10 Signs You’ve Been Blogging Too Much

1. You buy clothing, not based on style or fashion, but because the texture and color of the fabric will make new and interesting backgrounds for your food shots.

2. You choose routes through town based on what’s to eat or photograph along the way in lieu of the most direct path.

3. You find the only friends that’ll talk to you are other food bloggers…since you don’t have anything to talk about but your food blog.

4. Before heading out to dinner, you make sure you have your camera instead of remembering your wallet or purse.

5. You find yourself having amazing relationships with people in far-away places like Jakarta, Tasmania, and Scotland, ignoring your friends who live right in the same neighborhood.

6. You make dinner reservations not according to who has the best food, but which dining room has the best natural lighting.

7. At the market, the vendors see you coming and instinctively begin re-arranging their produce in anticipation of your arrival.

8. When foodies talk about Mario, Rachel, Florence, and Alton, you have no idea who they’re talking about.
But you know instantly who Adam, Heidi, Pim, and The Food Whore are.

9. You’ve always been told that normal people should keep “those kinds of thoughts” to themselves.
But you ignore it, and hit POST ENTRY anyways.

10. Dinner isn’t ready until it’s gone through Photoshop™.

So who’s ready for vacation?

I am!

I’m off to Normandy and Brittany.

Be back soon…




  • Have a nice trip!! You’ll be blogging anyway…will you?

  • And I’m off to Corsica tomorrow…looking forward to sampling the famous sausages and a funky cheese I’m told is made with fly larva (hey, I’ll try anything ONCE!). I’ll try to get a picture for you!

  • have a fabulous vacation!!! and we want to read about it!

    I will be going to the Chili pepper festival in Calabria in September for mine!

  • Have a wonderful time, and take LOTS of pictures.

    Oh, and there’s no getting away from Rachael, et al. stateside. Best we can do is poke fun, a la the Rachael Ray Dine & Dish.

  • Sil: Blog?…What blog?

    Taina: Are they taping Fear Factor in Corsica this season?

    Fatemeh: Rachel who?

    Diva: Bonne vacances!

  • You’re so funny. I’ll be in Normandy too this week end and the week after (Deauville). Where are you going ?

  • well, i’m nearly half way there.. my family nowadays have to patiently wait for me to take pictures before they eat when we’re out dining!

    anyway, have fun, and see ya when you’re back. :)

  • This is all too sad because all of the above apply to me. I have become know as the weird guy who takes pictures of his food. I also search for good placemats for photography, ruch to photograph my dinner befor I eat, look for restaurants with good lighting, go out of my way for a photo opportunity and talk to everyone around the globe but avoid my neighbors.

  • Thanks for the top 10 giggle!

    ThinkGeek has a great tshirt I’ve been thinking about… it’s black with white lettering that says: “I’M BLOGGING THIS”! I really want to custom make it with my blog url on the back! :)

  • All very funny signs!


  • I love this list. My laughter is punctuated only by my self recognition in every line. Thanks for capturing my new reality so well–and happy travels!

  • LOL, I just laughed so hard I just spit on my brand new computer screen. So worth it! Your list is FABULOUS, though for some reason my non-blogging s.o. walked right out of the room before I was done reading it to him. . . : )

  • Oh gosh, i’ve just been laughing for a good 10 minutes. Your list is so funny and so true at the same time. I mean there isn’t one point on which i don’t agree with you. Good job…et bonnes vacances en Normandie

  • thanks for all your comments! I’m in a small village in Brittany will very limited email, but it’s so fun reading your notes. I have ,any pictures to share when I get back…am subsisting on buckwheat crepes, cider, and strawberries from Plougastel that are the sweetest I’ve ever had…

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