J’adore the beach!

dasvidmattjump jumping-men.jpg

Right photo by Matt Armendariz


  • WOO-HOO to you too! What a trip, you look like you had a blast, a well deserved vacation.

    I love the warmth of the tropics in winter. I’m a veranda girl though..I like to watch other people in the sand!

  • I ate part of a wonderful dark chocolate layer cake–and enjoyed thinking of a beach holiday this summer-
    glad you all had fun–The Lebovitz Isle is a classic drink-

  • Et moi, j’adore l’univers de David Lebovitz!

  • LOL, looks like you’re all having a ton o’ fun. The blues (water and sky) are amazing!

  • Thank god you are NOT wearing those camouflage string things! lol

  • David and Matt

    I’m insanely jealous. Not only for the weather, but for the chance to pick your brains. This must be a great little get-a-way! Glad you guys decided to share with the rest of us snowbound mortals the delights of the Caribbean. Si tout va bien vous avez eu un grand temps.


  • You guys look great! Nice height on that second jump – wow!!

    Looks like fun times are being had… I’m loving the updates!


    ~ Paula

  • These are the greatest photos ever.

  • mais alors, ou est passé le bronzage ? :)

  • For all your complaining about your weight and fitness, these photos show you in fine form indeed. Good for you!

  • …..we had thunder, lightning, and sleet in Seattle today.

    *sigh* Glad somebody has nice weather. Synthesize some vitamin D for us, eh?

  • Totally awesome! Happiness personified. And picture-fied.

  • so, inquiring minds want to know – are David and Matt doing the dirty? hehe, very cute!

  • GREAT photo! I’m turning green looking at the WHITE sand! Enjoy your vacation.


  • Aw, looks like a great trip! Nice picture =)!

  • is that the same guy in both pics? why does he have a beard in one pic and none in the other? (i’m assuming he’s one guy cuz of the abundant tatoos) LOL did matt’s husband come along?

  • Nice legs, David!!

  • Oulalalala que la vie est dure! Poor you ;-)

  • You’ve succeeded in making everyone of us looking at your photos utterly jealous–glad you had a great beach vacation!!

  • How can you not have a big smile, being on a beach in the south of France? (sigh)

  • Joaquin Phoenix was there too???!! Wah!
    Best wishes and happy adventures, A

  • those are some kick ass euro shorts, david! enchanteur!!



  • what happened to the stellar nuthuggers? lol

  • HEY, WAIT A SEC! I thought you DIDN’T LIKE TO TRAVEL! (sly grin). I am delighted to see that I was mistaken.

  • Oh my gosh! I don’t even know you, but still, the white-pants photo makes me super happy! So great…

  • We have a winner!

    No more: Lab, kitten, John Deere, Ford or Chevy hot-rods, or scenery calendars.


    The year, 2010 will be presented to us via, THE BOYS from THE BEACH!

    HINT….HINT….HINT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Got it?

    GET IT!

    Ordering early. Where do I send my money?


  • Looking good Monsieur Lebovitz!

  • Here, 3 inches of cold rain, followed by 59 mph winds. Whitecaps in the yard. Water in the basement. Freezing temps later in the week. That should up your gloat factor a bit more.
    Loved the photos!

  • so these made my day. contagious!

  • Boys just want to have fun. Fantastic photos!

  • I posted a similar question on Smitten Kitchen’s blog, because I was curious if you bloggers had to give anything in return for this trip, like post some photos, a blog entry, etc? It truly looks like a great time, good food, and fun trip, but I think that it would be prudent to disclose to your readers if you had some deal with Club Med.

  • Jenna: In the round-up post (which follows this one), I did mention that I was a guest for the week of Club Med. But there was no mention or agreement of having to post anything about the trip or publish anything in exchange.

    Also, as Deb mentioned in her response, I always post pictures, recipes, and stories from my travels and trips here on the site, whether they’re book-related tours, cooking classes, or just vacations.

  • Thanks for the answer, David. I tried to post my comment in the following post, but it told me no posts were allowed… probably another glitch?

  • I’m echoing your comments to Jenna: Nope, we were under no requirement to post anything with Club Med nor did we have any deal. We were simply guests of Club Med, that is all!

  • J’adore tout les personnes dans cette photo!! You fellas continue to make me smile, giggle and laugh. You make me sooooo happy when I think of your wit, charm and crazy antics. Thank you for giving me the thrill of a lifetime. ;) I’m one friggin lucky gal.