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As some of you know, since the lockdown (and since my book tour was postponed), I’m doing a daily Apéro Hour (Happy Hour) on Instagram Live. At 6pm (CET, Paris time) each day, except Sunday, I’ve been demonstrating a different drink, ranging from cocktails to classic café drinks and apéritifs. Along the way, I’m talking about French spirits and apéritifs, sharing some history and lore about iconic beverages such as French gin, vermouth from Chambéry, gentian liqueur, Chartreuse, Cap Corse apéritif from Corsica, cognac, orange liqueurs…and more! It’s been a great way to stay connected, especially with many of us shut in.

The event goes live daily at 6pm CET, which is Noon ET, 9am PT. (You can ask Google what time it is where you live if you’d like to join me live.) If you can’t make it, most of the videos are archived at my IGTV channel so you can watch them later. I’m also uploading them to my Facebook page, too. Instagram has a page here that explains how to watch IGTV Live.

You can find my Instagram Live archives here in my IGTV channel.

UPDATE (4/27/20): Previously Instagram didn’t have an option to replay Instagram Live presentations when I had a guest, in the split-screen format, which they now seem to have added. So those are shared in my Instagram Feed after they have gone Live and are in my IGTV channel, too.

If you make any drinks from Drinking French, feel free to share your creations and libations on social media with the hashtag #drinkingfrench so I can see them, leave a comment, and maybe regram it. I’ll also be putting notifications of the events on my Instagram and Facebook page as best I can, and you’re welcome also to leave questions in the comments there, which I’ll try to answer during the live demonstrations.

To watch:

  1. Go to my Instagram Page at 6pm CET (Noon ET, 9am PT)
  2. Tap on my profile picture in the circle to the left of my profile. When I’m live, there will be a red circle around my profile (I think with a little “live” underneath it), and tap there to join. Some, but not all, followers may get an on-screen notification if you’re on Instagram, letting you know when I am live. I also put a “countdown clock” in my Instagram Stories daily that you can set to remind you of the event. Here is Instagram’s guide how to watch.
  3. To see the archived videos, in my Instagram profile, under the row of Highlights (the circular photos of different recipes & posts above the photostream) you’ll see a small icon of a tv with a mini lightening-bolt in the screen and IGTV next to it. Tap there to see all the archived videos, then top the one you want to watch.


Tune in!



    • Chris

    You’re my new favourite show! Who needs cable when I can have you (and sometimes the charming sidekick Romain). Thank you for generously giving your time and a small slice of Paris life.

    • Sheila

    Your Apéro Hour is absolutely the best part of my day – thanks so much for doing this!
    Last night, I enjoyed a delicious Chocolat À L’Ancienne for a nightcap – yum!

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Glad you’re enjoying the online Apéro Hour…and the hot chocolate from Drinking French : )

    • Carol Charkow

    Please share with us what you have for dinner after your instagram broadcast

    • Steve Green

    Wow that’s great!
    I am glad you’re entertaining us in the lockdown period. it’s a very good initiative mate.
    Thanks a lot.
    Keep up the awesomeness in you ;)

    • Danita

    Thank you for my quarantine morning (PST) treat to listen to your great stories and watch you make a variety of drinks. I just purchased Drinking French and a couple of your older books to add to my collection.

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Thanks and glad you are enjoying the Live presentations on Instagram!

    • Dale

    One Martini is not enough,
    Two Martini’s is too much,
    Three Martini’s is just right.
    Cheers David

    • Anne

    These videos are marvelous — thank you! Keep ‘em coming!

    I have a non-drinks question — can anyone help me?

    Last summer I read a recipe on David’s blog: Vietnamese Caramelized Ribs.

    The narrative was especially wonderful, and the recipe–wow.

    The ingredients include a quantity of fish sauce that, when poured into the hot caramel, caused a cloud of smelly steam to fill David’s kitchen. Terrific story.

    So, today I want to make those ribs. But, on the blog, I can’t find the story OR the recipe.

    So … I looked through my copy of My Paris Kitchen. There’s a great recipe for ribs, but it includes no fish sauce. It’s got bourbon; it’s a different recipe.

    Where is the recipe for Caramelized Vietnamese Ribs ? Is there a link I missed? Should I try using a laptop instead of my small-screen iPhone?


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