For 2008…Definitely A Good Omen






  • same here in germany too!
    but your post is the first positive one i hear about this. ;) i’m glad about it too… specially in bars and cafes.
    happy new year!

  • Ah, and now this asthmatic can FINALLY go back to Paris.

    Happy New Year, David…

  • Yahoo! Three cheers for non fumeur!!

  • Fantastic! I’ll never forget watching people smoke in Paris while eating with little puffs of smoke squirting out of their mouths as they chewed. Can’t wait to go back and enjoy the wonderful food in a smoke free environment.

    Happy New Year!

  • Finally!!! There could hardly be a better way to start the year…

  • wohooo!

  • Can’t wait to head into the local café and see if they’re really enforcing it.

    I have to say, out here in the middle of nowhere, I seriously doubt it! It will take some time.

  • What’s interesting is the people saying, “Well…it’s just a part of French culture.”

    I’m old enough to remember when it was part of American culture too, a big part in fact. And I don’t even mind cigarette smoke all that much. But the chain-smoking that I’ve seen is amazing. Teenage girls going through half-a-pack during dinner…or more.

    It’s like watching someone have a glass of wine vs. watching someone s&$#*t-faced drunk.

    In the end, I think people will comply. Because the only thing the French like more than a cigarette is the chance to complain about something!

    ; )

  • The only thing better than looking forward to my Paris trip in March is looking forward to eating with NO smoke! :)

  • Wow, la France sans fumee…that will be interesting to see. Most of my French friends are non-smokers, so they are happy about this.

  • yes, a really good thing!
    happy new year to you! Plein de bonnes choses ;-))

  • Hey David – Did you see that Emeril Lagasse referred to your post on his blog?? kudos…BAM!

  • Hi Mariangela: Thanks for the tip-off! Emeril’s actually a very, very nice man and I once was lucky enough to have dinner with him.

    He made me cry too!
    (Which is another story…which someday I’ll tell…)