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The Round-Up Continues…

guarnaja molded.jpg

Ashley made Chocolate Truffles with Edible Gold with a basic ganache using Valrhona 70% Guanaja chocolate.


At Gastronomicon, she dipped her way to passionate delight with Passionfruit Truffles surrounded by El Rey chocolate, used for its robust flavor.


Baked Chocolate Fudge was a New Zealand treat from Arfi, who used Whittaker’s 72% dark to scratch that chocolate itch.


Over at Café Lynnylu, there’s a batch of Little Chocolate Cherry Cakes, heart-shaped, waiting for you. Using Ghiradelli 60% for these robust chocolate treats, she found these equally good for breakfast as they were for dessert!


Another Green & Black’s gal, Jess goes healthy on us with a recipe for Whole Wheat Double Chocolate Orange Cookies, using their Mayan Gold bar for these home-style cookies.


Sarah had a little trouble with her Dark Chocolate Crème Brulée using Lindt 70%, but it doesn’t look so bad to me.


Chocolate Ginger Terrine by Brigitte who writes in German from Singapore, so I wasn’t sure what chocolate she used, since I can barely understand check it out yourself!


Over at Hungry In Hogtown, they tackled a challenging El Bulli Chocolate Sampler, cracking open their voluminous El Bulli cookbooks, and taking inspiration from Barcelona’s Cacao Sampaka chocolate shop, one of my favorite places in the world for getting my chocolate fix on.
(Good thing they didn’t include the anchovy-flavored chocolates, though. Yuck! That was the only time I’ve ever pulled something chocolate out of my mouth…)


Morgan’s after my own heart with Florida’s Chocolate-Dipped Coconut Patties with Ghiradelli’s Semisweet chocolate, which isn’t fancy, but calls it “tried & true.”


Expat Helen from France made a Chocolate Ganache Tart using Michel Cluizel, a chocolate made in Normandy, which she brought back from a gastronomical expedition to Paris.


Chocolate Salami probably wouldn’t make a very good sandwich, but it sure looks like a fabulous snack. Make with Frey 72% chocolate from Switzerland, all I can add is “Hold the mustard!”


Hoang made Mini-Dark Chocolate Tartlets using Koko Black chocolate, from down-under, which they say is creamier and richer than other chocolates.


Jessica pleased her potty-mouthed hubby when making her Chocolate Almonds Toffee using both Valhrona Noir Orange and Schokinag Milk Chocolate.


There was fashion-forward and was the only one who made a White Chocolate Mousse in the whole round-up, and that was from Haalo, who used Lindt white chocolate couverture for her lofty dessert, which she paired with poached cherries.
Is white the new black?


Andrea opened her recipe box and came up with Hot Fudge Saucefor ice cream that’s as dark as you’ll ever see. She used Ghiradelli 60% chocolate chips for this decadent spread.


Is there anyone who doesn’t like a Warm Individual Chocolate Cake? Especially if it’s from Jean-George Vongerichten and made from Felchlin’s Cru Sauvage chocolate?


What the heck is a Chocolate & Rompope Drunk Cake? With a heady lift of booze, and Hershey’s cocoa powder, this is a terrific recipe that’s easy to make from south-of-the border.


Bavarian-born Eva proved that there’s always room for another Flourless Chocolate Cake, especially one made with Ritter Sport dark chocolate from Germany…but no sporty spices.


Lucy in Lyon’s got a recipe for Top Secret Chocolate in her Kitchen Notebook. What is it?
We’ll all have to wait and see…


I dream of Jeanne and she didn’t disappoint with her mum’s Dark Chocolate Mousse, made by breaking up a tablet of Green & Black’s organic chocolate. A girl after my own heart, she claims she can’t say no to me!
(*sigh* I wish that was true of everyone…)


Lara, one of my photo heroes, came up with a stunning Chocolate Pudding and Meringue Spoons over at Cook & Eat. She debated over which chocolate to use from her stash, until finally deciding on the Hacienda del Tesoro chocolate, from Venezuela.


Assuring they taste “better than they look”, Rachel’s Stuffed Roasted Strawberries are filled with Lindt Dark Chocolate Truffle pieces. It’s a warm, inside-out chocolate-dipped strawberry!


From Malaysia, a towering chocolate Crepe Cake from Masak-Masak, using Mohrenglanz chocolate.


Randi was going through serious baking withdrawls, so whipped out her box of E. Guittard 72% chocolate for No-Cook Chocolate Pudding, and a fine batch of Chocolate Chunk Scones.


Co-Parisian Avital from Le Pétrin whipped up a batch of soft chocolate cakes, Moelleux Chocolat Noisettes, Creme Chocolat et Canneberges Poelées including a variation called The Love Goddess Cake.


Another Mexican-inspired entry from Homesick Texan who made a, gulpChocolate Frito Pie using Chocolate Mayordomo.
Ay carumba!


Definitely Not Martha came through with a Martha-worthy Bruléed Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Torte made with Poulain French chocolate, and a non-Martha-esque touch ‘o tofu!


And the founder of this fabulous event, Jennifer of Domestic Goddess came through with a Portuguese Chocolate Tarts, which she says is the perfect showcase for good-quality chocolate. In this case, she used Soma dark chocolate. Jennifer said these would be equally good with a nice glass of brut Champagne…which sounds particularly good to me…right about now!


Oh…and what about me?
My entry is Chocolate Idiot Cake which I made with ScharffenBerger chocolate…which you can read more about here!

The Gourmet Peasant made an X-Rated Cup Cake using Droste and ScharffenBerger chocolates, that were too racy for my site!


Chocolate Chunk Cookies. are everyone’s favorite, not matter where you live. And she answers the eternal question, “Is good chocolate expensive…or not?


One of the more unusual recipes was for Chocolate Liquor, a homemade drinkable concoction Alexandra made using Venchi cocoa powder, infused with the haunting flavor of tonka beans.


Taking a Fresh Approach, Rachael hits her mark with a Russian Chocolate Vodka Cake, made with Russian chocolate, A. Korkunov which she said was “Strong and assertive” and demanded a shot of vodka alongside, rather than the proverbial glass of milk.


Ivonne was curious to see if Amedei chocolate was really worth it, so she whipped up a Perfectly Simple Dark Chocolate Tart.

Oh, and one more entr…uh…


    • Anh


    Thanks for the round-up. However, the pic for chocolate tart using Koko Black Chocolate is not mine. So many entries, hard to keep track with them all I guess….

    • David

    Oops! With 100 entries, there were quitei a few photos to juggle…thanks for re-sending.

    • Jeanne

    Awwww, David, you sweet talker you (no pun intended!). Wow – what a roundup!! I think some of these need to go on my personal recipe file…

    Thanks for being the host with the most :)

    • Hande

    Brigitte says she made her chocolate ginger terrine with Michel Cluizel because she loves the smell and in Singapur everyone uses Valrhona, so she wanted to be different.

    • barb

    this is completely off topic, but david, i thought it was important enough for you to learn of some new and unexpected competion in the ring … forgive the diversion …back to the regularly schedule broadcast.

    • Mel

    Oh,darn! I completely forgot about this, or else I would’ve submitted the pictures from my chocolate truffles stuffed into candied kumquats adventure!

    • Jessica

    David, wow, was putting together the round-up like a chocolate-loved-filled marathon? You definitely finished it up right with that last entry. *pant* Just a note (not to be picky, really) that my entry has a broken link (for the milk chocolate). D’oh! Thaaank you!

    • McAuliflower

    Wow – this is quite the round up! Thanks for the visual delight David and SHF’ers.

    • janelle

    Wow. That is all I can say: wow. (Oh and backwards too: wow).

    • Rachael

    Rachael at Fresh Approach Cooking is scandalized that Rachel Fresh Choice Catering stole her post, but maybe its just a typo and we can all get along. :-)

    • Maureen in Oakland

    This round up was stupendous. Wowza! The variety and quality of everything produced was amazing. I have so many new recipes to try!

    • Belle

    So David,

    Whatsit gonna take for a girl to get some of those mighty fine lookin’little heart cakes?
    Name your price, darlin’…

    • Kristen

    A chocolate salami! Good to see someone else thinks this is appealing. We carry a salame cioccolato by L’Artigiano and people seem to find the idea of it either amusing or off-putting, but not tempting. I think it’s fantastic.

    • mimi

    I am awstruck. No time to participate this time (enough non-food deadlines to meet), but maybe next time. Thank you, David, and everyone else for such a visual treat.


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