Do You Own This Machine?

Do you have a Chef’s Choice Waffle Cone Express machine?


If so, I have an exciting proposition for you.
Contact me.




  • Gosh, makes me wish I did have one just to hear the proposition! I have to watch out with your site – it inspires me to impulsive shopping. I had over a hundred dollars worth of Recchiuti chocolates in a ‘basket’ before I regained my senses the other day. I do still plan to place an order, just not such a splurge!

  • monica isn’t the only one. when i was at target the other day i looked down at my basket and found four of those damn chocolate peanut butter pretzel bars.

  • Did somebody say “waffle cones”????!!!

    I’m in!!!

  • Could you get the same results from a waffle iron?

  • Waffle Cones, mmmm. You’re making me sugar happy.

  • my husband would ring my neck if I bought that. but if someone gave me one???

  • I am dying to know! What if we don’t have one? Will their be a contest for one?? Don’t keep us in suspense! :)