Patrick Roger Chocolate: All I Want For Christmas


That’s the new one meter box of chocolates from Patrick Roger, over three feet of pralines, caramels, nougats, and creamy-smooth ganache-filled bonbons, all enrobed in ultra-dark bittersweet chocolate.

I don’t know how someone would brave getting one of those home on the métro, but I’d surely appreciate their efforts if I found one under my tree!

Patrick Roger
108, Boulevard St. Germain (6th)
Tel: 01 43 29 38 42


  • OMG. A metre of chocolate. Does life get any more decacdently opulent than that? Maybe a home delivery to my door by a gorgeous young man?! I live in hope… ;-)

  • Goodness, that’s mouth-watering alright. How does one get through the entire meter before it “goes bad?” I suppose you could share it at a party, but… would you share?

  • Upon your recommendation, my husband and I went to Patrick Roger when we were in Paris last March and that turquoise box brings back fantastic memories of pistachio marzipan truffles lined with a film of apricot gel and chunks of covered roasted almonds.

    One meter? Oh, I am so in.

  • I hope I can get through customs through that thing!

  • I thought those green things were Granny Smith apples! Then I see the blue ones. What are those round ones?

  • Perhaps the new holiday tradition should be to eat your height in chocolate. And I don’t know what Jessica is talking about in terms of it going bad. She must have some sort of super-human self control. I imagine a blissful chocolate coma among little wrappers still redolent of the chocolately scent of loveliness…

  • Is that a meter of chocolate in your pants, or are you… ;-)


  • Oo, I did some Christmas shopping there today!…alas, I only bought the small box. Boo.

    As cool as the meter long box may be, I’m more taken by the giant chocolate penguin.

  • A metre of chocolate AND a giant chocolate penguin? I’ve gotta go to that shop!

  • that picture is pure torture. only in paris!

  • I posted a photo of Patrick Roger’s chocolate Christmas trees on my Flickr page!

    Emily & Robyn: The penguins are HUGE! And really cool…especially the sugary ‘crystals’ of snow.

    Brian: The rounds are his famous fruit caramels, filled with liquid gold.

    Jeanne & L: Naughty girls!

    Christine: I’ll be waiting at the gate, just in case you can’t make it through. I’ll gladly take it off your hands!

    Jessica: This may be the season of sharing, but I could certainly plow through the whole thing by myself!

  • I’m eating the last tiny bit of the Ghana bar I got while in Paris and went to see if I could buy it online. So sad to find that they only deliver within Europe! What can I do? I’m about to go into a serious depression.