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    • Zarah

    *dumbstruck look* WOAH

    • David

    Zarah: I don’t think anyone covets that last one more than me. How fun would that be to play with?

    • Ashley

    I’m Droolin’ over Gleamin’ and Dreamin’

    • suzy

    I’ve been wondering about that scrapin’ blade. Have you used one? Does it do what it’s supposed to do?

    • Katie

    Loving the coating attachement!

    Diddo with Suzy…anyone have a scraping blade? Such a great idea!

    • David

    Haven’t used one since I’m saving my money for the coating attachment.

    But there’s a pretty convincing side-by-side video at their site…

    • Jessica

    Oh, so tempted to get the scrapin’ one, purely from a practical standpoint. If I get one, I’ll let you know how it works. The gleamin’ one — so does copper really make that much of a difference? I’ve never had the opportunity to compare… am I willing to spend that kind of money for even fluffier meringue? Oh, and that dreamin’ one. WOW.

    • KateC

    Ooooo. I can afford the flames… But I wants them all! ‘Specially Dreamin’.

    • debinsf

    The flamin’ page cracks me up. Only you can put a stop to this tragedy…. I’ve sure been eyeing one of those scrapers. They seem quite useful.

    • David

    jessica: I think you should buy the ‘Dreamin’ and when you’re sick of it, you’ll send it to me.
    ; )

    • Kami

    David, my KitchenAid mixer and I love you for this post.

    • Kitt

    Ooh, that copper bowl is gorgeous.

    I did see that Rose Levy Berenbaum posted a caveat on the scraper.

    (Kitt: Thanks, but Rose actually wrote a caveat about this scraper, not the one linked to. I haven’t tried either so I can’t vouch for one or the other. -DL)

    • Mari

    The thing is. My Cuisinart ice cream maker was a gift (and oh what a gift), but I’ve seen it for sale online and it cost almost half what that attachment costs.

    Probably takes up a lot less room though.

    • Christina

    How much is a KitchenAid in France? I’ve grown very attached to mine here in the US and hate to live without one when I go back to the old world. However, I’ve discovered they’re twice as expensive there! Perhaps a KitchenAid is worth every cent, though …

    • Bri

    The sideswipe blade works really well, especially for things where you need to cream butter and sugar together for a while. It keeps everything in the bowl and moving around nicely, rather than all piling up on the blade or bowl sides. It absolutely works as well as they show in the video (you can adjust your mixer a little to make sure it scrapes the bottom, but you probably won’t have to). I love mine for making cookies. The overmolded silicone is very well done and looks like it will last for a good long time. Hope that helps…

    • Nico

    So, David, as an ice cream maker ‘extraordinaire’, what’s your opinion on the ice cream attachment?


    • mary

    Ouaou (as they say in French), I’m drooling over all of these.

    • brian

    Wow, the sideswipe sounds like a great idea. The kids will love all the extra surface area to lick the dough from. I’ve actually got a heavy copper insert (not on your list) for my KSM-5 bowl, but I have never used it.

    • Charlotte

    I use my mother’s old KitchenAid — it’s 35 years old at this point and works like a champ. I use it for everything — I’ve got the meat grinder and the pasta roller (I’m too much of a klutz to feed and crank at the same time). At Christmas I got worried for a second about the motor when I was making a marshmallow frosting, but no worries, still going strong. Expensive yes, but when you think it will last 35 years? (although I don’t know that the new ones are as great as the old ones)

    • Jennifer in Texas

    Wow! Thank you for this post. That last item’s too cool.

    • Claudine

    The Copper bowl is amazing. I would love to have all of those great little attachments. Since I have 2 ice cream makers already I should most likely wait on the KitchenAid.. Thanks for sharing!

    • elarael

    The last one is truly spectacular. I never would have thought. It looks very well crafted too. wow.

    • David

    brian: We used to have one of those copper inserts as well at work but never used it either.

    Nico: The ice cream attachment was introduced for European models of KitchenAid mixers just recently (they have an EU-mandated feature which makes the American ice cream attachment different from the European model) so I don’t have much experience with it. I’ve used them in the states and they work well. One nice feature is you can adjust the speed of the dasher, although they don’t recommend doing it.

    Claudine: I can beat that—I have four!

    Christina: They’re rather pricey here since they’re imported. (Much to the dismay of Americans who move here!) You can get a glimpse of prices by checking here.

    btw: Readers might be interested in getting a special look Inside KitchenAid when I visited their factory a few years back, too.

    • DebbieN

    OK, I’m not a KitchenAid owner, but I want the flame job thingy for sure–remember the old Kodachrome pocket cameras with the four “personalized” decals you could stick on top? How ’70s is that? (David, see if you can get the company to make you a teeshirt with one of those shown on a mixer for your next video cooking demo gig)

    • Scoopalicious

    LOVE this post. Love the simplicity and mystery Love the actual products! Way to go!

    • Hillary

    Are you a psychic?! We JUST decided to make the next Monthly Mouthful question: “What’s your favorite cooking gadget?” These are all pretty cool!!!

    • Vitor Hugo

    I’m so regretted, because I didn’t buy the KitchenAid last year with a huge off in the price. Now, Brastemp (actually, Whirlpool) stopped the importation… soo sad. =(

    • nyc/caribbean ragazza

    sigh. one can only dream. that copper bowl is so pretty.

    • Jay

    Okay, that’s it.. I’m getting the scrapper… and maybe the stickers too, y’know, just to really rock when I’m in the kitchen. I make a lot of cookie dough, cheesecakes, and brownies.. this looks great..

    • keith

    When I was growing up my mother had a copper bowl for her KitchenAid. Whenever I go over to their house I longingly stare at it with it’s beautiful patina.

    Unfortunately I have a 6 qt, so one day when it’s mine it still won’t fit. I think I’ll just go out and get a new 5 ct then.

    • Vicky

    OK – now I’m going to feel guilty because my comment isn’t related to the post, but SOMEWHERE on this blog you say that if there’s something readers want to say to you it’s better to leave the message in the comments section, rather than relying on e-mail. So…apologies…but have you seen The New Yorker article about carbon footprints?

    There are some pretty staggering claims, in particular, that the carbon footprint of lamb shipped from Australia to the UK is one quarter that of locally British lamb. And that the carbon footprint of Bordeaux wine shipped to New York is less than that of Napa valley cabernet trucked across the USA? At any rate, between that and the fact that apparently we could eliminate foreign aid to developing countries if we would only stop subsidizing farmers in the Northern hemisphere…I’m feeling dazed and confused about ethical eating!

    Luckily I don’t have any concerns when eating chocolate: it’s an excellent development assistance program less industrialized economies!

    • Connie

    I have the dreamin, but have not been able to do much with it yet. It is huge as far as storage. If anyone has any hints I would live to hear them. Old KitchenAids are the best.

    • chanelle

    david, i think you should get some flames for your mixer. it would be hot.

    • michelle @ Us vs. Food

    i’m definitely getting the scraper as soon as it’s available for the 6 quart.

    i’m also working out the final details of a custom paint job for my mixer. you know, because i’m a total dork. it’s just that the professional 600 doesnt’ come in all the fun colors, and my father in law does airbrushing… you may laugh, but you know you secretly want to paint yours too.

    –michelle @ us vs. food

    • CJ

    Oh, that copper bowl is GORGEOUS! It would go perfectly with the “caviar” paint on my mixer. But the 6 quart bowl is almost 70% of what I paid for the whole mixer new!

    • Ms B

    I have the ice cream maker attachment and I highly recommend it. Much better than my Cuisinart ice cream maker — bigger, stronger, faster and freezier (if that is a word — it really does freeze more quickly). Also, the ice cream picks up more air in processing and it is easier to access the machinery to scrape down the side of the dasher.

    My favorite flavor so far is your malted milk recipe . . . but Gale Gand’s mascarpone ice cream with crystallized ginger is pretty awesome as well, especially with molten chocolate cake.

    • theman

    Always an honor to be posted here. Anyone who wants to mention David Lebovitz when they pay gets 10% off their order at

    –Just trying to end the naked mixer tragedy one day at a time.


    • Rachel

    What will they think of next? The ‘scrapin’ attachment would be the one I would be most likely to purchase.

    • Marc

    I’d like to see a coconut scraper hack for the KitchenAid, an attachment that has the scary-looking scraper on one end, and the square piece that fits into the attachment port on the other. I have a picture of my current hand-crank model over at Mental Masala in case you don’t know what I’m talking about.

    • Jenni

    I want one of each!! Very cool!!

    • Tracy

    Awesome – but we need more than 5 hacks! More please!

    • Lisa

    Who knew there was so much innovation on behalf of KitchenAid. With my graphic design background I am feeling tempted to buy some signmaker’s vinyl and transform my favorite piece of kitchen equipment.

    BTW the scraper attachment looks brilliant…I know what I’m going to ask for Christmas this year!

    thanks for sharing this.


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