Friday Morning on the Côte d’Azur


Enough with all this eating. I’m hitting the beach…

(More pics.)




  • That looks incredible! No question how the place got its name!

  • Yes, remember you are on holiday….Enjoy

  • David…I am so envious…Nice is so beautiful and the Côte d’Azur so inviting…We have always had a tradition in my family, the minute we arrive to the Mediterranean we all jump in the water, no matter what time of day we arrive, a baptism of sorts (at least a Jewish version)…hope you enjoy

  • And did the earth move when you hit the beach after all that eating?

    Judith who is with you in spirit although landlocked

  • this makes le want to go back home. I’m sooo looking forward next year.

    xx fanny

  • Ahhh. As I sit in my hot apartment in Rome I am trying to mentally picture myself in such a place.

    nope. I’m still hot. :(

  • That sea is so, well, blue!! Enjoy!

  • ugh, you are so mean posting pictures like that!

  • Ah, how fabulous. Of course we are all so jealous that we can’t go there this very minute.

  • Hi!
    I have been directed to your blog by a friend. And i realised that i have seen your books (read: have had to have your books prised from my fingertips many times) in stores in Sydney (where i live). But i have decided that by hook or by crook i shall buy it when i receive my exam results from uni (where i am majoring in French due to my Mother being from Mauritius — many great recipes and desserts!).

    I have a conundrum: I have abt 400gr of MILK cooking chocolate et je ne sais pas quoi faire ! Malheureusement j’ai achetée la mauvaise qualitée de chocolat…Je ne veux pas vraiment manger, mais j’ai du mal a trouver une recette. Puis-vous m’aidez s’il vous plait M.?

    Thanks! :-)


    (It’s winter in Australia now so…)

  • Oh. My. Goodness. That looks so incredible…

  • Hello!
    We’ll be in Villefranche-sur-Mer for 4 glorious days next month… once again I must ask for restaurant recs… svp?
    We’ll have access to a car and plan to go to Vence and Eze, so suggestions for anywhere in the area would be very welcome!
    We are so excited!
    Merci d’avance…

  • Sounds wonderful, and nothing like a holiday. Years ago I visited St.Jean Cap Ferrot and had a fabulous time. Lovely part of the country. Enjoy! I am presently enjoying a holiday in New England at a lovely area on the water, Old Lyme & Essex, Ct. Nothing like time away to put life in a new perspective.

  • oh that water looks so perfect know I definitely need to plan a vacation!

  • Such a rough life you endure…I don’t know how you do it!

  • I will NOT look at more pics.

  • Hot, hot, hotter. So I am looking on craigs list {paris} and find a fan for sale….not as good as the beach but, hey it’ll work for now. Wish you could read the listing [seriously it’s that good] It ends up by saying “turn it on in Paris and it will keep you cool in the U.S”..Which, by the way is my current home address. You don’t ghost write listings in your spare [ha!] time do you? Think of us pleblians and peasants
    [Dorthy,toto, and me] as you bask upon the beach.

  • That water is blue! I’m jealous.