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Between the time I turned the recipe in, and the book got published, the 3/4 cup of water called for in the dough for the Dandelion Flatbread recipe in L’appart got changed to 1/4 cup. (The metric amount is correct.)

The dough should have 3/4 cup of water in it, and should look like this:

[Thanks Tony!]

A few other tips and corrections:

  • The Apple Maple Tarte Tatin recipe (page 123), the butter in the dough reads 4 tablespoons (4 ounces, 60g). It should read 2 ounces – the tablespoon and metric measurement are correct. 4 ounces of butter would work, although the dough would be richer.
  • The amount of cocoa powder in the chocolate sauce (page 22) should be 3/4 cup, not 3/4 tablespoon. The metric amount (75g) is correct.
  • For the Buckwheat chocolate chip cookies, I posted a variation on the recipe in the book because American buckwheat flour is whole-grain and French buckwheat flour is lighter in color and flavor, and refined. So I offer an alternative for those that want a less “hearty” cookie. Note that if you use roasted buckwheat groats in the cookies (which are offered as an option), make sure they are roasted buckwheat groats, which are also known as kasha. You can find them online or in well-stocked supermarkets and in natural foods stores. They can also be found in some tea stores or in Japanese markets, since they’re used for making tea.




    • Margie

    Thanks, David! I tried this awhile back and had a very hard time with it. Used other dough and the final result was delicious. I just haven’t gotten to letting you know about the dough. Will enjoy it (as updated) again soon. I’m loving the book too! Cheers!

    • Kim

    So glad I saw this! Will make the correction immediately!

    • Ambica

    Hi David,
    I just finished reading the book and enjoyed it thoroughly. I really wish there was an index to the recipes however. Is there a possibility you would consider that as a request and post on the blog?

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Glad you enjoyed the book! There is an index to the recipes in the back of the book : )

      • Nan Kramer

      Great idea! I whipped through the book, and glanced at recipes as I went. Photo’d a few I wanted to make toute suite..then hadn’t remembered the others that I wanted to earmark..

    • Lill

    Getting your book as a Christmas gift. Will make the correction once it’s unwrapped. Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season.

    • Priscilla Kingsley

    I love your blog and the beautiful pictures, and I thoroughly enjoyed L’Appart. Wonderful book! I am giving it to my best friend for Christmas and also gave it to my hairdresser. We are all people who have spent a lot of time in Paris, so there was that added appeal. Thanks again for a very interesting read.

    • Janet

    David, I just made the pastry dough for the apple maple tarte tatin. It calls for 4 ounces/60g of butter. But 60g is 2 ounces. I think 4 tablespoons is 2 ounces, so I used 60g.

    I’m looking forward to baking the tarte. Loved the book, by the way. As an architect, it brought back a lot of memories of construction work gone awry.

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Thanks Janet. I added that to the post and will change it in the next printing. (4 ounces would work, although I prefer the dough to be a little less buttery for this, so it holds up better with all the caramelized apples.)

      So glad you liked the book! I’m sure as an architect, you have seen plenty of construction work gone wrong : )

    • Daren Ann

    Hello David,
    My husband gave me your cookbook, My Paris Kitchen. I am reading it from start to finish instead of just the “oh let’s look up a recipe for tonight” reading.
    We have booked a trip to Paris for September and a river cruise from Paris to Normandy and back (4 days in Paris central). Your book will help us plan our trip. We want to buy fresh groceries for snacks in between some great restaurants while in the city.

    • Karen B.

    I enjoy your blog and was so pleased to receive your book, l’appart, as a gift. Dear Lord! My heart raced, I seethed, I laughed, I had to put it aside until I calmed down, I really missed it when I finished it. I felt all the way through the book that if I could find Claude I would delight in one swift kick to his derriere placed just for you! Living well is always the best revenge and you, sir, are doing just that. Enjoy!

    • Nikol

    Thanks for the update David. I read the book over the holiday break and I made the Kouign Amann, it was a HUGE hit at Christmas breakfast. My mother actually threatened me if I dared to take the leftovers home. HAHA. I live in SLC so I’ve had the Les Madelines version, but it was very satisfying to make my own and have them turn out so good my very first time. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe and your very interesting life ;)

    • Lill

    Finished reading L’Appart! Loved the book. I hope karma catches up with Claude!!

    • Lynn

    Hi David

    I received your book L’appart for Christmas and just finished it. Great read!!! You are a brave, brave man. I just closed on my apartment in Paris in August, after 8 months. There’s no way I could take on a reno.
    Lynn H

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      A friend recently bought a house in the Touraine. When she told me that the closing took a year, I said, “Is that all?”
      Yes, I don’t recommend buying a place and going through renovations right away. I figured I’d just get it all taken care of, but…

    • Maryann

    Hi David: my sister asked you to autograph a copy of your book for me when you were in Boston. I read it for the last two days and could not put it down. It was well written and your experience was harrowing. I am glad that you survived it. Thanks for all your recipes, cookbooks, blog, and your attention to detail. I am fussy too.


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