Happy Bastille Day!



Parisian Culture


  • hey, were you the guy who totally knocked me over at the parade because you were running to get this shot? I saw you with your little shorts, screaming J’adore! J’adore! while chocolate macaron crumbs were falling out of your mouth. Shocking. Nothing short of shocking.

  • Oh yeah. Forgot to say: Great shot!

  • I was thinking about the French and Bastille Day. A celebration of the day they had enough and took back the power of the people. Would that Americans had half the guts of the French and could chop off Bush’s head. Dreaming of the origina red white and blue….Nice change in the comment box size, Monsieur!

  • Michele-as you were laying on the ground, did you get a chance to look at the guy’s feet? If they were extremely smooth,then I’d say you’ve made your case…

  • Mark! Deah! The “original red, white and blue” comes from the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Later on, came 1776 (USA) and then, 1789 storming the Bastille (France). It’s always good to get our hysterical facts right – isn’t it?! Nevertheless, I tender “felicitations” on the National Day of France to all those who are of French nationality; to those foreigners who are lucky enough to be living in France on this auspicious occasion, I send greetings!

  • Great photo!

  • Have a great fire works! And please think of Fred – he was born at 11.27pm on Bastille Day all those years ago…