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Going into the New Year, you’ll soon notice a few changes on the site, which I’m in the process of sprucing up. On the Home page you’ll be able to see posts, from the most recent ones, to all the recipes on the blog by categories. In addition, there will be a dedicated space that features Paris tips, including my favorite restaurants, bakeries, wine bars, shops, and outdoor markets.

A bigger change is that I’m expanding my newsletter, which I started in 2006/2007, and am writing more stories and sharing more recipes there. The blog will evolve, along with the new design, as I move forward.

Since I started the blog, over the years, it has changed and evolved. Along with that, the technology to publish a post or recipe on the site has shifted radically. Some of it has been great: I used to have to write blog posts in HTML code, which meant (literally) eleven keystrokes just to write an é, and total of seventeen if I wanted to italicize it as é. Imagine how my hands (and head) felt after typing crème brûlée and crème fraîche. It was indeed a glorious day when I no longer had to write in code…!

But now there’s filling in “fields” with keywords, writing meta-descriptions to describe a post in a short, catchy phrase for Google, and sharing posts on social media as most of us stopped using RSS readers to keep us updated on our favorite blogs. I’ve been avoiding it for the past year, but I also need to learn a new editing and writing system for publishing blog posts and have a six-page “cheat sheet” someone gave me on how to do that. (I’ve also bookmarked a 1 hour, 2-minute tutorial video on how to use the new system, too.) I haven’t done either, as watching an hour-long video sounds like devoir (homework), and isn’t high on my list of “…things that spark joy.” Hence the move to writing stories and sharing recipes on my Substack newsletter.

I’m also evolving my blog and newsletter for personal reasons: It’s time to consolidate and revise a few things in my life to focus on what I enjoy doing the most. (And with all due respect to the kind woman who shared her knowledge on YouTube, 1 hour, 2-minute video tutorials aren’t high on that list.) I’ve enjoyed the comments people have left here on the blog (and have replied to 7,063 of them), but I’ve been fielding comments and DMs coming in from all sides, including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and email, and can’t keep up. I’ve missed exploring Paris and writing about things going on in the city, and want to go back to that. So after twenty+ years of writing the blog, I am feeling refreshed and excited about the newsletter, where I am writing more candidly* – which is reader-supported, rather than ad-supported.

As always subscriptions to my newsletter will continue to be free, and there is also a paid version for those who’d like additional content. All subscribers get my Favorite Bakeries and Pastry Shops in Paris guide (the link arrives in your confirmation email), and subscribers can upgrade their subscription at any time…whatever feels right for you.

If you’d like a paid subscription, you can take 20% off the annual rate through January 5th, 2022 at this link only.

I’ll still be sharing blog posts here from time to time, likely focusing on Paris tips and stories, but I’m heading over to my newsletter and I hope you’ll join me there!

A Few Words and FAQs About the Newsletter

-Once you subscribe to the newsletter, you will receive a confirmation email. If you don’t get a confirmation email shortly after subscribing, check your spam folder as it may end up there. If your email program has a filter, you may wish to add to it and direct those messages to your Inbox.

-If you find you’re not getting the newsletters, you can go here and follow the instructions to verify if you’re subscribed.

-You can also go to the newsletter Home page and see the newsletters archived there. Free subscribers will see most of the posts, and Paid subscribers will see all posts unlocked. Newsletter archives will always be available to subscribers. Note that newsletters are published throughout the month so once you subscribe, it may take several days, like the blog, for the next one to arrive. (You can check the archives to see when the last newsletter went out.)

-If you currently subscribe to have blog posts emailed to you, the newsletter posts will now come to you the same way. (You can read the Substack privacy policy here.) If you’d like to Unsubscribe, you can do so at any time using the link at the bottom of the newsletters.

-You’ll receive a message about a week before your subscription expires letting you know it’s time to renew.

*One story I’ve been writing about in my newsletter, for those who have been following, is that we may be moving. Yikes! I know I said that I’d never do it again, but…I’m doing it again.

We’ve been looking at places and I’ve been posting about those experiences here and here in my newsletter, and have some upcoming newsletters (with lots of photos) that I’m going to post of the often-asked-for renovation of my current place. So if you want to follow along, you can do so in my newsletter.


    • anonymous

    Please reconsider. Email is a crowded mess of spam and RSS is clean, elegant, and organized.

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Substack does offer an RSS feed, which I believe is here.

      • DPLK

      Yes, I get my substack newsletters to both my RSS and my email! The only catch is that if you pay for exclusive content, it doesn’t show up in the RSS, but it does come through by email, so I would do both, and you have the recipes or exclusive content saved in your email.

    • aecummingsII

    David, as long as you leave a trail of bread crumbs, I’ll follow your postings anywhere! If there’s a better platform for you, I’m all for it.

    • Janet C

    Happy New Year, David! I’m willing to follow those breadcrumbs too.

    • David
    David Lebovitz

    Janet and aecummingsII: Thanks for your kind words! Many of the postings will be shifting to there so I can focus on writing rather than formatting (etc) and I can also post more personal content, for those who’d like to read it, for paid subscribers – but most of the posts will remain available to all.

    • Dodie Jacobi

    Love watching your publishing journey among the others! Sending Smooooth Moooove wishes for every relocation in your life.

    • Dave B

    Longtime reader through the RSS feed. Have installed the substack link in mine (I use Brief if anyone cares). Thanks for all the great info and writing, David.

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Hope the RSS comes through. When I redesigned my blog a few years ago, I didn’t realize that RSS wasn’t used as much as they were in the past. (I don’t know why. When I did go and check the one I was using, most of the blogs I were following had stopped posting a while back.) The RSS reader I used went away…so I jumped onto the email bandwagon and/or relied on people to post on social media, which not everyone does (and social media has algorithms so I wasn’t seeing what I wanted to see.) Thanks!

        • Cy Todd

        I really miss the RSS reader. It helped me see when websites and blogs that I followed were updated. It was so simple and efficient. Times have changed. Good luck in the future.

          • Karen

          RSS readers are still around. I use Feedly for free and love it.

      • Ms. Jen

      I am with Dave B on this, I added to my RSS reader. While I subscribe to the paid version of the newsletter, I rarely read it in my email – I prefer to delete email, not read it.

      I look forward to more recipes and adventures.

    • Sandra Myers

    Healthy and Happy New Year to you and Romain! We’ll all watch for your posts re your next move—physical and virtual. Here’s hoping the next is a lot easier.

    • denny byrne

    i want to be a paid subscriber and think i am but don’t know how to confirm that. i don’t want to miss anything in the switch! any way to check?

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Hi Denny: I checked and you’ve been a paid subscriber as of Nov. 2020. You can head on this page and see the newsletter archives; all the posts should be unlocked for you, if you’ve renewed your subscription. If not, you may want to renew it.

    • TJB

    Best wishes to you and Romain for the new year – thank you for all of your thoughtful and delicious content! My husband and I often joke that you are our dear friend ‘hanging out’ with us in the kitchen (via your videos), during a year when we’ve spent an inordinate time at home and away from friends + family. Excited for your newsletter shift!

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Those IG Lives were fun and a great way to stay connected when so many of us were stuck at home, mostly indoors (and I had 200 bottles of French spirits to use up!) Glad you joined along and happy new year to you and your husband, too!

    • Karen H

    I joined last year. Love all of your work. Does my subscription automatically renew or do I have to renew it?

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Thanks! According to the newsletter service, subscriptions auto-renew but subscribers will receive a notice before a subscription expires. More here.

        • Judi Suttles

        Love my subscription and glad to know it auto-renews. Now, I’m off to make some of your peppermint ice cream. Already made the fudge sauce.
        Happy we Year to you and Romain!

    • Sydney

    Dear David, I totally understand your predicament. Keeping up with social media is exhausting plus all the programming to just write what you want! I don’t blame you for the switch and will continue to follow you.
    Wishing you a very happy & healthy New Year to you and Romain.

    • Dave B

    Cy Todd, the RSS reader still works with the new site. If you can’t add David to yours, try the one I used – it’s called “Brief” and is a Firefox addon. Not sure if it works with other browsers.

    • Tessa Dillon

    Hi David, having been getting your newsletter by email for sometime now and of course, love it! My question: do I need to re-subscribe now that things are changing or will you seamlessly just send.
    Thanks and good luck on the move – exciting!!

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      You should receive a message that your subscription is about the expire about a week before it does. More here.

    • Theresa H

    Happy Holidays David!
    I really enjoy your articles and recipes. I have family that live in Paris and haven’t been to visit in 3 years, so you keep me connected to the fantastic food.

    On a separate note, so exciting about not having to use HTML. It will make your life so much easier. It’s been 4 years since having to write in HTML.


    • June

    Merci David for all of your content in the past 2 years especially. I love seeing your market purchases. Moving again sounds a bit crazy but that goes along with the current times. Happy New Year!

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Yes, sometimes it’s best to give in to the craziness and let it take over, and do something new and different. We’ll see how it goes ;)

    • Kate Turber

    Holy S…!! Moving??!! Meanwhile, Happy Holidays!!

    • Sam

    I’m glad you posted this – I’ve been blissfully following your adventures and recipes for years and was wondering how to support you with $$ for all the goodness you share.

    • Susan McWilliams

    Happy new year and merci beaucoup for all of your posts. You are our go-to voice for all things food and France. Love your books and enjoyed meeting you at the book signing in San Francisco. Reading your accounts has been a joy in these uncertain times. Stay well.

    • Pia

    Hi David, I’d like to gift some subscriptions to your newsletter. How would one go about doing this, apart from giving the receiver the dollar equivalent of a subscription?

    • Cyndy

    If notice of your postings didn’t show up in my email, I’d be lost. I would forget to look for them. I think it’s quite simple to go to the newsletter from the email, and I’m assured of getting everything posted. I’m a paid subscriber, as I wouldn’t want to miss anything. Happy New Year and good luck on your house hunting!

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Thanks Cyndy!

    • Kalyn Denny

    I assume you are talking about Gutenberg with that one hour YouTube tutorial? I haven’t switched to it yet, and my web designer tells me that only a very small percentage of WordPress sites are using it. It does seem to be very useful if you want to have mega-SEO-optimized recipe posts where you are repeating blocks of text, but I am doing just fine without it (and not anxious to switch over 1500+ recipes to a new format or even learn it.

    Happy New Year David! I’m glad your fans will still get to hear from you no matter what format you use.

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      I was/am using the “Classic Editor” plug-in but my web developer and designer said I needed to switch to Gutenberg (perhaps WordPress will no longer be supporting the older version?) As far as I can tell you don’t need to change your older posts – which, yes, you and I did a few years ago (and aren’t anxious to do it again!) but going forward, I have to learn it.

      Thanks Kalyn..and happy new year to you as well! xxx

    • Sherry Walker

    Can I please cancel my paid subscription, thank you so much but would just like to receive your free one

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      You can find out how to do that here.

    • Pz


    I look forward to the changes! Best wishes as you relocate to a new space.

    On another note, I made your Rosemary Gimlet for my non-cocktail drinking sister. She loved it and had one too many. :)

    Happy New Year!

    • PENELOPE Lane

    David, I’ll happily follow you wherever. I am already a paid subscriber and would like to give a subscription to a friend who lives in London but has a flat in Paris. How do I do that?

    • Mai Allison

    David, I don’t understand much of the technical comments y’all use. I have been getting your newsletter since my son gave me an iPad a few years ago; it is my favorite thing to do every day. I get it in my email. Do I need to do anything to get the new version?

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      If you’re already getting newsletters everything is all set and you’ll continue to get them.

    • Mardi (eat. live. travel. write.)

    I’ve been blissfully using the “Classic Editor” plugin as well and am all like “lalalalalalala” about Gutenberg. I simply DO NOT want to use it. I started using Substack last year and love its simplicity (it DOES remind me of early blogging days) and in 2022 will be focussing on growing my subscriber list there. I will continue to post on my blog too as that and the newsletter subscriber list are really the only things I can have control of (I’m always surprised that there are still people who ONLY use IG or FB to share content as that can all just disappear with a glitch…). Anyway all this to say thanks for doing what you do and sharing what you share. Very happy to support your paid newsletter model. Bonne année to you and Romain!

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Moving to WordPress (from Movable Type) years ago was a godsend with the “visual” mode, so I didn’t have to code anymore. I’m not sure why the Classic Editor is going away, but doing my best to stay away from any more tech problems and changes. Social media is great for some things but I don’t want to rely on it anymore since it changes and none of us have control over it and what we see, and I’d like to have more control over that and I think (and hope) others do too : )

    • Debby Holt

    Hi David, I’ve been a follower and free subscriber for a few years now. I don’t know the difference in a blog and a newsletter (can you explain?) but I’ve paid for so many subscriptions to newspapers and streaming channels in the last year that I’m tapped out. No more, thank you. So, I’m a bit disappointed that I’m going to miss out on the hunt for the new home. But, I’ll just try to keep up with you on IG and with the free email for now – until I cancel some of my other subs. Happy New Year :)

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      A blog is part of a (or an entire) website; a “weblog” of stories and posts that is supposed to be a personal diary of sorts, although things have gotten snazzier and many blogs are now professional enterprises with teams, professional studios, ad and SEO managers, content creators (people paid to write posts to build up content so the sites are more attractive to Google) and photographers.

      Blogs are posted on the web and some use a paid RSS-to-email service, which sends blog posts via email as they are published to readers who sign up. Some blogs have paid subscribers but most are ad-supported.

      A newsletter is a message sent as an email so it arrives in one’s Inbox directly. In the case of Substack, my newsletter service, they are archived here. Newsletters can be free or paid, or in my case, I’m doing a combination of both, so readers can choose how much content they want to receive as well as the type of content they’d like to receive.

        • Debby Holt

        Wow! Thank you, David for taking the time to explain the difference. I look forward to reading your recipes and your life in Paris. I read L’Appart and was L’Appalled at the way contractors work there. So I hope you have a better experience next time. P. S. Listen to Romain this time :)

    • Marie-Aude

    I have been following your blog for years, though nearly never commenting. As a Parisian exiled in a foreign countries who went through many hardships thanks to cooking, your blog made me happy a lot of time, taught me a lot of things … and gave me a hint of how “my” Paris (left now more than 20 years ago) evolved.

    You are the sole master of what you do here, but I’m really sad about your decision.

    I’m a professional WordPress webmaster, and all the sites I co-author still use the “old” editor, and will for as long as possible (means still a few years…). You definitively don’t need to spend so much time learning this new system, I never did :)

    I’m also a kind of dinosaur regarding how I follow content. I never ever subscribe to a newsletter. I receive more than 1.000 mails a day, through all the inboxes related to my different activities, reading mail is a professional activity. On the contrary, my rss reader is a friend. It does not send me alerts, I can organize feeds in as many categories as I want, and go through them when I need, when I like, when I relax, when I’m catch in a boring meeting, etc.

    I understand there will be less content posted here, and I’m sorry about it. If there is any other way than newsletter subscription to read all your content, please let me know, as long as it does not imply my inbox.

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      I’m much happier writing the newsletter because I can write more personal content. Things have changed a lot since I started blogging and I’m more interested in having a more personal connection with readers, like I used to have, but with the way the internet (and social media) has changed things, I don’t want to put that kind of content out there and when I do, it’s taken its toll on me. It was also costing me a small fortune to send RSS-to-emails when I updated my blog, and my newsletter fees, so I decided to combine them with Substack, and well as offer readers who’d like additional content to get it, while continuing to send out free content. Apparently you can read the free newsletters via RSS using this address:

        • Marie-Aude

        Thanks for your reply. I subscribed, and I did not find the RSS feed adress.

        I also discovered that, as a non paying member, I can’t comment on free posts :(

        I won’t subscribe, not that your content is not worth a few bucks, but I’m living in a country where access to foreign currency is strictly controlled and I can’t afford these little luxuries.

        So here is the answer I wanted to write about Oboles de Lucerne :

        this seems to me another way to write “oublies” that are very old pastries. The Wikipedia page gives all details and etymologie,
        it comes from “oblata” offrande, gift, which is also the meaning of obole. I would assume this is actually a Swiss word for oublie or a mistranslation from German “Oblate”.

    • Dave B

    Here’s the address of the RSS feed (ditch the quotes):


    • Jill

    Hi! Signed up (thx for the January discount!), and I’d like to buy my mom a subscription for her birthday which is today. Is it possible to gift someone at the discounted rate, or only the full rate?

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