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The avalanche of entries for Sugar High Friday #27: Chocolate By Brand continues.

Thanks again to all participants, and be sure to visit their sites and click on the chocolate links to learn more about the different kinds of chocolate used from around the globe. This entry takes us all over the world, from Paris, to America, through South and Central America, as well as Istanbul and Holland.


A real Dutch-treat, Ashleigh at Stiched in Holland whipped up a Dark Chocolate and Cherry Steamed Pudding, which she claimed was hard to photograph (although I’m sure it was easy to eat.) A trip to the natuurwinkel yielded a tablet of Green & Black’s organic dark chocolate, which she put to delicious use.


You’ll be gnawing at your computer screen when you see Piperata’s Cranberry and Chocolate Cookies which she baked up in her kitchen in Milan. Zani chocolate, produced-nearby, was her choice for the dark chocolate, and a bar of Lindt white chocolate was sacrificed as well for this sweet event.
(Although I wonder where the heck she got dried cranberries in Italy?)


Suzy, who claims Suzy’s Not A Homemaker, process herself wrong by whipping up a picture-perfect batch of Chocolate Hazelnut Scones. Unwrapping a bar of snow-bound chocolate bar she had from Starbucks, Suzy proves she was up to this sweet challenge.


Alanna at A Veggie Adventure who fussed & fumed about what to make, before deciding on a silky, creamy, Light ‘n Easy Chocolate Pudding she made in minutes. Alanna likes Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa Powder, because it gives chocolate desserts, like her low-fat chocolate pudding, a dark-black chocolate color.


Although she’s finds lots of chocolates to choose from in Metz, France, including Cémoi organic, Julie at Cookbook Addict chose to use Lindt 70% for her Individual Butterless Chocolate Cakes. Although it’s hard to imagine a cake in France sans beurre, she pulls it off…these chocolate cakes may look small but they’re big on addictive chocolate flavor.


Sugar Delirium is the perfect site for a Sugar High Friday entry, and her Mexican Chocolate Cake, was made with authentic Ibarra Mexican chocolate…naturalmente! This nutty chocolate cake looks even more appetizing glazed with sleek icing.


Over at Jumbo Empanadas, you’ll be as fooled as I was by Faux Truffles, which couldn’t be easier. Using a chocolate bar from Just Us! I didn’t feel like a fool being called ‘Sir Lebovitz’, and I, for one, salute Brilynn for adapting this excellent and simple idea.


How many of you can call eating chocolate cake a ‘life-changing experience’? Well Mary can (and so can I), and you can read why at Ceres & Bacchus, where she not only describes the perfect Flourless Chocolate Cake which she made with Ghiradelli 60% chocolate.
And as a bonus, she includes a Gallic glug of smooth, custardy crème anglaise.


Why Travel To France?
Well, why the heck not? Especially when there’s Peanut Butter Palmiers aux Pépites de Chocolat with Nestlé chocolate chips. (Excuse me…Where in France did you get those?) Curious as to why French cooks don’t vary their recipes too much, she’s start on a new thread over there, ‘Massacred French Classics’.
Stand back!


Over at Café Fernando, Cenk couldn’t wait to try a new recipe for Chocolate Caramel Pot de Crème, a brilliant combination of two of his favorite flavors (mine too!) He used Côte d’Or Culinaire chocolate, that friends brought back from Belgium, which seems to have found a very good home in Istanbul.


Have you ever tackled a wedding cake?
Well, Dilek at A La Dilek did, using Lindt. I guess being Swiss, why not use Swiss chocolate? (As well as another favorite, Crément, on occasion.) Although not a German chocolate cake, the recipe is also in German.
(Although wouldn’t a multi-tiered German Chocolate Cake for a wedding be fun!)


From Peru, Gretchen from Canela y Comino sents word of her fabulous success making Peruvian Chocolate Layer Cake, as tall as the Andes. She searched for locally-available or produced chocolates and settled on Winter’s dark chocolate tablets and cocoa powder.


Dans le Marais, Richard prepared a Chocolate Cake using Poulain 1848 chocolate, available at local markets around town. Invented by a cookbook author and runway model (yeah…like those two careers go together!) this cake is similar to Chocolate Decadence popular in the US of A.


Kisses to Karen at A Couple of Tarts for making Cocoa Nib Meringue Cookies using ScharffenBerger cocoa nibs, which she was trying to re-create from a recent visit to Tartine in San Francisco. Being a former pastry chef, it’s her favorite chocolates and she found inspiration for her recipe from a gaggle of Bay Area cookbook authors and bakers.


Gal-pal Luisa, aka The Wednesday Chef ain’t a girl to pull her punches, so when she made Thomas Keller’s Chocolate Bouchons, she was saddened by a salty-overload. Using Ghiradelli semisweet chocolate, she gave it a good go. But I gave her a suggestion for sweet salvation.


Our dear Abby from eat the right stuff in un-stuffy London came through with Ginger & Orange Clusters. She made the ethical choice and chose Green & Black’s organic white and 70% dark chocolate for these tempting little clusters.


The Culinary Fool, Brenda, proved she ain’t nobody’s fool and paired Chocolate Sorbet in Chocolate Tuiles. She had a bit of a chocolate smack-down, pitting Callebaut against Guittard churning out her chocolate-rich entry.

Next month’s Sugar High Friday #28 is hosted by Jasmine of Cardamom Addict, where the theme is Sweet Seduction: A dessert that you might use to seduce, be seduced, or wish to be seduced by.



    • Piperita

    Dear David,
    dried cranberry are IMPOSSIBLE to find in Italy! A fellow blogger friend sent them to me from Canada! The many wonders of blogging!!!

    • David

    Piperita: Actually…last time I was at the store Metro they had huge bags of them, 1 kg bags that were only around 8 euros, although you need to be a member to shop there. I was really surprised (and happy!)

    • julie

    Merci David! I love your style!

    Mmmhh, I wish I could shop at Metro too:)

    • Alanna

    Lovely job on the round-up … not that you need “another” project but it would also be great to have a recap on the “winning” chocolates, grouped in ways that helped us learn more about the varieties, brands, etc.

    • Véronique

    Dried cranberries are available in Germany under the “Seeberger” brand, which I’ve seen before at Lafayette Gourmet, in Paris…

    • Piperita

    Next time I go to Metro I will sure look for them!!!
    I’m very happy too for this wonderful news, as I became addicted to cranberries since my first bite!!!
    Cranberries to the world!

    • veuveclicquot


    Quel magnifique travail!!! Thank you for the wonderful round-up – it’s a great way to discover new brands of chocolates, chocolate-overload recipes, and chocolate-loving bloggers. Now if only there were another chocolate event for me to use the rest of the hunk of Ibarra!

    • Karen

    You have done such a wonderful job hosting! Thank you so much, it was great to be able to participate.

    • Judith in Umbria

    I’m running out of things to say! There is so much creativity and mastery exposed here that I’m stunned.

    • ptinfrance

    merci mille fois, david. you are a doll.


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