Beaucoup de Links

San Francisco food bloggers get some R&R at R&G.

New summertime desserts from me with the fine folks at Culinate.

Butter, glorious (homemade) butter.

An Austinist interview.

The San Francisco Chronicle licks gets some licks in with Super Scoops

Only a fool would come to my cooking class.
(But folks…what’s up with those angry-looking pictures of me everyone likes to post? I’m not that mean…am I?)

Knitting and salted butter caramel.

More trip pix on Flickr.

Making ice cream cool.

A Milanese makes granita.

Kung Foodie kicks some ice cream butt.

I’m not eating without my gun.

From the “I can’t believe someone actually said that” file, from The Eatsdropper.

Awww…an online homage to ice cream.




  • Great timing! I just posted my second The Perfect Scoop recipe today, Fresh Fig Sorbet!

    I love that mean shot. You are really getting into it. Or is that a grab for victory?

    Adding my pics to the David Lebovitz flickr pool now!

  • I love seeing your photos of all the food bloggers. Great pictures.

  • Funny – I don’t think you look mean at all! If you look closely there’s almost always a little half-grin on your face… ;-)

  • I made the watermelon granita (I saw the recipe on Ms. Adventures’ blog) last weekend. It was easy and fantastic. I just ordered your book from Amazon. Looking forward to trying more of your recipes. I have a great Cuisinart ice cream that is begging to be used this summer.

  • I made everyone happy with your sour cherry frozen yogurt. Served it with frest strawbs doused with limoncello. I just pitted more sour cherries (Happy Fourth) and plan to cook some of the cherries and freeze for future use. Thanks.

  • Great article!!

  • Glad you’re enjoying the flickr homage… I love seeing everyone post their photos there, too. David, you’re obviously inspiring folks. That article in the SF Chron simply highlights it!

    I love the shots that Culinary Fool took at your class. I don’t think you look angry. You look mad. ;-)