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I’ve been spotted around the web…

…with Context Travel, in an interview about Paris sweets & eats.

…in an audio tour chatting about the Marais.

…profiled in The New Wave of Food Blogs, an article by Dianne Jacob, author of Will Write For Food.


(Ok, ok…I like the damn bread. It’s the best thing ever! Yikes…)



    • Loulou

    Do I detect a hint of jealousy in those posts?
    Guess you’re not allowed to have an opinion anymore…

    • Magda

    David, please DON’T begin to like the no-knead…

    Happy New Year!

    • matt

    I kept my mouth shut about the bread because you made me feel like an uneducated heel.

    And then I realized you live in Paris – duh! Why make bread?

    And then I was ok with liking it.

    Oh, Chowhound Schmouhound I say!

    • matt

    Oh, and as President of the DL Fan Club (So Cal Chapter), I’ll get right on that CH thing.

    And here I thought Britney and Lindsey’s publicists had it tough!

    • Homesick Texan

    I think it’s refreshing to read a dissenting opinion.

    • Gary

    Bah. If I wanted no-knead bread, I’d eat cake.

    • Sezz

    But we care what you think. Nothing like freedom of speech is there. Happy New Year by the way!!

    • Val

    Yikes is right! But don’t give in. The no-knead bread doesn’t even look tasty, and there is nothing tempting in its description. I don’t think I would like it, either, so you are not alone. And with even not-so-good bread in Paris being far better than average…why waste the time and effort? I think that sometimes folks think that if you make it yourself than it must be good (or at least better than bought). Wrong, so wrong.

    • tokyoastrogirl

    Wait, wha? Chowhounds go ballistic on something they disagree with/are ignorant about/want to start a fight for no reason about? I don’t want to accuse all “chowhounds” of this erratic behavior but honestly- I think we’ve all been unfairly pounded on those boards by someone who needs to get a life. And honestly- if they have such a bold opinion, why don’t they simply comment on YOUR blog instead of trying to rile up the troops on a seperate board?

    • Kevin

    Just as an observation, when I was growing up my mother used to say, “Fool’s names and fool’s faces often appear in public places.”{g}

    • Elisa

    Will that television show that you mentioned in the interview be shown on some european channel also? I would really love to see it!

    • Elise

    Hi David,

    Just read the New Wave of Food Blogs. 200,000 food blogs? This is a great example of how making statistical estimates off of macro numbers can result in wildly off-base conclusions. I sure hope people don’t start citing this ridiculous figure. The true number is more likely in the single digit thousands. Also, I don’t know anyone who uses Chef’s Blog Directory. The best directory of food blogs to date is Kiplog’s Food Blog List which you can find by typing “food blogs” into Google. Comes up at the top of the list. But other than those glaring oddities, and a little bit of hyperbole in her writing, the article is pretty comprehensive and has a good call-out on you.

    As for Chowhound, a lot of the commentary is just rude and mean for no apparent purpose other than to elicit a response. Better to just ignore, eh?

    • soo

    Haha, i have to laugh. I guess the person who said “i’ve never heard of this david lebovitz type anyways so what must he know” hasn’t seen any of your books in the book stores. As for me, i can’t wait to pick up the next one. Make sure to let us know when to start stalking the shelves!

    • David

    There’s a couple of very good articles about the decline of online etiquette from David Pogue, and a slightly different opinion.

    Both make rather interesting, and decidedly timely, reading.

    • Paul

    The price of being famous… Venture an opinion on a method or idea and people critisise you. David you did attempt to make the no-knead bread (numerous times in your case), and not just dismiss the idea off-hand. For that we applaude you.
    Keep up the great writing!

    • mimi

    After 11 years as a journalist, it still amazes me how upset people get when an opinion contrary to their own is expressed.

    Keep on doing what you are doing, David.

    • Tana

    Ah, yes, the erudite clan at Chowhound.

    The dogs bark, but the caravan mnves on. Onward, Mr. Lebovitz.

    • David

    Recently I got an email from someone, along the lines of…“I made your recipe for Kouign Aman…and it sucked.”
    She them proceeded to tell me that it looked funny, and although her husband ate the whole thing, she wanted my advice.

    To be honest, if she hadn’t begun her message that way, I would have gladly responded and helped her to figure out what went wrong: the original post included step-by-step photos with the recipe since it can be tricky to make and I write recipes that I want people to bake and be happy with.
    But I didn’t quite know how to respond.

    Do I say, “Gee, I’m sorry you thought the recipe ‘sucked’, but I’m willing to help you?”

    Seriously, I don’t understand who would send someone a message like that and expect a response. Perhaps it makes people feel better to write or leave those kind of messages. But call me old-fashioned; I still think it’s best to demonstrate a minimum of tact when writing to someone…especially if you’re asking them for advice. Don’t you?

    • mimi

    I do indeed.

    My father (and lots of other fathers, I suspect) always used the old adage, “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.”

    • Debbie

    I love your blog! As a med student, it’s one of the few non-studying things that I make time for.

    I think that those people who wrote those comments had never read your entire blog before, so didn’t recognize when something was “tongue in cheek.” I also think that, if you’re not going to take the time to read someone’s blog archives and figure out who he is, then don’t bash him in public.

    The person who wrote “I’ve never heard of this guy” cracked me up. I suppose he’s never heard of Chez Panisse either.


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