Weekend Epiphany

I had an Epiphany this weekend…

140, rue de Belleville
M: Jourdain


  • What, no cidre? I was chastised for serving wine with my Galette du Rois.

  • we want to know more!
    for those of us lusting for Paris

  • David, darling, everybody had an epiphany Friday. I had no idea nice Jewish boys gave a damn! Anyway, here in Italy we have a witch, the Befana, which only shows they knew I was coming.

  • “140” is where Chirac gets his bread, according to the NouvelObserv…& SLOWFOOD gives it the OK too :) Link

  • Hmmm..confusing…140 is also where Fromagerie Pascal Beillevaire resides-it must be the cheese…

  • were you king of the day? :D

  • Aimee: That’s a real Parisian hand pouring red wine. Cider? That’s for Normans!

    Carol: 140 is the boulangerie. Many places in Paris ‘share’ an address. I love Pascal Beillevaire. They have the best butter with coarse salt mixed in.

    Lil: Yes, I did get the ‘feve’ but not at home (they don’t put feves in individual Galettes de Roi (les cheapskates…).

    Judith: ‘Nice’ Jewish boy…where did you get the idea I was ‘nice’? (and I’m only half-Jewish, so I can eat Galette de Rois with confidence)
    I think you’re confusing me with Adam.

    Judy: The Galette de Rois with puff pastry filled with frangipan is the typical cake served on Epiphany Day here in France, mostly in the Northern part of the country. Other regions do yeasted ‘crowns’ bejeweled with candied fruits. 140 has the best in Paris. Well, except for the one I made last year! This year I couldn’t get off my duff to make one.

  • is it similar to a pitiviere? I was good at making those!

  • Hey, David, my standards for and experience of men make you a prince.