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Below is a list of food blogs that I invited people to add, so they’d have a place to share their sites with me, as well as others.

I’ve since discontinued that, because I recently added a ‘rolling’ blog feature which presents the blogs that I currently read, and changes as they’re updated, automatically. You can check these out on my Links page.

In the comments, you can read about many of the food blogs that folks have left their information about. Please note that I don’t participate in ‘link exchanges‘ so don’t leave comments or messages requesting one, as they’ll be deleted.

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  • August 18, 2007 6:43pm

    A blog about tasting and recipes of all kind of fruits (with photos & descriptions) around the globe, including exotic and rare fruits. Thanks David. Cheers!

  • August 21, 2007 1:01pm

    French Letters follows the adventures of an American food writer living in France.

  • August 23, 2007 1:46pm

    Turkish & Delicious is a food blog about Turkey.

  • August 28, 2007 5:27pm

    I forgot to put my link to Turkisk & Delicious.
    Thank you.

  • March 6, 2008 1:05pm

    Travels in Taste offers the inside scoop on America’s great and exciting
    restaurants. No critics! No bias! Just good, honest, objective information.

    Thanks for the link David!

  • March 7, 2008 1:44pm

    Thanks for very interesting article. btw. I really enjoyed reading all of your posts. It’s interesting to read ideas, and observations from someone else’s point of view… makes you think more.
    So please keep up the great work. Greetings.

  • March 8, 2008 4:36pm

    Enlightened Cooking is my healthy cooking blog where I share my original recipes, along with delicious recommendations and ramblings, about cooking and eating food that is lighter and healthier, but also beautiful, delicious, and relatively quick to prepare.

  • March 9, 2008 4:46pm is the food blog of Bill Burge about cooking, chefs, restaurants, growers, cuisine, culinary news and commentary from a former St. Louis cook’s point of view.

  • March 12, 2008 12:26pm

    Ranji’s Kitchen Corner,a blog that features mainly Indian cooking and rest inspired from other bloggers like you.I would love to link my blog here.I have linked ur blog in my site too.
    Thank u so much for the invitation.

  • March 14, 2008 4:26pm

    Spice Isle Food for Thought features recipes from the Caribbean island of Grenada, which is also known as the Spice Isle.
    **Thank you for the link, David :)**

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    March 22, 2008 5:26am

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  • March 23, 2008 11:29am

    Velvet Lava Obsessed with sweets, but willing to explore other culinary delights – and all the emotions and ceremony they invoke.

    Love your blog. Many thanks, Ann

  • March 30, 2008 11:34pm

    My blog is dedicated to frozen desserts and their accoutrements.

  • April 3, 2008 12:28pm

    Chocolate and – a blog devoted to baking and eating with an emphasis on chocolate, but a willingness to get distracted along the way!

  • April 4, 2008 1:29pm

    Taste of Pace is committed to a fabulous life filled with food, travel, and lifestyle.

  • April 6, 2008 10:22am

    David, I appreciate the ambitious blog list invitation, you are so kind!

    A Yankee in a Southern Kitchen
    Humorous Writings and Recipes on Food, Family & God’s Grace; while learning to cook Southern for a year.

  • April 7, 2008 6:05pm

    I’m not sure if my blog link got in there – here it is –

    For dessert lovers :)

  • April 20, 2008 7:23pm

    The Recipe Girl is a blog that is used as an avenue to display the most fabulous recipes and photography from my sister site of .

  • April 20, 2008 11:16pm

    A foodie based in Ottawa, Canada, who is working through a cooking school curriculum one class at a time, from apple pie to zabaglione and everything in-between.

    Whisk: a food blog

  • April 24, 2008 11:57am

    Eat Real is about eating seasonally, authentically, and enjoyably. Featuring down-to-earth, back-to-basics recipes for real food that even busy cooks can find time to enjoy.

    Thanks much, David! All best, Sandy

  • May 9, 2008 8:41am

    Happy Hoarfrost is a food-lit blog, addressing all things ironic via the bread-dough-elastic metaphor of food.(

    Recipes, reviews, musings, furies and everyday baconundrums included.

    Thank you for the opportunity, David! What a great resource in the list so far!

  • May 11, 2008 10:44pm

    Here at digest magazine, we strive to show you food beyond the plate, searching out new information that you can intellectually consume. (A student-run food magazine Web site.)

    Blogs from the Web site:

    News Nuggets:
    Food is everywhere, even in the news. This News Nuggets blog will keep you up to date with any food-related stories in the headlines.

    The Marketplace:
    This is the space for digest magazine’s staff to muse about their food experiences. As a marketplace is both an open space where food is on display and a place where ideas roll, we want this space to be a combination of both – a place to display our thoughts of food.

    Even college kids can cook. This is a space where the staff of digest magazine shares their stories about recipes they have made, including
    the recipe.

  • May 21, 2008 7:12am

    At A Temporary Omnivore in Paris, a vegetarian of thirteen years decides to eat meat for her final two months living in Paris.

  • May 22, 2008 3:10am

    Hi. Here is my food blog.

    Renaissance Culinaire, Blogging my way to Pastry Chefdom. My commentary. All through my eyes, or camera lens. Highlights include – Recipes, Baking theory and food photography.


  • Tina
    May 23, 2008 4:05pm

    The Wandering Eater, a girl (or woman, since I’m 22) who eats around in New York City. Mostly restaurant reviews with lots of food photography, others are food-related blurbs that involves with friends and recipes.

  • May 23, 2008 7:24pm

    Adventures in Shaw

    I love food…I love DC…I write about both…and throw in colorful tales of my cat (the Diva), my friends and my life in the gayborhood…

  • June 18, 2008 8:00am

    Der Küchenbulle, is a very new foodblog, but I try to make it lifely as fast as possible. But I think I´m headed in the right direction, hope so. My blog focused on my adventures in the kitchen. But it´s all the time in german.

    Thanks David!

  • June 21, 2008 5:07pm

    For all those who love Indian food and for all those who wish Indian recipes were simpler !

    Thank you, David, for allowing me to display my blog link out here.

  • July 2, 2008 12:18pm

    Artsy-Foodie is all about creativity, life, and food. Come by for inspiration, conversation, visual delights and reliable recipes.

    Merci beaucoup David!

  • July 2, 2008 12:35pm

    College Kibble, because there’s more to college than pizza! A student who knows she can easily cook more than ramen.

    Thank you David!

  • July 15, 2008 8:52pm

    Hi David,

    My blog ( is the story of a couple of American ex-pats living in Australia and travelling the world as told through food.

    Thanks mate!


  • July 24, 2008 12:27pm – Cooking and eating in China, and Chinese Food around the World. (Brief forays into desserts.)
    Thanks, David, for your amazing blog!

  • July 25, 2008 3:58am

    Hi David, thank you for the generous offer to add ones blog in your comment list!

    I am a french homecook and working mother of three. At, you can read about our life in Berlin and see the evidence of my long love for all things dessert and food.

  • July 27, 2008 3:21pm

    Because everyone deserves sweets! (even diabetics!)

    Thank you, David.

  • July 28, 2008 3:15pm


    I would love to be linked to your page! I am still new but concentrate on the origin of food, the history if you like and every now and again give tried and tested recipes. Every now and again it becomes relevant (like when Mandela turned 90), but rarely.

    From Cape Town,

    Greetings and happy blogging.P

  • July 30, 2008 9:57am

    bigYELLOWbowl, recipes, food and idea from my kitchen and dining adventures

  • July 30, 2008 11:23pm

    Conversation about food books, writing, and life in and around Chicago

  • July 31, 2008 10:20am

    My blog covers my adventures in all things sweet (mostly baking and candymaking) with a focus on dairy-free (parve) baking in keeping with Jewish dietary laws.

  • July 31, 2008 10:22am
  • August 3, 2008 1:27pm
    Discover. Invent. Experiment. Food. Flavors. Recipes. Love.

  • August 5, 2008 12:23pm

    CommentsfromtheKitchenOffice offers a perspective from the offices of The Food Channel®.

  • August 7, 2008 12:19am

    Spatulas, Corkscrews & Suitcases showcases everything I love. I’m an obsessed foodie that loves to bake, cook, drink and travel. What a life!

  • August 19, 2008 4:32pm

    CeliacChicks is the guide to a hip & healthy gluten-free lifestyle. We review gluten-free restaurants, bakeries and products along with sharing tips about gluten-free travel and recipes.

    Merci, David!

  • August 24, 2008 4:50pm

    Tamarind and Thyme is mine. I’m trying to survive in London (and that’s food-wise!) without going broke!

  • September 5, 2008 3:58pm

    The Bloated Belly is back up and running after a hiatus of sorts. Food centric, but all things consumption discussed.

  • September 8, 2008 12:31pm

    When it comes to food and eating in Chicago…theres only one, and it aint Bob Rohrman. Chicago based food blog and my favorite regional eats from around the US of A

  • September 12, 2008 9:24pm

    Foodista is a great place to learn about food and cooking; and provide easy ways to share your food interests and knowledge with the world.

  • September 13, 2008 11:31am is a food blog for those who love food from all areas of the world and who want simple, easy recipes. I am Kurdish so a lot of that influence (Persian, Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Eastern European flavors) is in my cuisine as well as influences from culinary school in Europe…plus I’m a fun girl…so come get to know me!

  • September 18, 2008 3:48am

    I’ve only just stumbled onto your blog and I wish I had known about it earlier. I already love it! Anyway I’ve only just started blogging and cooking as well. My blog features all types of recipes and also my attempt at it as well.

  • September 22, 2008 9:45am

    Dessert and culinary adventures in Southwest New Mexico often times with recipes from your books such as my recent brownie post. Thanks!

  • Cathy at Wives with Knives
    September 25, 2008 10:11am

    Wives with Knives is the place to learn about food and life in the Pacific Northwest. Lots of farmer’s market news. Thanks so much David.

  • October 6, 2008 3:03am

    Savory Tv has delicious chef recipe videos from around the world. Watch and learn as talented chefs prepare restaurant quality meals, and make them at home with complete confidence. Savory Tv also has ingredient spotlights, which focus on the history and use of gourmet foods.

    Thanks for visiting and thank you David!


  • October 15, 2008 10:45pm

    Dana McCauley’s food blog is my daily place to post about food and cooking trends and to share the knowledge I’ve gleaned after over 15 years as a Canadian chef and food writer.

  • Liz
    October 21, 2008 3:01pm curator, Suzanne Aaronson offers pithy, pointed, and opinionated content on a variety of lifestyle topics–from epicurean to travel and responsible living. You’ll see—the files read the way a friend would share a great tip with you. Click here to see specific insight on great food finds around the world:

  • October 23, 2008 3:40pm

    is often spicy, sometimes greasy, mostly rich in flavour and hopefully always good.

  • October 24, 2008 3:28pm

    This is my blog of recipies..Plz visit it and i hope u will like it..

  • October 24, 2008 5:24pm

    I have both – a website which is and a blog site which I’ve just listed. The blog is an extension to my website. My website is a storage site for my next cookbook. As I add recipes I remove recipes putting them into my manuscript file. My cookbooks go like this. I have a recipe, a tip and a story about my recipe. My blog is now housing my tips but it’s easy to get from one to the other. If you visit either site you will find a full profile and be able to sample my style of cooking, which is easy. My cookbooks are written mainly for the young adults but are being used by all ages. Please visit my sites and I feel you will have no problems including me in your blogroll. Thank you in advance.

  • November 3, 2008 11:28am

    Tips, tricks and techniques from the culinary experts.

  • November 3, 2008 4:02pm only writes about all the good stuff… no negatives… just the POSITIVELY DELICIOUS!

  • November 3, 2008 4:03pm only writes about all the good stuff… no negatives… just the POSITIVELY DELICIOUS!

  • November 3, 2008 9:52pm

    Classic and not-so-classic Italian recipes from an Italian cook in Amsterdam (and, regularly, Italy).

  • November 5, 2008 1:52pm

    I created this Recipes blog to have an archive of some of the foods I grew up with and the recipes from my grandmother and mother. They’re are a combination of Greek recipes, those (whichever ethnicity) from scratch, and some using shortcuts (like prepared items and canned goods). It’s evolved a bit since its creation to include new recipes that I’ve tried, and things I’ve made that I want to document.

  • November 16, 2008 9:55pm

    Caput Mundi Cibus – the Swedish chef who blogs from Rome. Modern cuisine and photos. Not just pizza and pasta…

  • November 18, 2008 1:39pm

    Hi David! We’d love to be included in your blogroll!

    Daily Blender is where food and business mix! We cover everything that’s happening in the food and beverage industry around the world, from the hottest restaurants and bars to celebrity chefs. Daily Blender is your source for what’s happening and what’s next in the food world!

  • November 25, 2008 9:12pm

    We are all about vegetarian food from around the world. Some ideas of what can be made with just vegetables.

  • November 28, 2008 6:31pm – where food comes to life! Sydney Australia based website for all food lovers, covering reviews, recipes, cocktails and much more.

  • Amy
    December 6, 2008 4:57pm

    I didn’t see this blogger on here but I think she’s great.

  • December 8, 2008 8:23am

    IndoChine Kitchen is a new cooking blog written by me. Featuring Indonesian cuisine and Chinese home-cooked meal from the region, I would like to share what makes the region special.

    Everything is fiery, hot and exotic.

    I have always been a big fan of your books.

  • December 8, 2008 5:59pm


    I am a gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free foodie. Nightshades and I aren’t the best of friends either. Still, I am far from deprived… After some interesting times, food and I have become great friends once again; and as a result, I find myself in constant search of the perfect bite… of food, of life, of love, of the journey…

  • December 11, 2008 9:50pm

    Schweet N’ Savory
    A food blog written by a high school girl for savory, sweet, and uBerschweet delicacies!

  • December 15, 2008 11:15pm

    CONSUMED(I,THIS) is an ultra-concise picture-focused food blog featuring micro recipes for simple, season food and drink that I prepare at home. (If you scroll down, you’ll find I made a version of your coffee ice cream for Thanksgiving!)

  • December 17, 2008 2:42pm

    Thought for Food

    A graphic-designer-turned-food-obsessed-mom writes about food from the perspective of one who grew up eating Kraft Mac and Cheese (her first experience with a béchamel).

  • December 22, 2008 11:16pm – website and blog featuring travel-inspired recipes, culinary destinations worldwide, and five star restaurant reviews.

  • December 26, 2008 1:15am

    Funky Brick Bakery is a food and music web site by Christine and Mark Celsor in Cincinnati, Ohio.

  • January 7, 2009 3:55am

    Nutrition to Kitchen

    A fresh, healthy cooking blog that doesn’t deprive!

    Thank you David!

  • January 10, 2009 4:27pm

    Food Woolf: A restaurant insider’s guide to living life passionately, one plate at a time.

  • January 21, 2009 8:32pm

    Ciaochowlinda mostly salutes la cucina Italiana, but that doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally digress to other topics. Stop by and see what this journalist who dropped out of the rat race is cooking.

  • January 28, 2009 6:57am

    The Sunny Kitchen, recipes, culinary travel logs and more from an Italian cook and cooking teacher in Amsterdam (and Italy).

  • January 28, 2009 11:22pm

    DEEP PLATE aspires to be an open source of inspiration for professional chefs.

    Chefs now have an outlet to continuously present their culinary philosophy in new, creative ways. Chefs are no longer limited to the resources in their current operation.

    This blog will have multiple purposes:

    to be a tool to practice creative plate presentation through monthly plate composition exercises
    to be a reference for the chef community on plate presentation (e.g. use Search function for particular food presentations)
    to offer exposure to the most innovative chefs in terms of presentation

  • January 31, 2009 10:46pm

    In Infinite Fress, I write about restaurants and cafes in Los Angeles and beyond.

  • Michelle -
    February 2, 2009 4:08pm

    Healthy & Hedonistic: Two terms rarely seen as synonymous, but ones I see as belonging to the seemingly boundless list of dichotomies which describe me. With PORK TO PURSLANE, I aspire to bridge this mental and gustatory gap – a gap well established between what tastes good and what is good for us.

  • February 12, 2009 7:39pm
    Site overview: The ultimate source for Chicago’s hidden food gems. Visit our site at and sign up for a free weekly newsletter with unique tips on restaurants, markets, beverages and more in the Chicago metro area.
    Happy Eating!

  • February 18, 2009 11:20am

    an ingredient driven food blog, focusing on cooking and eating great dishes and surviving the effects…

  • March 6, 2009 3:47pm

    Scrumptious treats, gorgeous photography and general musings from the co-creaters of PattyCake Baking Company, a sweet catering company based out of NYC.

  • March 6, 2009 6:07pm

    And the url to the blog above is

  • March 11, 2009 9:02pm

    I love your blog and your recipes. And, j’aime Paris. Your site is a vicarious thrill!

    I’m a mom and I love to cook (and bake). A New York native and Bay Area transplant, I cook most nights for my family and love to cook for friends. I’ve started to chronicle our meals and recipes at


  • March 11, 2009 9:12pm

    And, for those of us that are technology (and RTFM) impaired, the link to the above blog is: Four for Dinner.

  • March 11, 2009 11:32pm

    The Casual Baker: a passion for writing and a penchant for sweets.

  • March 15, 2009 11:33am

    alternative & advanced culinary education in portland oregon

  • March 16, 2009 2:49pm

    Kitchen Fodder

    In my continuous effort to eat sustainably, seasonally and locally, I tell my stories about what I know, love, cook and eat as a chef.

  • April 1, 2009 12:39pm

    Cooking Will Save Your Life. It’s “food with ‘tude”, more stories than recipes: from taking cooking classes to rants about farmers markets, but always, always about pleasure and GOOD EATS.

  • April 9, 2009 2:02am

    This blog is generally about the love of food. We want to share our experiences with food, both written and visual. We use a Canon Rebel XTI SLR camera to capture the glory and essence of the many dishes we’ve created or enjoyed beyond the kitchen playground.

  • April 13, 2009 1:12pm

    We created a blog to reach out to potential spritz cookie customers. Our blog contains information about our cookies, where we are located and information on how to reach us. We are very passionate about my Grandma Vera’s spritz cookies. We know you will love them too!!!

  • April 14, 2009 4:47pm

    Un’Americana in Italia, until my recent move to Charleston, my blog was based out of my kitchen in Rome exploring the 20 different regional cuisines of Italy, with a few strays here and there.


  • April 15, 2009 1:50pm

    I just started a new blog, all about desserts- my thoughts and experiences.

  • April 15, 2009 11:58pm

    thai cooking with jam a blog about Thai cooking and how to use local and seasonal flavors in Thai dishes

  • April 20, 2009 4:33pm

    The Salty Olive follows the gastronomic adventures of an Aussie expat living in Madrid, with a passion for Spanish food and culture.

  • April 21, 2009 2:30pm

    Jbugs Kitchen Antics ( ) features everynight suppers for everyday people

  • May 2, 2009 9:25pm

    Eatpress- The renters’ kitchen. We write for people who want easy recipes, reviews, in season news and cheap cooking tips, not fancy, just practical.

  • May 3, 2009 6:21pm

    My blog The English can cook ( has become a chronicle of The Underground Restaurant, my home restaurant in my living room in London. I hold a dinner every Saturday night. Each week I blog about it, with recipes, pictures, reports on other supperclubs.
    My blog The English can eat contains restaurant, product and cookery book reviews.

  • May 5, 2009 9:59am

    In At First Glass we discover the joys of wine, from the jug up you might say, right here in the beating heart of Chicago’s south suburbs. Really.

    Thanks, David!

  • May 14, 2009 1:05pm

    I adore you :)

  • May 16, 2009 12:59pm

    Great site! ( is a San Francisco Bay Area Restaurant review blog.

  • May 23, 2009 2:56pm

    Thanks for offering this…looks like you’ve been able to collect most of the world’s food bloggers already…so, I will happily add ours to the list…

    Fresh Attitude: A simple cook – a simple wine educator…together exploring food and wine culture in Switzerland

  • May 27, 2009 9:43am

    It is just a bit daunting to share my blog with a pro… but here it is anyway. I recently spent 6 months in Arles eating, cooking and speaking French. I am new to your site. I was searching for a macaron recipe and found yours! Merci, monsieur.

  • May 29, 2009 11:44am

    Enjoyed your article on Portuguese food. Here’s a link to my blog with lots of Portuguese inspired recipes and tips. Pasto

  • June 3, 2009 7:20pm

    As a caterer my passion lies in cooking with and for children and families. This blog focuses on recipes made for and tested by my family. There is also information on fun party ideas, seasonal recipes and tips on making cooking with your kids fun and simple.

  • June 7, 2009 1:20am

    Kimi’s Mixed Plate is the food diary and cookbook of a fledgling foodie, exploring and experimenting with foods from an array of cultures.

  • June 15, 2009 9:12pm

    Divaindoors documents my family’s culinary adventures across several continents – though it’s centered on baking and child-friendly meals

  • June 19, 2009 11:32am

    Cool Life in Normandy and recipes from all over the world :)

  • June 24, 2009 2:00am

    Tales of a spoon — Chronicles of a vegan Russian girl living in Barcelona: food, recipes and my experiments, successes (and some failures) in the kitchen. All seasoned with a lot of determination to finally learn (another) foreign language and positivism while trying to survive in a carnivorous world.

  • June 24, 2009 7:46am

    It’s refreshing the way you cut to the chase, in your writing. I’ve imagined your conversations being to the point as well. I admire that style in people, I never waste time in idle jargon, I prefer to cook with my time. Kindly add my blog to your list, and your visit would be highly appreciated.

    Bonne journee mon ami.


  • June 27, 2009 1:46pm

    How sweet! I hope you are still doing this:)

    TONGUE TICKLERS…… is the story of vegan mom cooking to fulfill two vegetarian children and a non-veg husband…and so far doing good:)

  • Kamran Siddiqi (The Sophisticated Gourmet)
    June 30, 2009 11:11am

    Thank you so much for adding this David. Here’s my blog’s link and a brief description of it. I have added your link to my blog, as well.

    Please add my blog to your list, and a visit would be highly appreciate.

    Thanks so much!

    The Sophisticated Gourmet- A 17 year old high school student who has tried to pursue his dream in food and writing since the age of 6.

  • Kamran Siddiqi (The Sophisticated Gourmet)
    June 30, 2009 11:12am


  • July 9, 2009 3:32pm

    A Public Healthy Appetite
    I’m a public health student and writer living in Baltimore, new to food blogging, attempting to use what I’m learning in school in order to eat more healthily (and now, publicly). Thanks for letting me share my new blog!

  • July 12, 2009 8:34pm

    Tomatoes on the Vine


    The blog is focused on recipes, cocktails and reflections about food.

    Thanks for giving me an opportunity to share.

  • July 15, 2009 11:26am

    You’re very inspiring, thanks for sharing your culinary expertise and Paris to us.

    Latest Recipes – Home Cooking & Baking – my culinary adventures on re-creating favorite home-cooked meals and comfort foods feat. Filipino food and my favorite chefs’ recipes.

  • July 15, 2009 1:43pm

    Healthy Green Kitchen serves up all sorts of healthy recipes infused with a bit of holistic nutrition, healthy lifestyle and green living info.

    Love your recipes, books, and blog David!

    ps I believe you met up with my dad Barry Wine in Paris last week…wish I could have come along!

  • July 16, 2009 1:45pm

    Hi David,

    Love your blog, love your life!

    Real Food Rehab’s goal is to inspire people to Eat Real & Go Deep in their lives. Recipes, Lifestyle & more.

    Eat Real, Go Deep