My Unedited Fridge

Here’s my response to Sam’s query about giving her a peek into my unedited fridge. Since I’ve got plans to dine out all week for lunch and dinner, which means my refrigerator’s never been cleaner or emptier—I’m up to the challenge!


Starting from the top (in no particular order):

Presure: Liquid rennet from when I made my own cottage cheese. Which was pretty cool to make.
Cantal: Photo of the fromager, coming soon dude.
Jean-Yves Bordier Salted Butter: You must come to France if, for no other reason, than to taste his extraordinary butter.
Lemon Curd with li hing mui: Hawaiian lemon curd with salted dried plum powder, a gift from his island, to mine.
Maple syrup: To make my Spicy Glazed Nut Mix.

Middle Shelf

Whole milk yogurt with bifidus.
Demi-écrémé milk.
Andros orange juice: That, yes…I bought for 15% off.
Comté: Aged 18 months.
An almost-empty jar of Dulce de Leche.
Orzo from Slitti: Roasted ground barley&mdashan Italian coffee substitute that seemed like a good idea at the time but gradually made its way to the back of the fridge and now seems to live there permanently.

Lower Shelf

Harissa: Moroccan hot sauce.
Concombres Assaisonees: Pickled cucumbers that I got to go with the soba noodles, British beer and dashi that Keiko brought me last year.

Bottom Shelf

Half a bulb of raw fennel: I don’t like fennel unless it’s raw, sliced super-thin, and tossed in a salad.
Caramel-Buerre-Salé: From Henri Leroux from Quiberon. The one Brittany that’s welcome to hit me with a jar of this one more time.
Poha Jam: Part of the prize package I got for winning a blog award.
Bitter Orange Marmalade: I got carried away and made about 12 jars this winter.
Homemade pickled red onions (from The Zuni Cookbook) and pickled chiles.

(In no particular order)

Lillet Blanc: Just in case Daniel Craig stops by.
Edmond Fallot Dijon mustard: J’adore.
Pocket Coffee: Normally I don’t refrigerate chocolate(s) but last year I lost my stash to the heatwave and no way am I going to let that happen again.
Anchovies from Pim’s last trip to Spain.
Iced tea
Crème de Cassis: Delicious tossed with some strawberries, or for an emergency kir.
Squid-Brand (!) fish sauce: The only tentacles allowed in my fridge.
Three tiny bottles of Boyajian orange, mint, and lemon oils that I brought from the US.
Homemade nocino: Green walnut liquor that I made from a friend’s walnuts.
One-third of a bottle of leftover Saumur, red wine from the Loire.
Sriracha Chili Sauce
SAF levure: Powdered yeast that’s leftover from some dumb-ass no-knead bread experiments. I keep meaning to make pizza here but never get around to it.
Better Than Bouillon®…busted!




  • Twins separated at birth. Except I would never show mine. It’s jammed with stuff that wouldn’t have to live there except that I eke it out because it is so hard to find here.

    No eggs?

    BUT, I also have Better than Bouillon and it IS. When making risotto for one it’s wonderful, because you only have to keep water simmering on the stove, and if you’ve not put enough in, that’s easy to fix. People who live where broth comes in boxes just don’t get it. When you’ve spent a day making broth, you don’t want to thaw a liter when you might only need a little.

  • What about the bottom drawers? You must have some fresh produce hiding in there somewhere!

    Judith, I’m guessing he keeps the eggs outside the fridge. If you’re using your eggs within a omnth or two, they can be stored at room temperature and not go bad. When baking with eggs it’s better that they be at room temperature anyway. I’d keep my eggs out if I weren’t starved for counter space (I do leave the butter out, though).

  • Fallot mustard! I buy that stuff by the liter. It’s the only decent dijon available in the US. You’ve got plans to dine out all week, lunch and dinner?? You live the life, don’t you.

  • Yeah, I’ll say you live the life!

    By the way, isn’t that Hawaiian stuff, gee I don’t know, kinda OLD?

  • Merci David!
    Now Which brand of yogurt is that?

  • Better Than Bouillon, sacre bleu! Just kidding, now I don’t feel so bad about mine, which I purchased at the dollar store. I have chicken *and* lobster flavor too. Vive l’ingredient secret! :D

  • First, jealousy in respect to the butter, the caramel, and the curd. Second, do you refrigerate leftover red wine? I’ve always wondered, b/c I would put an opened bottle in the fridge, but my boyfriend says to leave it out (not that it will last long anyways).

  • Looks rather organised and well-stocked, especially for someone who claims not to cook during this week:)
    What to you use Boyajian orange oil for? I bought some from London last month, and made orange oil madeleines. I’m trying to think of other uses, but could do with some tips from the Masters..

  • David…you are a brave, brave man! I would not, no…could not…ever think of showing my fridge!!!

  • Okay, now head over for some shots of your underwear drawer or nightstand too.

  • This is all great. Totally love getting these glimpses into people’s lives. But…I too am waiting for the picture of the fromager!

  • What do you do with your lime oil? I bought some in a fit of curiousity longer ago than I care to admit and I haven’t touched it yet.

  • Judith & C: I have a couple of eggs, but figured they weren’t too exciting to report on. I do refrigerate eggs, which you should do. They keep 4 times longer and stay fresher than eggs left at room temperature.

    Meredith + Pille: I don’t have any lime oil, but if you have some, it makes a mean addition to a margarita. The orange oil is excellent in pound cake, or anywhere you might add a few swipes of orange zest.

    Joe: My nightstand is not as delectable…but, like the drawers in my fridge, the underwear drawer’s staying closed for inspection (unless I’m allowed to edit it first.)

    Mercedes: Actually I chill red wines most of the time, and I normally drink wines from the Touraine, which benefit from a bit of coolness.

    ParisBreakfast: Don’t know the brand, but I try to only eat yogurt with bifidus since experts say that’s the only thing truly beneficial for your health in yogurt.

    Melissa: Well…I didn’t open the lemon curd until a few weeks ago, so it’s fine. I hope!

    The Better Than Bouillon® is my secret shame. I don’t use it often but it’s nice to have to add a bit to pasta sauces or whatever. I’ll do anything to avoid the dreaded powdery ‘cube’.

  • dear David , being a quite reader i wanted to get out of my closet to let you know that your fridge looks :
    -safer than mine
    -i thought it’d be backed with Chocolate stuff (even thought i know refrigerate chocolate isn’t good!!)
    -and if Daniel Craig drops by , i don’t mind sharing a tiny glass of Lillet with you.both..

  • You really need to get out more-thank god you have plans for the next week.

  • Whoops, Lillet is supposed to be kept in the refrigerator? Hmmm. :(

  • I’m impressed. It’s clean and everything. Mine’s full of leftover pizza and juice. My only defense is I have 3 kids and 2 dogs. Maybe some day I’ll have great stuff in my fridge too.

  • OMG, I’m far too embarrased to show you mine… I mean, how many bottles of condiments with 1tsp of sauce left in the bottom can one woman keep?! Yours looks far more orderly and yummy. And if Daniel Craig stops by I am going to have to fly over there, break down your door and gatecrash. :o)