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Now readers in the United Kingdom have their own UK edition of The Perfect Scoop.

It’s so new, even I don’t have it yet—so you’ll scoop me, too.

The Perfect Scoop is now available online or from your local bookseller – just in time for summer!

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(The Perfect Scoop is available for international shipping through Book Depository.)


    • Bee | Rasa Malaysia

    Congrats! My best friend’s birthday (she’s in the UK) is coming up and this will make a wonderful gift for her as she loves ice cream. I suppose this will be on Amazon UK, yes?

    • Jessica

    Yay! Are there any differences from the U.S. version? Like different measurement units, etc.?

    • David
    David Lebovitz

    Bee and Jessica: I’ve only seen the preview on the page – so yes, it’s available there. The measurements, like in all my books, include metric.

    • Chez Loulou

    Did they make you change words like “cookie” to “biscuit?” :)

    • David
    David Lebovitz

    …or “dessert” to “pudding”? The editors at the publishing house did the translation (authors almost never do their own translations) which is better because there are British words and nuances in the language that they know better than me. (Like, some desserts are “puddings”, even though they’re not what we in American English refer to as “puddings”, and some aren’t.)

    • Silvia

    Your book is still waiting here at home for the ice cream machine… so that I can finally start making glace…

    • Three-Cookies

    Perfect timing, just in time for the warm weather. Amazon already has an amazing 37% discount!

    • sarahb1313

    Lucky them!

    Just got the book here stateside a few weeks ago with my brand new ice cream maker and we made the salted butter caramel ice cream… the groans coming from my 2 sons and I in the kitchen were obscene. We then got to watch hubby repeat the performance when he got in.

    New problem is how to work my way through the book- do I just start at the beginning, or jump around?

    Problems, problems…

    • Jeannette

    I am in the UK and I have your book, the original publication, and find no problem with it at all.

    • bakingepiphanies

    Well everything sounds more charming in British. I wish we would call desserts “pudding” and the stove a “hob”.

    Ha! Just had a thought, it would be SO much fun if David moved to London and did the UK edition of The Sweet Life too! :)

    Though that might be too much cultural whiplash even for him.

    • Trav45

    Congrats, Brits! After a year in Mongolia, I’m heading home in a few weeks, and one thing I’m really looking forward to is hauling out the ice cream maker and my copy of The Perfect Scoop. I bought it after participating a few years back in the Fine Cooking create-your-own ice cream contest, based on your recipes. I “created” an espresso ice-cream with roasted blackberries that is to die for, if I say so myself. That’s what I love about your cookbook: great recipes that are easy to play off of.

    • Callie

    Just wanted to say I’ve had the it on pre-order, and got my hands on it this past week. I love it! Instead of buying straight away I thought I’d wait for the UK version…. the sorbets and granitas are especially appealing when having to cater for dairy free tastes around the house. Thanks again!

    • jo

    Congratulations, David, on another fantastic new edition. Any plans for a UK booksigning? That would be wonderful.

    • Inda

    Congratulations on the new edition! If I had waited it would have been well worth the wait, but I got the US edition and have spent the last 6 months making as much gorgeous ice cream as possible. It more than makes up for having to live 3000 miles away from the nearest JP licks.

    • maxine

    i got an ice cream machine for my 21st birthday and have been looking for a book that i can trust.
    thank you so much for writing a delicious looking book :D

    • Dolcie Myrold

    I’ve had The Perfect Scoop for 6 months and I’ve only been able to make the anise ice-cream, my husband won’t let me make anything else! It’s that good! Luckily my family is coming to visit for a few weeks and I’ll get to try other flavors on them, can’t wait.

    • Jess

    Lucky UK readers! I made your strawberry sour cream ice cream just last week and it was perfect. My friends’ eyes nearly popped out of their heads when they tasted it.

    • Phyllis Kirigin

    The Perfect Scoop–UK Edition I keep forgetting they speak a different language. Hey, Dolcie, if you’re stuck on anise, try my maple syrup gelato. I think your family (and maybe your husband) will love it.

    • Gavrielle

    I will be buying this from Amazon UK along with the new edition of The Italian Baker you mentioned here which is coming out later this year.

    Incidentally, I ran across a thread recently about making some incredibly yummy cupcakes. When I tracked the recipe across the Web to its origin, with each post on the journey enthusing about how delicious it was, it turned out to be one of your recipes. I should have known!

    • angela

    Very excited about this! I’ve been meaning to get your book, (ice cream is one of the only desserts I make) but posting from the US to Provence, seemed like a bit of a shlep. Am in the UK at the moment, so will put my order in. Is there a book signing in the offing?

    • David
    David Lebovitz

    Hi Angela: I am having an upcoming signing in Paris at Colette, on June 24th from 6 to 7 pm. There’s more information on my Schedule page.

    The publisher did ask me if I’d like to come to London and I was hoping to come and do some ice cream events there. Those will be listed on the schedule page and the site as well, if they do happen. But nothing in Provence ; )

    • Paul Gahan

    Excellent! One for my christmas list (I got the ice cream maker last christmas).

    • Annabel (Mrs Redboots)

    Ah, I think you have just answered my question! I do hope you will come to London for a signing.

    • Jerry

    Great book. I’ve made @ 25 of your flavors. BUT, I do miss your ice cream question forum. Thanks for so much fun with my daughter.

    • Jax

    I just received the US version of this book in the mail this afternoon and can’t wait to break in my new ice cream maker. All of the flavors look amazing. I also received The Sweet Life at the same time, which I’m sure will see lots of use in my kitchen. Back at home after spending four months in France, I was desperate to find recipes so I could recreate all of my favorite French desserts back at home in Seattle. I was so excited to see that your book contained recipes for clafoutis, macarons AND vacherin! I should be studying for the bar exam, but that’ll have to wait… your books are demanding my attention… pronto!

    • G.

    I have already given your book to nearly every member of my family, in the US and over the pond. Hooray for ice cream!! xo.


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