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Welcome to this year’s European and UK edition of Menu for Hope 6, where you can make an online bid in an effort to raise money for the United Nations World Programme’s Purchase for Progress program, which assists low-income farmers to raise crops and support their local economies.

This is our sixth year raising money and in the past, we’ve topped $92,000. With your help, in 2009, let’s take it over that mark!

UPDATE: The auction is now closed and we raised nearly $78,000! Please check back on January 18th, 2010, for the announcement of the winners.

There are some truly amazing prizes, gathered from across Europe and the UK, including French and Italian chocolates shipped right to your door, cookbooks, a shiny-new standing mixer, and for those of you visiting Europe this year, or living here, you’ll find wine tastings and culinary tours…and tons more!

For a donation of just $10 per entry, you’ll have a chance to win fabulous bid items from all over the world. You can make as many donations as you wish; the more you enter, the more chances you’ll have of winning.

I’m being assisted this year by Sara, of Ms. Adventures in Italy, and she will be popping in here and on her site with more information and perhaps a few surprises.

The Rules

1. Please read the bid item descriptions carefully. If you have any questions about the items (date of validity, shipping & customs, descriptions), contact the donor at their site directly. Do not contact me about specific items as I am unable to answer questions about them.

2. Because of customs and other regulations, certain bid items may not be shippable to all destinations. Please confirm before bidding on items which might require special handling.

3. If a tour or vacation is offered, there may be a period of validity, and dates when they are and aren’t available. Please contact the donor or visit their site to find out that information.

Note that European dates may be expressed differently than elsewhere, and 12/01/2010 is January 12, 2010 in Europe, whereas in the states, it’s December 1, 2010 so when in doubt, ask the donor at their site.

4. Bid on the items you want at the Menu for Hope 6 donation page.

5. When the results are announced on January 18, 2010 at Chez Pim, it is the responsibility of the donor and winner to contact each other to work out details of delivery.

6. Please see the end of this post for instructions on how to bid on items.

Good luck to all!


Italian chocolate bars


Made in Italy Gourmet Chocolate Basket

Sara of Ms. Adventures in Italy is offering a bountiful basket of Italian chocolates! 2 kilos (that’s more than 20 bars, folks…) of chocolate from Italy’s gourmet chocolatiers like Amadei, Slitti, T’a and more! You’ll find pistachios, hot pepper, hazelnuts mixed in with luscious dark chocolate and milk chocolate as well as some chocolate you can use to make your own creations! This handpicked selection of 2 kilos of chocolate bars and chocolate candy can be shipped worldwide.

Bid item code: EU01

From Olivier Magny of Ô-Chateau in Paris comes two items to bid on…


“Tour de France” of Wine

During this Tour de France tasting, a multilingual sommelier will take you and a guest through the tastings of 6 French wines, coming from 6 different regions of France. This fascinating two-hour group presentation will help you learn more about how to read a French label, what terroirs and appellations truly are, and how to navigate a wine list.

Bid item code (Tour de France): EU02

Logo O chateau_HD.jpg

Wine and Cheese Lunch

During this Wine & Cheese Lunch, an Ô-Chateau sommelier will take you and a guest through the tastings of 5 French wines and a selection of artisanal cheeses and charcuterie. During this group presentation, you will learn more about the wines and cheeses of France, along with tips about food, cheese, and wine pairings. General information about French wine will also be given and all questions answered

Bid item code (Wine & Cheese Lunch): EU03


The BloggerAid Cook Book

For Jeanne of Cook Sister!, here’s a chance to get cookin’ with The BloggerAid Cook Book. a collection of 130 tried and tested family recipes contributed by food bloggers from around the world. Tantalise your tastebuds with recipes like breakfast enchiladas; pomegranate tabbouleh salad; tomato & cheese ravioli with aubergine sauce; Serrano ham paella with oyster mushrooms; shrimp biryani curry; beetroot couscous with fried halloumi; sage and sun-dried tomato-stuffed chicken breasts; triple-layer orange-passion fruit tart; cardamom ice-cream; and double Michigan cherry upside down cake .

All recipes have measurements in both Imperial and metric units and there’s gorgeous full-colour photographs. And 100% of the royalties go to the UN World Food Programme! Will ship to the US, Canada, UK and continental Europe.

Bid item code: EU04

La Cucina di Terresa

Plant-based Cooking Class in Paris

From La Cucina de TerrESa, here’s a chance to take a plant-based cooking class in Paris for two people. During this 2 1/2 hour class, which focuses on vegetable-based cooking, you can choose from a three-course lunch or dinner in Terresa’s French kitchen. After the class, you’ll sit around the table and enjoy your meal with natural wines, perfectly-paired with your meal. Class must be taken before December 15, 2010, and is not available Feb 23-March 18, 2010.

Bid item code: EU05

menu for hope 009.jpg

A “Sweet” Collection from a French Candy Store

With these sweets from Abra of French Letters, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store – a French candy store, that is! It’s a
sumptuous collection of candy containing a wooden box of the iconic glazed chestnuts Marrons Glacés with Cognac, soft almond Nougat de Montélimar, a Lindt Connaisseur’s Collection of classic chocolate bonbons, the famous candied orange peels coated in dark chocolate known as Orangettes, mint flavored dark chocolate Sarments du Médoc in the shape of beautiful little twigs, and a set of liqueur-filled bonbons with Cognac, Framboise, Marc de Champagne, Poire Williams, Chartreuse, Grand Marnier, and Kirsch. Shipped to you anywhere in the world.

Bid item code: EU06

From Clotilde of Chocolate & Zucchini comes four items to bid on…

Clotilde Dusoulier Books

Signed copies of Chocolate & Zucchini and Clotilde’s Edible Adventures in Paris

Item 1 is Bundle of Clotilde’s Two Books: Chocolate & Zucchini, her collection of stories and recipes, and Clotilde’s Edible Adventures in Paris, her book on Paris restaurants and food shops. You can decide which edition of the cookbook you’d like (American, British, or French) and she will sign both books in the name(s) of your choosing. This item ships worldwide.

Bid item (books): code EU07

dough hook and starter

Dough Whisk and Sample of Clotilde’s Natural Starter

Item 2 is a dough whisk and a sample of Clotilde’s natural starter. Make your own Parisian sourdough bread thanks to Philémon, the natural starter that Clotilde keeps in her Paris kitchen, and a top-quality Danish dough whisk, the ideal tool to mix bread dough (as well as pâte à choux and other thick batters). The starter will be sent to you in dried form, with instructions, ready to be rehydrated and used for your own bread baking adventures. This item ships worldwide.

Bid item (dough & whisk) code: EU08

Taza Chocolate Box

Taza Chocolate Tasting Set

Item 3 is a Taza Chocolate tasting set: from the Massachusetts-based, bean-to-bar chocolate company comes this fantastic assortment of chocolate goods, all made from sustainably grown, organic, stone-ground cacao beans. The boxed tasting set includes 4 chocolate disks to make Mexican-style hot chocolate (in chili, cinnamon, vanilla or salted almond flavor), 3 bars of dark chocolate (60%, 70% and 80% cacao content), a bag of chocolate-covered cacao nibs, and a tub of plain roasted cacao nibs for your salads and baked goods. This item ships worldwide.

Bid item code (chocolate): EU09


Extensive Set of Reusable Bags from Flip & Tumble

item 4 is an extensive set of reusable bags from Flip & Tumble: the California design studio has widened their range of handy reusable shopping bags with all-new colors, fabulous prints, and lovely produce bags. This item includes 10 solid color bags (1 in each color), 5 print bags (1 in each design) and 4 sets of produce bags, each set consisting in 5 mesh bags with color-coded tags. Keep some for your own needs and give the others away as green gifts to your friends and family, to encourage them to swear off plastic bags, too. These items ships worldwide.

Bid item code (bags): EU10


Real Turkish Delights (lokum) from Cemilzade in Istanbul

From Cenk of Cafe Fernando, direct from Istanbul is a box of real Turkish Delights (lokum) from Cemilzade, one of his favorite confectionery shops in Istanbul, which has been operating since 1883. Encased in a pretty wooden box are three extraordinary flavors, for a total of one pound: Hazelnut, mastic and double-roasted pistachios. Will ship worldwide.

Bid item code: EU11


Taste of Italy for Hope

At Ma Che Ti Sei Mangiato, Rori is offering a “Taste of Italy for Hope” a selection of typical Italian products that everyone should taste at least once in their life. In this collection, you’ll find coffee & choco-coffee beans, Torrone, Amaretti, Modica Chocolate, sun-dried tomatoes, orange tasting tagliatelle, spice-mix for Bucatini all’Amatriciana, and preserves for cheese. These products cover almost all Italy, starting from Piedmont and ending in Sicily. This item can only be shipped to EU countries because of customs limitations.

Bid item code: EU12

Rosy MfH pic.JPG

A Year of Home Baked Goods

Rosy from Rosy Lips & Lavender is offering a box of home baked goods delivered to you every month for a year! Yes, that’s 12 batches of delicious home made cakes and treats, chosen by you, delivered to you every month for one whole year! She’ll even pop in the recipes so you can recreate them. It can either be 12 regular deliveries or it could be grouped into fewer, larger deliveries if you prefer. She will personally deliver the items if you live in London and will entrust them to the Post Office for the UK and the rest of Europe. Choice of items will vary depending on location, due to perishability and postability!

Bid item code: EU13

Hidden Kitchen

Dinner for Two at Hidden Kitchen in Paris

Here’s a chance to have dinner for two at Paris’ Hidden Kitchen, a private supper club run by two American expats out of their Parisian apartment. Dinners are served on weekend nights at a communal table filled with 16 visitors to Paris and local Parisians. Meals at Hidden Kitchen start with an aperitif and are followed by a seasonal 10 course tasting menu and paired wines. More information can be found at the Hidden Kitchen website. Dinner must be taken by December 14, 2010 during dates available.

Bid item code: EU14


Signed Copy of Hungry for Paris

Alexander Lobrano is offering a signed copy of his book, Hungry for Paris. Publisher’s Weekly calls it “A Paris vacation in book form, this volume travels from the glittering restaurants of the Boulevard St.-Germain to the grittier haunts of Belleville and Clichy, offering insights into classic bistros, new favorites and even a smattering of ethnic cheapies (the sorts of dining establishments that Parisians themselves have only just started getting used to).”

Alec was the European correspondent for Gourmet magazine, and his guide is packed with stories to delight the armchair traveler, as well as those en route to Paris looking for the best addresses in town for dining. The book can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Bid item code: EU15

context logo.jpg

France, Italy, Turkey or US Walking Tour

Context Travel if offering two spaces in any of their group city walks where they give tours: Paris, London, Istanbul, Rome, Naples, Florence, Venice, London, New York, or Philadelphia. You can choose from any of their group walks with a specialist, which include cuisine tours in Paris, market walks in Italy, Sephardic cooking in Istanbul, and ethnic foods in New York. Voucher can also be transferable as a US$150 credit towards any private walk.

Bid item code: EU16

aligre 200x200.JPG

Walking Tour of Paris Aligré Market

You’ll being your day at the lively Marché d’Aligre in Paris with a croissant and expresso before discovering the fantastic colorful market. Anne of A Foodie Froggy, a local, will introduce you to the friendly stall keepers and bring you to wonderful gourmet shops around the market: a pâtisserie, a North African bakery, a wine cave, and shops specializing in chocolates, cheese, and Alsatian specialties where you will sample the tastiest items. Then you will head to rue Paul Bert, to check out its famous restaurants and gourmet bookstore. Tour is good for up to four people and is in English or French, available Tuesday through Friday, anytime except french school holidays. (Last two weeks of December, plus July and August). Tour lasts from 9 am to 12 pm. Expiration date: End of January 2011.

Bid item code: EU17


Gourmet Tour of London

Visiting London? Love food? Krista, the London restaurant blogger behind Londonelicious, will take you and up to three of your friends on your own private and customized gourmet tour of London. The agenda and neighborhoods will be tailored to your interests (and favorite foods), but imagine experiencing a traditional gastropub and some real ale, some of London’s best curry, perhaps a patisserie or two, some oysters, great local sparkling wine, and more. (In a non-indigestion-inducing order, of course!) Duration three to four hours. Weekends only, and bring comfortable shoes! Tour must be taken by December 31, 2010.

Bid item code: EU18



Personalized One-day Paris Itinerary

Rosa Jackson, a restaurant critic, food writer and blogger who runs the long-established company Edible Paris, will design a personalized one-day Paris itinerary for you and your guests, based on your food tastes and wishes. The item will include a written itinerary with accompanying maps and restaurant recommendations for that day from Rosa, editor of TimeOut Paris Eating & Drinking guide. Expires December 31, 2010.

Bid item code: EU19


A Taste of Sussex: Jams, Pickles, Honey

Too Many Chefs is happy to offer a Taste of Sussex in the form of jams, pickles and honey. The winner of this item will receive: a jar of apple butter and a jar of pear butter (recipes courtesy of Elise’s Simply Recipes), a jar of spiced apple sauce, a large jar of spicy pickled onions and a large jar of vegetarian mincemeat, a jar of spicy salsa, marinated roasted red peppers (again courtesy of Elise), a small jar of unpasteurized, unfiltered and utterly delicious honey from a local farm and a jar of ginger and rhubarb jam, also from a Sussex farm.

To top it off, they are throwing in a tea towel illustrated with the cultural sites of Plumpton, East Sussex. Aside from the honey and rhubarb jam, the jars were all lovingly prepared by Meg of Too Many Chef’s this can be shipped anywhere.

Bid item code: EU20 logo.jpg

Paris Gourmet Tour

Barbara Pasquet James, Paris-based author of USA Today’s Paris city guide (“Where To Eat”…), is donating one of her exclusive half day (3-hour) private Gourmet Food Tours in Paris for your group of up to five people at Paris Talks. A visit to a colorful locals’ market and specialty shops will be combined with an in-depth look at French pastries, breads, chocolates, cheeses, salts, oils, coffees, teas plus a talk on how the French eat —and more. This donation is good for up to two (2) years, up to December 25, 2011, and is valid for 1 to 5 persons.

Bid item code: EU21


Italian Cooking Apron, Shopping Bag & Recipe Notepad

From Sandra of Un Tocco di Zenzero, here’s a chance to win a kitchen apron, which you can wear to roll out your pasta frolla or layer up a Tiramisù. And so you don’t forget ingredients when shopping, using your eco-shopper bag, also included is a kitchen notepad. This spiffy apron, tote and notepad can be shipped to any country in the EU.

Bid item code: EU22

wine tasting in Rome200.jpg

“My Italians” Wine Tasting in Rome

A great opportunity for wine lovers – beginners or experts – to get an overview of Italian wines, learning about and tasting 7 of them. Let yourself be guided by sommelière Hande Leimer of Vino Roma and Food Vagabond through this fun and informative 2-hour tasting that gets rave reviews. Offer is valid for up to 8 persons in your group, so gather your family, friends or colleagues and hop on a plane to Rome! Tasting to be taken within 2010 and date to be arranged with Vino Roma.

Bid item code: EU23

Secrets of Tuscan Kitchen by Judy

Monday at the Market Tour in Florence

Included in 100 Places Every Woman Should Go in Italy, Judy of Over a Tuscan Stove is offering her famous market tour in the San Lorenzo Market, a must for an insider’s view of Florence. This delicious Tuscan tour for two people includes tastings, snacks and a fabulous lunch with the Diva (aka: Judy) at one of her favorite trattorias. Other dates besides Monday may be available, which you can confirm directly with Judy. Valid for 2010

Bid item code: EU24


Japanese Delicacies & Bento Book

From Maki of Just Hungry, comes a package of Japanese delicacies personally selected by Maki and shipped worldwide directly from Japan. In addition to this surprise package, there will also be a signed copy of her upcoming book, The Just Bento Cookbook. This will be a fantastic package and will be filled with the most amazing tidbits from Japan.

Bid item code: EU25


Bento Boxes, Accessories & Bento Book

Maki of Just Bento is letting you pack your own lunch with a package of bento boxes and accessories, selected by Maki and shipped worldwide directly from Japan. Included will be a signed copy of her upcoming book, The Just Bento Cookbook.

Bid item code: EU26

modern_mezze_uk.jpg medstreetfood2.jpg fifthquarter2.jpg

Anissa Helou Cookbook Collection and London Cooking Class

From cookbook author and Mediterranean food expert, Anissa Helou of Anissa’s is offering a cooking class for 2 in London, so you can learn to cook from the expert in her culinary loft. She’ll also give you copies her books: The Fifth Quarter about using offal, a signed copy of the first edition of Mediterranean Street Food (as well as a paperback copy, signed), and a signed copy of the hard back of Modern Mezze, with recipes for irresistible appetizers. Cooking class must be taken before December 1, 2010 and take place at a mutually-agreed up date. If you’re unable to take the class, see her website for information on getting the books shipped and where she can ship to.

Bid item code: EU27

French delicacies

French Gourmet Basket of Delicacies

Mélanie from A little Owl in the Kitchen is offering a gourmet collection of French luxury produces. Start your culinary travel in Brittany with hand harvested fleur de sel from Guérande and sea salt toffees, and continue in Burgundy with this 3 kinds of Dijon mustard. You’ll also find a beautiful box of Marco Polo tea from the famous Mariage Frères, along with heart shaped sugars. And of course, you wouldn’t think of a box without chocolate! You’ll find 3 different kinds of Valrhona dark and milk chocolate (total 400g), as well as a box of pure cocoa powder. This item ships worldwide.

Bid item code: EU28


Five Culinaria Books

Broaden your horizons and your palate with this set of 5 volumes from the legendary Culinaria series from Melissa of Traveler’s Lunchbox. Culinaria books are the ultimate references for the foodie traveler, rolling a culinary encyclopedia, cookbook and travel guide into one exhaustive (and enthralling) package. Each of these hefty volumes focuses on the cuisine of a single country, and region by region explores the food, drink and traditions unique to each part of it.

Along the way you’ll discover how iconic products and dishes are made, where local traditions originated, what’s harvested and how it’s used, and how the culinary landscape varies from one end of the country to the other. Chock-full of hundreds of breathtaking photos and dozens of authentic recipes, these are books to learn from, to cook from, and to escape with! Included in this set are volumes covering France, Italy, Spain, Greece and Germany, in newly-released softcover format. This item ships anywhere in the world!

Bid item code: EU29


Paris Gastronomic Itinerary

With so much gastronomic potential on the Paris horizon, it can be heartbreaking to find yourself sitting through a less than stellar meal – especially as the declining dollar has raised the prices and stakes for every bite. Help is on the way from Paris-based food writer Meg Zimbeck of, who has written more than 500 reviews of restaurants, cafés, food shops and markets. She will help you to build an edible itinerary for your next Paris visit – one that’s tailor made to match your taste and budget. With your input, she’ll create a personalized printable guide full of options and detailed neighborhood maps. She will also reserve select tables for your dining pleasure. Expiration date is December 31, 2010.

Bid item code: EU30


Market Tour & Cooking Class in Burgundy

Join us for a market tour and hands-on cooking class inspired by the season in Burgundy. You’ll meet in the morning for a café au lait and then head off to explore the Saturday morning market in Beaune where you will select the ingredients for your cooking class with Marjorie from Cook’s Atelier. The menu is market inspired, local and organic and highlights the small artisan producers of the region. After your cooking class, you’ll sit down for a five-course lunch with wine specifically chosen to compliment the day’s menu. The class is perfect for both cooking aficionados, and those who simply enjoy good food, good wine, and a passion for the joie de vivre. Expiration date is December 31, 2010.

Bid item code: EU31


French Conversation Classes in Paris

LetThemTalk is offering 2 bid items of 5 French conversation classes. The courses talk place every Sunday afternoon in a café in central Paris and are lead by a native French teacher in small groups. LetThemTalk’s “Cafe Conversation” courses are good way to improve your spoken French in an informal atmosphere. They’re also a fun way to meet new people! As it’s a conversation course you should know at least basic French in order to join this group.

Bid item code (5 classes): EU32
Bid item code (5 classes): EU33



Private Chocolate Tour & Tasting at Rococo Chocolate in London

A unique behind-the-scenes visit the flagship store of Rococo Chocolate with chocolate expert and founder, Chantal Coady. Learn first-hand about chocolate from bean to bar, her experience of being part of the organic cocoa farmers co-operative in Grenada, and working with the world’s first solar powered micro chocolate maker, the Grenada Chocolate Co.

There will be a tasting of single estate chocolates, then Rococo’s “Prof du Choc” Laurent Couchaux will take you and up to 5 other guests on a private visit into his chocolate kitchen. He’ll demonstrate how to make a perfect ganaches, talk about the process of making chocolates and how he creates the perfect flavour combinations. You will also get to taste his chocolates with him, and will leave after around 90 mins bursting with knowledge and inspiration.

Due to the special nature of this tour, it must be booked well in advance with Rococo at a time when both Laurent and Chantal are available. If for some reason Chantal is not available, there will be someone else who can do this part of the tasting. Once the date is booked, if cancelled, it can not be rescheduled. Valid until December 10, 2010.

Bid item code: EU34


2 Night B&B Stay in Piedmont for 2 with Market Tour

Offered by Marla of Bella Baita View Italian alps mountain retreat. Come stay with her, “off the beaten path” for two nights in the alps of Piedmont, Italy. Their small inn affords tranquility and spectacular French border views. Also included is a half-day market tour on Wednesdays or Saturdays, where they’ll share some of their favorite haunts in Pinerolo and its 1,000 year-old outdoor market, featuring regional Italian cheeses, chocolate, pastries, coffee or wine. This stay is good for two people for two days, and expires December 31, 2011 .

Bid item code: EU35


Kenwood Chef Classic Mixer

From Saffron and Blueberry, Hilda offering a Kenwood Chef Mixer Classic with automatic electronic speed control with pulse, so it maintains speed and power regardless of the load. This Kenwood mixer has a 4.6L (4.8Qt) capacity, and is supplied with K-beater, whisk, and dough hook attachments for all your kneading, mixing and whisking needs. Will ship anywhere in the world but please note the power cord will be a British three-pin plug (220V) and you will be responsible for finding your own adapter and/or transformer.

Bid item code: EU36


A Year of Bernachon Chocolate Bars

Lucy Vanel of Lucy’s Kitchen Notebook will send the lucky winner, anywhere in the world, one fresh, unctuous artisan crafted Bernachon chocolate bar straight from the shop in Lyon, France, each month, for a year (for a total of 12 bars), starting in March 2010. Every month a different bar from Bernachon will arrive in your mailbox, to unwrap and enjoy. The bar will include a handwritten note explaining the makeup of that month’s bar. Special requests honored!

Bid item code: EU37


Mega Mix of Moleskine Notebooks

Direct from the wonderful folks at Moleskine, via Sara at Ms. Adventures in Italy, come a mega mix of 20 Moleskine notebooks including the limited edition Martí Guixé agenda! With this collection you can share with friends or uber-organize your 2010! Ships worldwide.

Bid item code: EU38

David's Books

Room for Dessert, Ripe for Dessert & The Sweet Life in Paris

Have you been looking for one of my first two books, but sorry to find they’re out-of-print? (And somewhat expensive?) Here’s a chance to own a copy of each book, Room for Dessert and Ripe for Dessert. The two books will be personally signed and can be sent anywhere in the world.

Also included in this collection of books is a signed copy of The Sweet Life in Paris, filled with stories about the glories—and a few groans, of living in the most beloved city in the world, with French-inspired recipes that anyone can make at home.

Bid item code: EU39

UPDATE: Some fabulous new bid items have been added, including amazing chocolate boxes and a tour, a collection of all-new baking books, a deep fryer, and more.

Check out bid items EU40 to EU44!

To Bid

UPDATE: There is now an easier, online Menu for Hope Widget that you can use to select your bid item! Click on the link to go there, or follow the instructions below.

1. Choose a bid item or bid items of your choice from our Menu for Hope main bid item list, when it’s posted.

2. Go to the donation site at Firstgiving and make a donation.

3. Please specify which bid item you’d like in the ‘Personal Message’ section in the donation form when confirming your donation. You must write-in how many tickets per bid item, and please use the bid item code.

Each $10 you donate will give you one raffle ticket toward a bid item of your choice. For example, a donation of $50 can be 2 tickets for EU01 and 3 tickets for EU02 – 2xEU01, 3xEU02.

4. If your company matches your charity donation, please check the box and fill in the information so we could claim the corporate match.

5. Please check the box to allow us to see your e-mail address so that we can contact you in case you win. Your e-mail address will not be shared with anyone.


And please pass this post along to friends and others via links on your blog and via social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook. You can use the Share This button below.



    • Meg Zimbeck

    Thanks for organizing this year, David. What a lot of work this must have been!

    • clotilde

    What a fantastic array of items — I’m already drawing up my wish list!
    And indeed, thank you for hosting us this year. :)

    • Sandra

    I love you, man!
    Thank you for hosting this wonderful event

    • Rossella

    Thanks David for all your effords in collecting European bid items.
    Well done !

    If anyone what to give more visibility to it, please click on OK here

    It will give more visibility to “Menu for Hope” on a Italian news aggregator

    • Rosy

    How exciting! Thank you so much for hosting and I’ve just posted all about my entry here.

    There’s so many other great items I want to bid on!!

    • Hande

    wow, I am having a hard time choosing what to bid on – have already 7 items I am keen on!

    • David

    Hande: I’m going to try to find 7 people that want to go to Rome with me and taste wine. (It shouldn’t be difficult!)

    • Helene

    Great list! I love how creative people are on your side of the pond!
    Just read your comment: like you need hands on classes on anything David! Come visit beautiful Charleston and you can teach me how to be cool like you! Ha!

    • David

    Helene: I will teach you how to be cool, if you’ll teach me all those French verbs. Deal?

    • Mardi @eatlivetravelwrite

    Great roundup David – thanks! And what a bunch of wonderful prizes! WOW!

    • kaszeta

    I’m liking the European prize list, and glad that I’m a regular enough visitor to Europe to bid on some of the ones that allow me to be there in person (back in MfH IV, I won a foodie walking tour of London, which was excellent). Although I’m rather liking the prize list here in the eastern US as well.

    • Sara, Ms. Adventures in Italy

    European bloggers representin’…raise the roof, etc. :) We done good. Thanks for all your patience, David…I know how much it takes! And thanks to all who donated great prizes…now onto the pimpin’ for bids!

    • Barbara gourmet tours in Paris

    Wow great work, great lineup David and I’m proud to be part of it!

    • Mélanie

    Hi David
    Thanks again for all the work you did! We have a great host for the European area!! :)
    If you want to link directly to my Menu for Hope post, the address is French gourmet delicacies

    I’m going to bid on some items now…

    • foodloverkathy

    Wow, wow, wow, I cannot handle this list…..I want ALL of them! Seriously, an awesome list. Great job! BTW–I’m in for Rome.

    • Melissa

    What an incredible lineup of prizes! Go Europe!!!

    And thank YOU David for all the blood, sweat and tears you’ve put into this!

    • baby cribs

    I hope I can help big time. I am going to spread the word to all my friends. That is the biggest help I can give.

    • adrian

    hi david, is it put a check mark in the box or leave it out? i’m confused. thx

    • David

    Adrian: To bid, you put the item number (such as EU25) in the box at the FirstGiving site, then say how many chances you want in the YOUR COMMENTS field.

    So if you want two chances on that item, you’d put 2 x EU25, which would be $20US. (Example here.)

    The only two checkmarked boxes are if you have a corporate matching gift (if the company you work for matches your donation) and the Terms & Services agreement at the end, which you must check in order to complete the transaction.

    Dear “Baby Cribs”: It would have been nicer if, instead of leaving comment spam for your ‘organic wood baby cribs’, you’d donated an item for Menu for Hope. It’s remarkable that you take the time to leave a comment with a URL to your commercial site, which is against my comment policy, which not only wastes my time since I strip out the link to your products for sale, but is sad because you could have used your resources to donate an item which I would have been happy to promote here on the site.

    That would be the “biggest help you could give.”

    • adrian

    hi david,
    thanks. i got everything right but thought
    “Please check the box to allow us to see your e-mail address so that we can contact you in case you win”
    meant i had to checkmark the box regarding my email address. it seemed a contradiction to me, but i went ahead and checked (checkmarked) it.
    is there a way i can fix my mistake? my email address is included in this comment (if you can see it).
    thanks and lots of success, adrian

    • David

    I’m not involved in the donation part of the auction; I just am hosting the European bidding items.

    You should go to Chez Pim and leave your question in the comments and hopefully she can assist you. Thanks for participating!

    • adrian

    ok, thanks again, david.
    hope your flat is not an ice-box anymore. happy holidays!

    • David

    Because many of you have asked, there is now a Menu for Hope 6 Widget which streamlines the bidding process and is extremely easy to use.


    • sapphire

    Thanks for organizing this David. These prizes are delicious looking!


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