No Thanks?

Don’t be a turkey!
(Or a pig…)

Be sure to give thanks—no matter what you’re stuck with…

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

(More to come…)




  • LOL, that photo is too much. I was thinking about you not half an hour ago, wondering if you were doing a turkey dinner in Paris, and then poof! I hop online and find your comment. Happy Thanksgiving right back at you. That’s not a pig leg is it? It looks like a deer leg. I should hopefully know, as my two dogs have 8 of them scattered and buried around the yard. Talk about a Happy Thanksgiving! : )

  • Well don’t smell it’s feet.
    Wait a minute. Is that the same pig you wanted us to come over and eat next week?
    Because I might have to wash my hair that day.

  • Happy Thanksgiving David.

  • Happy Serrano Jamon day to you too.

  • I think you should have stuck with the halibut…

  • hmmmmmm, Zampone!!!!

  • You just made me laugh for two minutes. Not bad on the morning after the national gorge fest (but this year, it was much better). I hope you found something suitable to eat.

  • Too bad for your little friend, but it was very funny! It must be almost like thanksgiving for you every day, living in Paris with all that bread and chocolate! I would certainly be thankful for that alone.

  • Great photo! As my dad used to say to me in Italian, “che la faccia”. (What a face!). Happy TG over the pond.

  • Maybe it is a prosciutto from the cinta senesi, the black-footed pig of Tuscany. Yum!