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My bags were packed, and I was ready to go (and planning on stocking up on Sharpies as soon as I hit the ground) but due to current circumstances, I’ve had to cancel my Drinking French book tour. With travel difficult between countries and advisements to avoid large gatherings, my publisher and I decided it was best to put it off for now.

Hopefully, the situation will improve, and if possible, I may do some events later in the spring, summer, or even in the fall. I may be doing a live virtual booksigning on Instagram, where we can “meet” and I can sign a bookplate for anyone that would like one to put in their books. I’ll let you know when and if that happens. But perhaps we’ll meet in the future, in person, and share a drink, and perhaps a bite to eat.

For those who would like to get a copy of Drinking French (and to be honest, who doesn’t need a good cup of Parisian hot chocolate, or an apéritif or cocktail right now?) you can pick up or order a copy from you local independent bookseller, or online at Book Larder, White Whale, Kitchen Arts and Letters, Omnivore, Powell’s, Now Serving, Strand, and RJ Julia. All would welcome your support, especially now when in-store business is down. Global readers can order Drinking French from Book Depository, which offers free international shipping.

Drinking French is also available at Indie Bound and Amazon, as well as Barnes & Noble, which is offering signed editions of the book.

I would like the thank Comté cheese and Maison Ferrand, who were slated to provide cheese and spirits at my events. Comté is one of my favorite French cheeses, and Maison Ferrand makes Citadelle gin, Pierre Ferrand cognac, and outstanding Triple sec, all of which I stock in my home bar. I was happy to have their support, as well as that of the staff at Ten Speed Press who spent several months discussing, planning, and juggling dates for events.

On verra !



PS: If you want to catch up with me online…

Frenchly reviews Drinking French, and calls it “the ultimate guide to French Coffee, Cocktails and Apéritifs.”

-I chatted with neighbor Lindsey Tramuta on The New Paris podcast.

Imbibe magazine interviewed me about the culture and traditions of French drinks.

-Always a pleasure to talk with Forest Collins, and share a favorite French chocolate drink recipe, on Forest Collin’s 52Martinis podcast.

-Wine Magazine asked me for tips on buying wine and cheese in Paris.

-Epicurious rounds-up the best cookbooks of spring…including Drinking French : )

-I discuss French coffee and cocktails with Evan Kleiman of KCRW’s Good Food radio program and podcast.

-And if you’re stuck at home with some extra time on your hands, and are enjoying the book, feel free to leave a review on Amazon for Drinking French. (Thanks for your support!)

[Charcuterie and apéritif photo from Drinking French by Ed Anderson, styling by George Dolese]




    • kL

    Hey David,
    Can you please put Australia on your book signing trip?
    We love to see and have a drink with you.

      • Seth

      Your “Sidoni’s Punch” recipe calls for a “dark rum”. Do you suggest an aged Agricole? Barbados? Anything in particular?

        • David
        David Lebovitz

        Since that rum is getting infused and sweetened, depending on where you live, I would use a middle-range rum rather than something extra fancy. Depending on where you live Meyer’s rum (from Jamaica) in a good all-purpose rum, as is St. James from Martinique, which I used frequently when testing recipes for the book.

          • Seth Kamil

          Thank you for the quick reply!
          Wishing you, family & friends health & safety during these difficult times.

    • Rachele

    My copy of Drinking French is being put to good use during these times when it is best to rediscover the beauty of staying in. I went to the liquor store yesterday and stocked up on some staples so that I can mix my little heart out. The timing of the release of your book is great for keeping spirits high (and keeping high on spirits )

    One of the things that I appreciate most about the book is the fact that 97% of the liquors and mixers used are easy to find, and repeated. I have other books on the subject that I love to read, but cannot use due to obscure ingredients that cannot easily be homemade, or substituted.

    I just love your book, David!

      • Rachele

      Sorry, meant to say “repeated throughout the book in other recipes”

        • Danny

        Funny that’s what I read in my mind..

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Thanks Rachele, Glad you’re enjoying the book! I intentionally didn’t use obscure ingredients and liqueurs in the book because I wanted people to be able to make the drinks. I also didn’t want people to have to spend $100 buying ingredients to make one cocktail ;) There are a few that might require a trip to a more specialized liquor store, but I also had a great time doing the chapter on homemade infusions (most of which almost anyone can make as well), the giving cocktail and drink recipes for using them. Appreciate your leaving a comment!

    • Emily

    This book is an absolute delight! I’m so enjoying reading the text of it, and poring over the recipes. There are SO MANY I want to try…I’m a bit overwhelmed. Thinking of getting one or two new to me items, and then trying all the options with my husband. Guess I know what we’re doing in these unexpected home evenings? ;)
    Cheers & thanks!

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      That’s the upside to not going on tour, is that people get to make the drinking at home, which (to me) is like taking a little trip in each glass or cup. Appreciate your kind words about Drinking French : )

        • Rebecca Bidhop

        Hi David,
        I was lucky enough to get a signed copy of your book at Munro’s Books in Victoria, Canada! Thank you for putting that effort into your distribution, it makes the world feel a little friendlier while giving us some good stiff drink ideas for darker nights. Stay well.
        Rebecca Bishop

    • Jacklyn

    That is so disappointing to cancel the tour, but wise. Be well.

    • Clare

    Just got the book – I love it. Read it from cover to cover and now going to start making drinks! It’s going to be raining all next week here in Los Angeles and you know we don’t like getting our feet wet. Another excuse not to go out!

      • Debra

      We’ll be holed up for a while with wine and seedy crackers. Merci, David!

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Raining in L.A.? Wow – but yes, a great chance to stay in with a delicious (French) libation :)

    • Brianna

    Hey David! Love all of your books, (I might have to get a few bookplates!) But as an author as well, it’s against TOS on Amazon to ask for a positive review. You can ask for reviews, just not positive. Otherwise, they get cranky. As a hybrid author, they are much quicker to shut down my self-published books for TOS rules, and not my traditionally published books, but you never know!
    As for us, we were planning a big family move to Carcassonne this spring. Postponed for now.
    At least I have your latest to dive into and dream!

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Thanks. I didn’t know that so I modified the phrasing. Appreciate your chiming in!

    • BBowman

    I placed an order for Drinking French online at Mrs. Dalloway’s in Berkeley, intending to pick it up once they had ordered it for me. They had it on the shelf :) When the rest of my order arrives, I’ll be over to pick it up.

    • PATRICIA H. Flournoy

    We will be DRINKING FRENCH at home!

    • Mara

    Very much enjoying the book! Hope everyone stays safe and healthy on our beautiful planet.

    • Harriet Bell

    Many decades ago on my first trip to Provence, I was served unforgettable crespou with a dozen layers. Each omelet layer had a different ingredient–bits of ham, zucchini shreds, paper thin tomato slices, etc. I used to make it all the time, but forgot about it until I saw your recipe in Drinking French. I have plenty of eggs, vegetables, etc. It’s the perfect dish to make during while stuck at home! Thanks, David!

    • Liz W.

    Thanks for being responsible. Stay safe, hunker down, and use the time to be creative. I need more recipes. Maybe a book of variations on the 5 mother sauces? Hope to see you in the Fall…

    • Cissy

    I pre-ordered from amazon, and it came last week. What a delightful book! And although I am mostly a wino, I know I and my friends will be experimenting w/ these recipes as we hunker down. I also look forward to using this book for years to come. It is simply the best, most useful drinks book I have ever seen.

    • Kathy

    I recently made a delicious recipe from Bon Appetit for Basque Burnt Cheesecake .. delish! I only allowed myself to eat any bits that crumbled off (don’t want tight pants!). Gave it all away, everyone loved it. Was just thinking, if ever there was a time for cheesecake … it’s now!

    • Debra Duckman

    Looking forward to buying your book and certainly through Kitchen Arts and Letters in NYC so we can keep wonderful independent book sellers alive and well.
    You always make the written word very interesting. Please stay well !!!

    • Bonnie

    Just bought your book from an independent book seller as a retirement present for a friend. I hope she invites me over soon to try a few of your recipes.
    Sorry your book tour was shelved. Hopefully soon you’ll be back on the trail

    • Karen

    My copy arrived Downunder yesterday just as we hunker down in Australia to ride out the current circumstance. Hopefully everyone will be able to remake plans soon. Drinking French along with your other books and wonderful blog will certainly keep my Paris flame burning brightly in the meantime. Cheers!

    • gail

    So sorry that you had to cancel your tour. I’m in the midst of cancelling/postponing a trip to Europe, agree that now is just not the time to be on the road.
    Still, it’s a disappointment.
    Stay well, and thanks for your upbeat posts to keep us happy at home.

    • Myk

    It’s such a weird time – enjoy your unexpected time at home. I look forward to getting my copy of Drinking French and – well – drinking well.

    • Deborah Hodges

    I was heading to Paris on the 31st of April for 15 days. So disappointed everything is cancelled. I was waiting to buy your new book there, hoping to snag a signed copy. So, I will now order it from an independent bookstore and begin the journey of drinking French!

    Stay safe and be well, David!

    • Be in Portland

    It is with great sadness that I must report that all Powell’s bookstores have closed for an unknown length of time. So I won’t be able to buy your book there.

    Powell’s is always packed with people, a meeting place, home to so many book lovers in Portland. For that reason, Powell’s has made the ethical decision to close down. But I weep.

      • Also in Portland

      Their online sales are still open, as of today.

    • Rachel

    Sending all my best wishes – I’ve asked for lots of book vouchers for my birthday this weekend so will be placing my order. I know how difficult this is at the moment – my next book is due in June and to say I’m anxious is an understatement!

    • Nycole

    Hello David, thank you so much once again for a beautifully written book. I love & have made several of your recipes. I am making at this very moment Duck Rillettes. 1 hour left in the oven!!!! Can’t wait! I, unfortunately only purchased 3 duck thighs with leg attached, so no snacking for me! My question, can I freeze a portion?

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Yes, you can freeze leftovers.

    • Daljit

    I’m still waiting for my book….delivery pending…any recommendations for liquors I should have on hand in case we are in quarantine by the time I receive the book?

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      I’d say to have gin and whiskey (any time you prefer) would be good to have on hand, as well as dry and/or sweet vermouth, and have some lemons, oranges or limes too. If you can get your hands on a bottle of bitters, aromatic and orange bitters are the two most commonly used and easier to get. Enjoy the book!


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