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This weekend, Sunday November 21 from 3pm-4:30pm, there will be a booksigning and get-together at La Cuisine cooking school in Paris.

On hand will be copies of Drinking French, L’Appart and The Perfect Scoop available for purchase and signing (see below for advance purchase info) and you’re welcome to bring already-purchased books too. It’s a great chance to pick up a book for yourself or for holiday gift-giving!



Thanks to the generosity of La Cuisine cooking school for hosting the event and we’ll be offering samples of wine, cheese, and cocktails from some of our favorite French purveyors!

Wine will be provided by Maison Edouard Delaunay, a family-owned winery in Burgundy that was founded in 1893 and is now guided by Laurent Delaunay, the great-grandson of the founder. It’s an acclaimed Burgundy vignoble and we’re happy to offer tastings of their recent vintages.

We’ll be sampling Comté cheese  – young and aged, thanks to Comté USA. It takes time for Comté to develop its taste and cheeses range from being aged for four months…to up to four years! Comté is the most consumed AOC cheese in France, with nearly 1,600,000 wheels produced every year in the pastures of the Jura region in France.

Allison Kave from Izzy’s Paris will be making cocktails to sip and savor. Bartender and baker Allison hails from Brooklyn and now delivers cocktails (and apéro snacks) using fresh ingredients from local markets and producers (in eco-responsible packaging) across Paris.

Notes (Please Read)

  • Due to Covid, a limited number of people can be in the cooking school at the same time. We’re happy to have you come for a drink and something to eat – and get your book signed – but please be aware that if other people are waiting to enter, it’s very much appreciated if you limit your stay so others can participate.
  • Masks are mandatory at the venue (worn over your nose) as it’s a working cooking school. You may take it down (such as when you’re on an airplane) for sipping and tasting.
  • The venue cannot process credit cards or checks for book sales.






    • Lili

    Bonjour David,
    I cannot be at your book signing, sounds like it will be lots of fun. However, if I bring your book with me next year when I’m in Paris I would love for you to sign it!
    Lili in Colorado

    • Tommy

    Congrats, have fun! I loved the part of the invitation that says Masks are mandatory at the venue (worn over your nose). I wish that was written everywhere. I’ve have seen more people proudly wearing masks over their mouth only, when your nose is where the virus lives!

    • Kate

    The option to reserve or buy a book ‘here’ in your notes does not work at the moment.

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      I just tried it and it worked for me. It should open up a page in your browser to send an email, so you can let us know which book(s) you’d like to preorder. I tested it with my assistant and it worked for us & several people have placed orders through the link – can you let me know what you see when you click the link so we can fix it? Thanks!

      (If it doesn’t work, you can let us know using my Contact form here which books you’d like, and we can send the info that way.)

    • Fer Alemán

    Wish I could go, but I would welcome a Dijon visit : ). Your posts are better now that I live in france : )

    • Kate

    Yesterday I would just get the google docs page. Now with much fiddling it worked. Yah!

    • Mickey

    Aah I left Paris a few days too early…. Have fun!

    • Christina

    I just picked up a copy of Ready for Dessert at Smith & Son. Hoping to get La Cuisine tomorrow to meet you Cheers!


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