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I’ll spare you any quips about feeling like kids in a candy store, but from the squeals of delight all around us (and there was no one under eighteen in Economy Candy), there we were, a roomful of adults, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling displays of candy—from the new to the long-forgotten. And I could hear every few moments someone saying, “Oh my God!” or “I LOVE these!” from people reconnecting with their favorite sweets from the past.

orange slices

My favorite candies of all time are Orange Slices, jellied wedges of orange coated with tooth-crackling sugar crystals. Man, I could eat a jumbo bag of them. I also like Dots, but you have to be careful if eating them at the movies because if you don’t hold each one up to the screen and check before you pop it in your mouth, you might accidentally eat one of the green ones.

circus peanuts

But what’s up with stocking Circus Peanuts, but not Toasted Coconut Marshmallows? I mean, Circus Peanuts have that dingy, dull orange color and the texture of marshmallows unearthed from the back of your grandmother’s pantry where long-unused items are exiled. Whereas Toasted Coconut Marshmallows are tender, puffy, light-as-a-poof square of marshmallow rolled in sweet, toasted coconut. And there’s even a princess on the package serving them forth on a tray, in case you need a reminder about how special they are.

(Oddly, I couldn’t find a picture of that packaging, but I am sure I am not making that up. Please tell me I’m not delusional.)

giant pez

Pez was never a big favorite candy of mine, although the dispensers continue to excite. I liked pulling them open, then letting them snap back on my finger. Repeatedly. So am not sure what to make of these giant Pez dispensers, about ten times to size of the pocket version. Do I put my whole hand in? What’s the deal? So I passed. Plus I imagined the looks I’d get in Paris if I pulled out a life-sized Bart Simpson Pez dispenser. As every Frenchman knows, the likeness of any Simpson character belongs on your socks, not as a candy dispenser. Don’t be silly.

sky bar candy stars

There’s Sky Bars, which I always wanted to try as a kid, but they seemed too luxurious to me with their sumptuous four separate compartments of flavors. (Although I think I remember five. Am I imagining that, too?) Oddly, the only time in my life I’ve ever had one was when I scored one during a particularly fruitful Halloween. That year is also famous because I got a full-size Mounds bar, much to the consternation of my sister, who didn’t. And not one of those “Fun-sized” ones. (What silly marketing team came up with a candy bar that was smaller, and put it in the “Fun” category?) I guess I could’ve kicked a lifelong inferiority complex and splurged for a Sky Bar from the mounds of them at Economy Candy, now that I’m all grown up and stuff. But old habits die hard.


For those of you with “issues”, like those involving colored M&M’s, you can pick and choose whatever colors you like here. For example, blue just doesn’t do it for me. Sorry, but it’s not a color readily found in nature (only blueberries, blue jays, and carnations at certain ethnic restaurants). Since you asked, I’m partial to light brown, red, dark brown, and sometimes the green ones. And that’s for plain. For peanut, I prefer yellow and green, sometimes red, always dark brown, and not really the light brown ones. Unless it’s July or October. Or I’m in the southern hemisphere.

As for peanut butter, pretzel, and coconut M&M’s, I’ll save those for another post. Or my next therapy session.

chocolate turkish taffy clove black jack gum

I always thought that I was an international kind of guy, but who knew that taffy was as equally adept as I was at crossing borders?

French chew taffy

And who knew there was taffy in France? They’ve been holding out on me all these years. Sheesh. And the French aren’t the only ones who make goofy candy. What’s up with gum that tastes like cloves, and one named after a weapon? That’s pretty crazy stuff, too, if you ask me.

Economy Candy
108 Rivington Street (at Delancey Street)
Tel: 1-800-352-4544

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    • Francheska

    Ok now I have an INSANE craving for orange slices >:( and I want to dip them in nutella ’cause I’m craving that too

    • Charlotte

    It’s like the Confiscerie en Gros stores here in Paris… very dangerous places. I try to stay away from HFCS these days, but this post reminds me of being a kid and practically eating my television when the old Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory came on.

    • Paris Paul

    Hmmm, reminds me of the candy store in the RER station at the Gare du Nord, except these look good! (And American, man do I miss Sweet Tarts and Nerds.) Thanks for the post, David!

    • Stoich91

    Hey, I LIKE Bazooka gum! :D

    This is a great post; so much fun! In regards to your M&M obsession…well…I think everyone will join me in saying “have fun at your next therapy session!” LOL

    Thanks for a great weekend laugh!

    • karla

    I totally agree with your feeling about Dots. Green Dots are the worst! Thanks for your tips on NYC food spots. I’ll be there in November for the marathon and will be hitting up many of the same spots. Any suggestions for the best pizza?

    • Sarah Galvin (All Our Fingers in the Pie)

    There is an amazing candy store like this in Banff, Canada, too. Full of adults all the time!

    • Susan

    I just found a container of orange slices that I bought at Christmas that I’d planned to use in Orange Slice Cookies. I’d apparently stashed them when friends (orange slice obsessed friends) dropped by one evening, then couldn’t find them for the baking project. If I have any left once I’ve quit snagging them to eat myself, I’ll bake the cookies today! Maybe not!

    I remember being dissapointed with Skybars as a kid because there were two of the flavors in them that I didn’t care for. It was like getting half a candy bar and paying full price..really ticked me off!

    Turkish Taffy was a favorite..once you got it softened, it would stretch and you could make all sorts of edible shapes with it; toy and candy all in one! (That and a Sugar Daddy pop would last for at least an hour!

    Dots..I’ll take those green ones if you’re not going to eat them…and the black ones, too.

    Blackjack gum..not named for a weapon, silly! Named for the card game played in the back room of a speakeasy in the prohibition era. The licorise flavor masked the odor of booze on the breath..when the cops raided the speakeasy!

    • Susan

    One more thing…(how could I forget a retort for Circus Peanuts) Are you madd? Circus Peanuts were as close as you could get to pure sugar..and flavored with vanilla..and soft and puffy. They were heavenly to the sugar starved of us (parents..always about toothdecay and health..what a drag). Although, I never got the peanut connection. Still don’t.

    • Don Madrid

    Did they have Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews. I miss those so much. The only candy that tastes really good with a beer, imho.

    • David

    Susan: I know. I should like Circus Peanuts because they remind me of stale marshmallows in a way (which I love), but as one commenter on my Facebook page pointed out, “….those horrible peanuts that squeak against your teeth and make them feel furry”. And I tend to agree. I think the color may have something to do with it as well. They’re just an odd color of orange. At least to me. (Although some folks likely find my beloved orange slices a little oddly colored as well..)

    Hilarious about you being ticked off about the Sky Bar flavors you didn’t like. Never thought about that. So maybe I wasn’t missing much after all!

    • Susan

    I always thought of Circus Peanuts as compressed cotton candy..they weren’t gummy like marshmallows. I concede to your point about making for furry teeth..they do do that.

    • Akila

    My favorites are Orange Slices, too. My husband just bought me some the day before yesterday and I ate the whole bag in one day. Mmmm… coconut M &Ms sound delicious.

    • Gale Reeves

    I too love orange slices. You got a bargain!!!! I paid $4.99 per pound at Whole Foods last December. But, I wanted to make the famed orange slice (fruit)cake, and I had to have the star of the show. Thanks for sharing this post. Orange slices and the peanuts bring back such fond childhood memories.

    • ben wolfson

    only blueberries, blue jays, and carnations at certain ethnic restaurants

    Man, everyone forgets borage.

    • Amy

    Except I think Black Jack is licorice flavored. The clove flavored one is called Clove.

    • Vicki B

    Green dots are nasty! Dots in a bowl of homemade popcorn equals movie nirvana.

    • David

    Amy: Aside from the typo on the ‘oranges (sic) slices’, they melded the 2 chewing gums on the sign. Personally, I like the clove gum but am not a fan of anything licorice. Unless it’s red licorice, which isn’t really licorice at all. (Which is probably why I like it!)

    • Damaris

    Last March when I was in NY my sister-in-law took me and her 4 kids to economy candy. It was heaven, for all of us. The crowded store made it hard to go through all the aisles with my small stroller but it was worth it. I bought way to many Ritter Sport chocolate bars. The yogurt flavor was my favorite.

    • cecedon

    Looks like a cool place, we only hit Dylan’s Candy Bar when we were there, I’ve never even heard of this place. I must go when I’m back there in January.

    I don’t understand the concept of not liking different colored m&m’s. I’ve never noticed they taste any different. Chuckles, dots, jujus and necco wafers both have different tastes for the various colors, but m&m’s? Is it just a color thing? Maybe the red has a slightly bad taste (the way red frosting tastes disgusting), but the rest, do they really taste different?

    great post and a must see for sure.

    • rebecca

    My son has been bugging me to take him back to It’s Sugar at the Limelight Marketplace… dare I take him here?

    Is it my imagination, but does a huge-sized Barbie head look slightly creepy? Regardless, I’m looking forward to your ruminations on the variety of M&M’s. My favorite is the Pretzel M&M, which by the way, not that you have to worry about this, has less calories per bag.

    • Carrie (Love Healthy Living)

    Orange slices rock! My grandma got me hooked on them, she always had them in her candy jar when I was little. In fact, she just moved to an assisted living facility and I sent her a box with some orange slices and jelly beans to make her feel at home. Great post, I loved the photos.

    • Urban Stomach

    A must visit every time we’re in the Lower East Side. I only wish that they still sold fresh Halvah in the back. SF isn’t much of a Halvah town.

    • Sharon

    As a kid visiting my grandmother in Back Podunk Tennessee, orange slices and circus peanuts were the only things I recognized at the store, and sitting in a peach tree eating orange slices was a real treat. Last time I tried them, seemed they didn’t have the same oomph anymore. My imagination? My age?

    • Marie Blauvelt

    Knowing that Turkish Taffy (pink, please) still exists somewhere in the world made day. The commercials invited you to “whack” it against something hard to break it into bite-sized pieces. I can advise that the metal door handle of a ’63 Fleetwood Cadillac is not up to the task. My father was not amused, but I remained faithful to the taffy until it was no more to be found in my neighborhood.

    • Vidya

    I grew up chewing on whole cloves to get rid of bad breath and to clear nauseousness – works like a charm. Um, peanut butter, pretzel and coconut M&Ms? Why have I not heard of these? And I’ve never seen or eaten a light brown M&M either – they obviously change flavours and colours a lot between countries. I’m partial to the blue and dark brown – think I’m the only one who likes blue, which is good because there’s always more for me. I don’t know. Something about that creepily artificial hue just does it for me.

    • ButterYum

    Your comment on the green DOTS made me laugh out loud. Too funny!!!


    PS – I could eat my weight in those orange slices. Seriously – I can’t be trusted around them!!

    • DebbieRogers

    Have you ever had the Orange Slice Cake?

    Orange Slice Cake

    Cream 1 cup butter and 2 cups sugar
    Add 4 eggs (1 at a time) beating well after each
    Dissolve 1 tsp baking soda in ½ cup buttermilk
    3 ½ cups flour
    1 pound dates cut in pieces
    1 can Angel Flake coconut
    2 cups nuts, chopped
    1 pound candy orange slices cut into small pieces

    Roll nuts, orange slices and dates in flour. Mix flour mixture and all other ingredients and add to creamed batter. Pour into large baking pan or Pyrex dish and bake at 250 degrees for 2 ½ hours.

    1 cup orange juice (fresh or frozen) 2 cups powdered sugar
    Mix well and pour over hot cake. Let stand in pan overnight.

    • ellen shatter

    All the stuff our parents wouldn’t let my sister and me eat (although we did sneak them
    whenever we could). Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy was a real tooth breaker. Speaking of
    weapons, are you thinking of Bazooka Bubble Gum?

    • Cyndy

    Blue: What about the flax plant? True, gorgeous clear blue flowers.

    I’ll take any color m&m’s, plain or peanut, as long as they’re frozen. Yum. I had an open bag in the freezer today. I think one fell out… excuse me a minute.

    • Lisa Bergtraum

    David, your choices during this trip have been unerring. It’s uncanny!
    Hey I was at Economy Candy just last weekend. Have found regular visits to be essential.
    I recommend their chocolate halvah too, by the way. Just had some.
    But yes, they do have everything. I noticed “squirrel nut zippers” last time. First read about them in Candy Freak by Steve Almond (do you know that book?)…

    • Stan

    Susan, I assume you you consider compressed cotton candy a good thing (only if the cotton candy is freshly made and the day is not too humid). To the chagrin of my family, circus peanuts are one of my favorites, but only if they are stale) I’ve discovered that a few seconds in the microwave will speed up the process. To avoid furry teeth then slice them into paper thin slices (a shun knife is best) and let them melt on your tongue.

    • christina brandon

    Almost nothing is better than the French/European fruit gelees. They are to die for…But do not forget to take “home” packets of Bugles…one of the many addictions we share. I am trying to figure out how to use them as a crust for crabcakes among other things..

    • Barbara @ VinoLuciStyle

    Just gotta say; saw the pics and as I was reading about your love of orange slices I was thinking…Me? I miss dots.

    Not pandering…promise. LOVED those little buggars! Guess cause you could really stretch a nickel back in the day (my children would say olden days) with those!

    My tastes refined as I got older (10) and I remain enamored to this day with Sugar Babies.

    • Hannah

    This post is fascinating to me because while I assume that, for most of your readers, seeing these is like a trip down memory lane, these aren’t candies that I ever grew up eating in Australia. Except for M&Ms, though I never ate them often, and Pez which, like you, I never liked the taste of but enjoyed the novelty of.

    I’ve also never, ever had taffy. Is this a blight on my life?

    • Yael

    OMG!!! I HAVE to go to that store NOW! Would it be strange telling someone I’m going to New York to go to a candy store?!

    • Kim

    David, I urge you to reconsider your stance on the pretzel M&M. I found a bag the other day, and I have to admit that they gave my longstanding favourite M&Ms a run for their money (dark chocolate peanut, thank you!). There is something about the saltiness of the pretzel with the crunch & chocolate that is highly addictive. Definitely worth splitting some with a group of friends just to be certain.

    • Curmudgeon

    I am boycotting Dots. They eliminated the black ones. Everybody else is becoming enlightened, but Dots is moving in the other direction.

    • Alice (Someone Who Bakes)

    Holy cows, Dots are my all-time favorite movie candy!! And yes, the pink ones are definitely the best, but I actually kinda like the green ones too :^) You can have all my yellow ones though. And I spent two weeks in Turkey and don’t remember seeing any taffy at all… anyone have an Abba Zabba they want to sacrifice?

    • Skippy

    The only time I have ever seen anyone eat Circus Peanuts was when I was in college. Late one night, I came back to my house (my school did not have dorms, we had “houses”) from work and stopped off at a friend’s room. She opened the door and there were several other of my friends in there, sitting on the floor, plowing through bags of Circus Peanuts. The room reeked of pot. So now I always think of Circus Peanuts as the type of thing you would only eat if you were completely wasted.

    • stephanie

    I have learned that candy is something that we learn to like as kids and as an adult it is very hard to adapt to another country’s candy. I am in Paris and cannot find a single candy that I like over here. There is enough chocolate over here to satisfy me, but in a movie I would kill for twizzlers, dots, nibs, junior mints, or the like. I am raising my kids here and think it is funny that one day they will think American candy is exotic and foreign :)

    • Andrea

    I too went on a trip down sweetie memory lane this week during a holiday on the Baltic in Germany. My son and I raided the local marzipan shop and I had a huge dose of proper German nougat (velvety-chocolatey like firm ganache, not the French stuff). We also had Fritts, Blaetterkrokant, Brausebrocken, Butterkuchen, Pflaumenkuchen and best of all, Spaghetti Ice Cream at the local gelateria.

    I do envy you having Reeses Pieces on tap over in the US, they are so hard to find in the UK.

    Please enlighten me, what on earth are DOTS and why are the green ones so evil?
    (I like blue Smarties, but can’t stand the orange ones).

    • David

    Stephanie: There are some pretty good candies here, such as Oursons Guimauve and if you’re in Paris, I implore you to try the chocolate-covered marshmallows at Pierre Marcolini. (Do you see a chocolate/marshmallow theme there?)

    I, too, love chocolate-covered thin mints, and although Junior Mints haven’t made it over here, After Eight mints are pretty awesome.

    Andrea & curmudgeon: The green Dots taste like medicine to me. They took out the black Dots and put them in a separate package, calling them Black Crows, perhaps because people had the same problem with eating them accidentally as well ; )

    Kim: Some other people I read, and talked to, aren’t so wild about the pretzel M&M’s either. I really did want to like them, but something seems to be missing from them. I still insist they need to fill the pretzels with peanut butter, or salted caramel. Maybe I should start a letter-writing campaign!

    • Debbie

    OMG – Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy! I haven’t seen that in 40 years….loved the chocolate but hated the strawberry. Wish I’d known about this store when I was in NYC last year…at my kids’ instance we went to Dylan’s Candy Bar, which was fun, but I felt it was a bit of a rip-off for what they were charging. We live in NL and it’s so true that my kids just don’t get my love for American candy like jelly beans. They used to love Tootsie Rolls when they were little though! My sister would send some for the xmas stockings. When visiting family in New England we (meaning me) usually get our candy fix at the Weston Country Store in Weston, VT…root beer barrels, bulls eyes, red hots, red baked beans, lots and lots of dots, and all the old chewing gums like Teaberry, etc. Thanks for this post….I just love your writing and photos. PS: Circus Peanuts are so icky when you bite in to them–makes me shiver just thinking about it :-)

    • Andy Strote

    Reading this reminds me that years ago the office manager at our company opened a corporate account at Sugar Mountain, a candy store around the corner from our office in Toronto.

    Previously, one of us would go there on Fridays and buy a few bags of assorted candies for our office of about a dozen people. In her quest for efficiency, she opened a corporate account – isn’t that great, they just send you a bill. Buy what you want! Two months later, I’m noticing $500 bills from Sugar Mountain! We put an end to that one pretty quickly.

    • Kasia Dietz

    Anything in the gummy family (bears, worms, you name it…), Pez and smarties (both which I pretended were vitamins as a kid) were always my favorites.

    I love ‘Economy Candy’! I used to live in the LES and that was my favorite block, complete with this candy shop, Moby’s tea shop Teany (not sure if it’s still there), a sex shop, and to end the afternoon, the Italian wine bar ‘Inoteca. What more do you need?

    Have you been to ‘The Sweet Life’ candy shop on 63 Hester Street? A little more ‘classy’ as far as candy shops go. Great selection of international sweets.

    • Lisa

    I LOVE M&M’s, all of them really but I could eat Junior Mints all day!
    Does anyone remember “Teaberry gum”?

    • Jocelyn

    I just love the nostalgia of these types of shops, if not just for the whimsical wrappers. I spent the first nine years of my life growing up in England and remember all of my favorite candies: Curly Wurlies, Walnut Whips (also a favorite of my mom’s), Smarties (when the orange ones actually tasted a bit orangie), and all the little bits and pieces I’d choose for my 5p and 10p grab bags. Oh, those were the days!

    Oh yea, can’t forget those Sherbert Lollies!!

    • Jacqueline

    Dear Green Dot Haters,

    Please send them to me because I *love* green dots. They are my favorite, and the green-and-pink combo (one followed by the other) is sublime. I also rather love circus peanuts. Orange slices are okay with me, but I really like their cousins, the lime slice.

    But I hate – HATE – purple Sprees. They have the worst kind of artificial grape flavoring and are the scourge of the candy world.

    • Jean Marie

    I think I’ve enjoyed the comments as much as the post! Orange slice cake? Green and black dots should not exist. Almond M&Ms are great. Circus peanuts would be disgusting to me even if I was stoned out of my mind (probably. maybe.). Bazooka bubble gum is the best for blowing bubbles. Glad you had so much fun in NYC.

    • Joan Bedard

    Hi David, This is totally off topic but I watched an old episode of Julia Child’s and her guest chef was Marcel Desaulniers ( Death by Chocolate).Do you remember him? Whatever became of him?By the way, my favourite candy was (back in the caveman era ) those black balls that sold for three for 1 cent! Ever try those ? They were amazing!

    • Andrea

    Beware the dots! My dentist uses them to pull things out of your mouth, like a stuck crown. He has made me promise not to eat them… I do love the black ones though.

    • Lauren

    WAIT… they have coconut M&Ms?

    • Aunt Snow

    Oh, I love Economy Candy!! We stop in whenever we visit NY. I used to love Turkish Taffy, especially vanilla. I love that neighborhood!

    • Sophia

    mmmkay…7 months pregnant here and trying hard not to feed the sweet tooth. this post was of no help! off to bake cookies now. or eat an ice cream sandwich. or a peanut butter/nutella/banana sandwich.

    • Maddie

    The commentary on your M&M preferences made me giggle. That is all. :)

    • maya

    My fave growing up were called non pareils. Anyone remember this oldie but goodie?

    • chocolate by the sea

    Wow would love to go to economy candy -thanks for sharing.
    Orange slices are vibrant and beautiful !
    The peanut things are just kinda ugly.

    Try the Nerds rope if you are a nerds fan.

    Awww David ! …. if you were coming to SF book signing event at Omnivore just a few weeks later , I could be bringing you an after Halloween stash .

    Benefits to having children you get to celebrate many more years of halloween . Parenting tip : clue kids in early on what you as the parent have dibs on (mounds for me). Let them have as much as they want the first night. Then kick in the healthy bit about keeping some and donating the excess (yes donate it right to mom’s secret stash) .

    Borage aka Starflower = ” one of the few truly blue-colored edible things, is often used to decorate dessert” Wikipedia (leaves are toxic though)

    • Ohiogirl

    David! You’ve got to go back! You’ve got to go and get the becoming rarer by the minute dark chocolate covered jelly grahams!

    You can get them at Fairway markets as well, but they are getting harder and harder to find. A childhood treat of my dads, I love them too, as do his grandkids. Three generations can’t be wrong – check them out!

    And oh, do I envy you your romp at Economy. I am SO jealous.

    • Lillianne

    …………….candy. Anyone else remember?

    • Cindy in Kansas City

    Thanks to Debbie for posting the orange slice cake recipe…its the first thing I thought of when I read the post…had an aunt who made is quite often for family get togethers in a bundt pan…it became kind of a joke but we all loved eating it. Great memories..have to go out and buy some slices tomorrow!

    • Rachael

    I’m glad the transformation of the Lower East Side hasn’t driven Economy Candy out of business. It’s a great store.

    • Janice AMSTER

    I LOVE turkish taffy and it had been my mission to find it in any retro candy store I came upon. Then on Food Network they said that it was discontinued. I can’t believe I was in NY in June and didnt know about this place. Hope they are still around when I go back next year. Maybe I can get a relative to go for me???? Vanilla was my favorite.

    Love peanuts and come Passover,always look for the coconut marshmallows.

    Thanks David for the great piece!

    • Kathy Diaz (foundbaking)

    Look at all vibrant-hued candies! I would have stayed at this store for hours. I too love the orange jelly segments with sugar. I am partial to anything gummy too.

    • caitlin dentino

    Wow – I didn’t realize anyone else had the exact same feelings about m&m’s colors as I do. Still can’t eat the blue ones and long for the days of tan plain ones. And it is particularly interesting that I have such strong feelings about a candy that I only have when stealing my husband’s at the movies to add to my popcorn. Thanks for the chuckle – and the reminder that I might be due for a movie night!

    • melissa

    I will say, I was not subjected to the stale Circus Peanuts (although I have tasted them, augh) because my grandpa (and his insatiable sweet tooth) always kept a fresh supply in the candy jar on the counter. :D

    I too miss the tan peanut M&Ms. :( And I could eat an entire bag of orange slices without stopping to think.

    • Camille

    YES! Light brown are/were the best! Have they re-introduced them? I always thought they had a more caramelly taste, but I’m sure that’s largely in my head.

    • Martha

    Economy has been there forever. A wonderful place with great prices and an awesome
    selection of sugar-free candy.
    Tan M&M’s RIP. I drove a friend crazy because I said they were my favorite and he said there was no difference. I then proceeded to pick them out blindfolded several times. It was pure luck but I’ll never tell.

    • Pam

    My kids loved Economy when we were in NYC in June! San Francisco has nothing to compare (though there are a few new “fancy” candy shops with decent selection – The Candy Store, plus another one on Chestnut whose name I’ve forgotten).

    Orange slices are my absolute favorite. I even made my kids buy me some when they went to a candy store recently in Hayward, WI while we were on vacation. I stayed away because I would have bought way more orange slices than they got for me!

    • Kate

    I’m so late to the party, but had to share:

    There were four flavors in the Sky Bar. The jingle went (in part)

    You’ll love Necco Sky Bar
    It’s the four-in-one-bar…..

    English Toffee, yes that’s the one for me! (Sung by a cartoon Englishman, of course)
    Fudge Parfait, my favorite of them all! (Sung by a Frenchman)
    My favorite flavor is Honey Nougat! (Sung by …. can’t remember)
    Peanut Whip for me! Yes, Peanut Whip for meeee…..! (Sung by — and if you can imagine how sterotypical the other ones were, this one was a pip — a Mexican in sombrero)

    I loved all four flavors. And, evidently, the jingle.

    • Cookiemaker

    It warms my heart that you love candy. So do I, which is odd because I don”t eat junk food of any sort. I, like you, have high standards for my chocolate and baking binges, so I find it especially sweet to know that candy has this universal appeal, even to foodies.


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