The long-awaited chocolate television program which I participated in, Chocolate Confidential, is set to air this month on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) this month.

(They rejected my preferred title, David Lebovitz’s Chocolate Hour, for some inexplicable reason…)

It’ll be shown nationwide on Thursday, January 25th at 8pm, and will be repeated on the Canadian news network the following day (check listings for time.)


In other news, my blog is a finalist for the Well Fed Network’s Food Blog Award for Best Chef’s Blog 2006.
Voting ends soon!

You can vote for your favorite food blogs, like this one, by clicking here.




  • Congratulations David for both events! Youpi! Felicitations! All this chocolate stuff makes me dizzy, just hearing about it. I just discovered recently (well I am lying, I knew it well!) that I am une vraie accro du chocolat! Mince !

  • Congratulations! I hope it’s shown in the US soon; otherwise I’ll have to move to Canada. No biggie. Is it a one time show or a series?

  • So pleased that your special is on CBC first – go Canada! We may be small population wise but we certainly know a good thing when we see it. Maybe Food TV Canada will also pick it up. Anyone wishing to move here to see David’s special can use me as a sponsor. Just kidding….

  • I am totally cheesed that you and MattBites were not nominated for Best Humor. God knows how many times you have made me laugh out loud with your deft wit.

    Gah. But congratulations on everything else. You rock, distinctly and infinitely.

  • Okay, so I share your love of winning stuff, so I voted for you TWICE! that’s dedication, my friend. Happy day!

  • I join in the congratulations and I agree with TAna that you should’ve been nominated for best humor! And of course I voted for you :)

  • This is exactly why I’m so proud to be Canadian! I can’t wait to see the show, David. And congratulations on the nomination!

  • Congratulations, David. I’m new to your site but I’m sure this won’t be my last visit. Cheers, Trig.

  • David,

    You are getting my vote too! Congratulations on the program as well…

  • Might I suggest…all you DL fans should also head on over to the BLOGGIES and nominate this wonderful blog for Best Food Blog and Best European Blog of 2006.

  • As Quebec as recently been deemed a nation I only hope I have the oppurtunity to watch a Canadian special. I cannot wait to catch it and congrats on your nomination.

  • You rock!Congrats for your blog.I voted for you.

  • Ever since my dear Michele departed from Paris, I’ve severely missed my daily fix of Canadian warmth and humor. Eh?

    Thank you all, my Canadian brethren and sistren (if that is a word) for your hearty congradulations and may I be the first to respond in kind by making your nation (since Sarah Lou says you’re a group of nations) the first to see my chocolate program.

    God bless the Canadians…I salute you all, from Vancouver, to Banff.

  • Hello David,
    Congratulation for the nomination. I am not surprised to see that you have 68% of the votes already. I read your blog every day. Maybe I do not leave comments but, I check your page at least once a day and really enjoy it.You are doing a really good job. Good Luck. Olivia.

  • Yay! Being a Canadian, CBC is one of the only two channels I get (No, it’s not because I live in an igloo, I just don’t subscribe to cable). When you said it was going to be on CBC in an earlier post, I was racking my brain, when could it be on? During mid-day? Right after Coronation Street in the evening? But now that you’ve named the program “Chocolate Confidential”, it all came clear to me. CBC has been promoting the program quite a bit, and it will be in “prime time”. Looking forward to it!
    Denise from Vancouver

  • Hey, get them to change their minds: David Lebovitz’s Chocolate Hour is a much better name!

    (It practically rhymes with the King Biscuit Flower Hour!)

    The name they’re using sounds like Anthony Bourdain has become a pastry chef!

  • You are golden as of this morning. I was more than satisfied to cast my vote for you, and that brought me to the current results. You are so far in the lead that Bourdain with Nigella’s bod couldn’t catch up.