ve had so much fun getting to know Jaden’s son Andrew. This picture totally captures the silly fun we’ve all been having here in Ixtapa.

    • cecile

    If those tattos aren’t henna (they look permanent tattoos) those kids surely will have a long time to ponder whether to get them off through surgery (scars or keloids may be left on the site) or keep them. Looks like their decisions were very much “influenced.”

    • maria

    how about….hay Dios mio!

    • Hannah

    How could anyone actually think the kids’ tattoos are real? Get a sense of humor! And Adam is gorgeous- Matt, you’re a lucky man. :)

    • maria jose

    Althoug “mala influencia” is a literal translation of “bad influence”, as a Spaniard I’d use “mal ejemplo”.
    Ewwww, I’d traslate as : ¡Qué asco! or ¡puaghhhh!

    • Karin (an alien parisienne)

    Hee hee hee hee!

    I see that some folks’ funny bones seem to be a wee tad fractured. Eh, well. Takes all kinds of folk to make this mudball on which we live interesting, eh? ;-)

    Glad you are having fun. :)

    • Shannon

    I don’t know how to say “awesome” in Spanish but I do know how to say mucho gusto. And no mas.

    • KatieZ

    Haha now that’s how you know it was a great vacation! Jaden has the cutest kids and Matt has an awesomely tattooed husband! All you nuffers are craaazy and need a drink. and then a tattoo. *smirk*

    • Abigail Blake

    EasterHat – Down boy. Sorry, but I live in the Caribbean and I’ve seen it all on the beach. I just assumed they were tourists, tattoos and all. No idea they were with the group and the tats weren’t real. Especially after reading just last week about the couple that tattooed their five kids.

    • Jennifer

    That is HILARIOUS.

    • Erin

    this is priceless, i’m glad they let you snap their picture!

    vacation memories…in the corner of my mind. :) haha, love it!

    • Jeanne

    I really hope those are the wash-off kind – at least for the kids!!

    • Anna

    Good god, yes, look at that “wheat belly”, er, vientre de trigo. Back away from the bread & pasta, kids.

    • Georgia (

    Oh, David. Very cute!

    • Linda

    Oh relax people.Wow, some odd judgemental comments. Lets all join the no fun party-yeah!
    Such an amusing photo – like Adam’s new look – he cleans up nicely-can see more of his cutie pie face.


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