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melting chocolate sorbet

With summer in full swing, I’ve noticed some interesting ice cream and sorbet recipes popping up around the web. Here’s a few scoops that are keeping people cool this summer…

Plum Sorbet (Simply Recipes)

Homemade Ice Cream Drumsticks (Baking Bites)

Vegan ice cream (Vegan Ice Cream)

Pineapple Ginger Sorbet (Mark Bittman)

Spaghetti Ice Cream

Granny Smith Lemon Grass Sorbet (delicious:days)

Semolina Halva with Turkish Ice Cream (Café Fernando)

Rose Strawberry Sorbet (Vegan Visitor)

Blackberry Lemon Verbena Sorbet (LynnyLu)

Vegan Basil Ice Cream (Couscous Kitchen)

Coconut Avocado Ice Cream (Perfect Pantry)

Brown Butter Ice Cream (Michael Laiskonis)

Pistachio Gelato (Chocolate & Zucchini)

Chocolate Sorbet (Smitten Kitchen)

Homemade Fudgicles (Serious Eats)

Brownie Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches (Food Beam)

Lemon Verbena Ice Cream (dl)

Golden Raspberry and White Peach Sorbet (Chocolate Gourmand)

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    • Lindsey

    I am still working my way through the many recipes in your book that draw me. Last week I made the roasted banana ice cream and then sandwiched it in between Trader Joe’s cinnamon graham crackers. It was a really good combination! It needed a day in the freezer to get the graham crackers to absorb some of moisture to be the perfect ice cream sandwich.

    I will be trying the Pineapple Ginger Sorbet next (from the link above) and then back to your book as my kids want to try the chocolate peanut butter, and the chocolate raspberry. thanks for so many good recipes!

    PS do you know of one for a soda flavored ice cream? my boys want to try a coke ice cream. I tried it on my own, but it wasn’t very strongly flavored. I worried about adding too much of the soda and throwing off the texture. any advice?

    • David

    Lindsey: Glad you’re enjoying the book!

    To make a soda-flavored ice cream, you could reduce the soda in a wide skillet until it’s syrupy, which will concentrate the flavor, then add it to an ice cream base. When making the base, you may want to reduce the amount of sugar in that as well to compensate, since the syrup will add sweetness.

    Pharmacies used to sell Coke-syrup, and I’ve seen root beer syrup in American supermarkets, which’d be fun to play around with, too.

    • priya

    what is that ice cream in the photograph?

    • Crystal King

    Just what I need, more ice cream recipes!! ;)

    I made your watermelon sorbetto last night–YUM! I had a slightly too ripe watermelon which ultimately tasted far better in a frozen concoction.

    I’ve never had a recipe book where every single recipe was a hit, except yours!

    • Eileen

    All of these frozen treats sound fabulous, but what really intrigues me is that round, black and red tray in the photo. It’s a stunner!

    • mari

    My parents weekly Friday night date before having 7 wild children, was to make vanilla ice cream and pie for dinner. Their very first argument happened because my father licked the dasher without my mother, which was their favorite ice cream making ritual. I have fond memories of sitting on the back porch with my siblings watching our White Mountain ice cream maker and willing it to stop churning, waiting for that screeching sound the motor gave when the ice cream was fully frozen and ready to be eaten. The smell of the rock salt and ice melting on hot pavement is imprinted on my olfactory forever.

    When your book came out, it took me a while to purchase it, because purchasing the book meant purchasing an ice cream maker. Finally, I broke down and got both and I’ve never once regretted it (although my waistline might…haha), not only does it have amazing recipes, but it’s a great read. When my mother got a Cuisinart ice cream maker for Xmas last year, I knew that she too needed to have The Perfect Scoop, so this year I got her the book for her birthday. She loves it as much as I do, thanks for writing such a fabulous book and getting a whole lotta people world wide making ice cream!

    • EB

    Oh! I made Bittman’s sorbet recently. It’s possibly the most refreshing flavor ever! Oh and when I had a little extra that wouldn’t fit in the freezer… a little rum drizzled over the top and voila… best. cocktail. ever.

    • emilie

    Great round-up. I especially want to make the granny smith lemongrass sorbet, hey now, wow!

    Thanks for including so many dairy-free treat links. I’ve second-guessed this, but am going to traipse right into internet rudeness and drop a link to one of my own recent “ice cream” posts featuring lots of herb infused vegan ice creams (particularly Asian herbs) with the hope that some of your readers with the frozen treat bug will find it interesting/useful.

    Thanks Emilie! Actually I’m giving you a pass on any rudeness ; ) and moved the link to the main post. People ask me about vegan alternatives and it’s not my area of expertise. So I hope folks will appreciate the link as much as I do. -dl

    • Nikki

    Happy National Ice Cream Month. Being in Paris doesn’t exempt you, kind sir :)

    • Jessica

    So much ice cream, so little time! I don’t know whether to kiss you or kick you for putting even MORE frozen treats on my “must make” list.

    And ditto what priya said…what IS that stuff in the photograph? Espresso something? Some sort of sorbet?

    • David

    Priya and Jessica: It’s chocolate sorbet (from The Perfect Scoop). It’s a little melty, but I think it tastes better that way!

    And Eileen; yes, I love that tray too. Too bad it doesn’t belong to me.


    • Kathy Casey

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful ice cream recipes! Once again, you don’t disappoint. Thanks!

    • Mike

    That’s a great collection of very interesting recipes. I seem to have a never-ending list of ice creams to try…

    Not to plug my site, but in the spirit of this post, I thought you might also enjoy this collection of frozen desserts from a recent food blog event as there was quite a turnout and a lot of really creative entries: Frozen Dessert Round-Up

    • matthew k.

    love the new look, david! thanks for those flavor suggestions..I gotta get my ice cream machine going one of these days. check out my revamped blog as well (like the name?)

    • Tara

    This is just what I needed! Thanks, and you KNOW Ill be making the coconut-avocado ice cream… or the pineapple ginger… or the browned butter one mentioned in another comment… yeah. Im hungry. Okay, well thanks for all the good reading… going to freeze the ice cream maker bowl now…

    • Kitt

    Oooh, fabulous! I want a scoop of each, please.

    May I add one I just made? Honey vanilla goat-milk ice cream. It can be made with cow’s milk, of course, but goat-milk is what I have. A lot of goat milk.

    I’m going to make some of the recipes above with it, too! And many from your book.


    • Liska

    David, I like your blog so much. It’s so… alive.
    Your book about ice cream & sorbet is great. I’ve tried many recipes from it, but my favourite is the salted caramel ice-cream. Taste for ever :) Regards from Warsaw!

    • ArC

    Can I suggest a black tea ice cream? I actually like it more than green tea ice cream, but for some reason it’s barely made an impression at retail – the closest thing is Thai tea ice cream, but that has a bunch of extra spices…

    • Vanilla

    I was away for a while a catching up on my blog and food reading!
    Thanks for posting this tasty looking compilation.
    I am just like Lindsey, working through the Perfect Scoop, and savouring every single one of them – with a personal touch! Your chocolate sorbet has definitely become a favourite.

    • Linda

    Although my waistline isn’t very happy, I have thoroughly enjoyed working my way through The Perfect Scoop, and never again will I go back to store bought ice cream.

    I have so many favorites, but the malted milk and vanilla bean are churned on a regular basis at my house. I recently made your lemon verbena ice cream…OMG it’s heavenly!!!! Thank you!


    • Julie

    This past weekend, I made the Aztec Chocolate recipe from Perfect Scoop. The 1st time I made it, it was the best thing to touch my lips (well, with a few unmentionable exceptions…) However, this second time, I was out of chile powder and used cayenne instead. Note to self: chile powder is not interchangeable with cayenne! We both love spicy food, but this was so hot we had to throw it out. :( It was very sad, but I can laugh about it now.

    • Rachel

    I was wondering if any of you have tried the Brown Butter Ice cream that is linked to in your post. It sounds delicious, but as I was reading over the recipe, I was confused by the last step. It says “To assemble, combine base with whipping cream” – I just wanted to confirm this means to do that after chilling, before freezing in the ice cream maker?

    The recipes sounds like it could be temperamental, so I was wondering if anyone else has tried it and had good luck with it…


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