Seattle, con’t…

In case you’d like to read a first person account of my Holiday Chocolate Baking class in Seattle, Gluten-Free Girl came by to visit and posted about it at her site

And Sam posted about my class (and proposal) at Becks & Posh in San Francisco as well.

Seems like I’m leaving a few broken hearts in my wake!




  • There’s a Sur La Table in Pittsburgh now. Maybe you could stop by and do a class here sometime?

  • David – did you read mine?
    Oh, I guess it was more about the proposal than the class.

  • David–

    Thanks so much for this wonderful mention. And for your enlightening, always-hilarious class. I really meant what I wrote–it moved me, deeply, that you’d make me gluten-free financiers. (By the way, I replicated them today for a big party at my house, celebrating being alive, and they were eaten fast, to general acclaim.)

    But now you’re gone, to other climes. Sigh.

  • You chocolate gigolo you ;)

  • yeah david – don’t go back to Paris we implore you, stay here with me and Pim and Shauna….

  • Absolutely. I agree with Sam. Clearly, you’re building a harem here.

  • I got a chance to take your class last week in Los Gatos–already made the toffee, spiced nuts and the chocolate sauce and they really are incredibly yummy and easy to make! Just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful class and to sign myself up to the fan club! :)