As Good A Reason As Any, I Suppose


Amy’s Ice Cream
Austin, TX




  • I’m glad you got to go to Amy’s; I have many happy memories there.

  • Hooray for Amy’s!! I’m glad you got to try it. and if you are flying…there is one in the Austin airport. Airports are, in general, and excellent place to have ice cream. Well, where isn’t?

  • Val & Mike: I do plan to do a write-up about some of the ice cream places in Austin (I did a tour for the Austin Chronicle, which should be published shortly there). I loved Teo’s…a lot, although having Amy’s at the airport was a great send-off!

    (And who doesn’t like an airport with great ice cream AND terrific bbq?)

  • When I worked in a coffee shop ours said “Munny to pae 4 spelling lessuns.”

    Love you book by the way! Elise turned me on to it. Rice pudding gelato and cheesecake ice cream rocked my socks. Planning to take some pears poached in a vanilla and lemon sugar solution and make a sorbet next.

    Any chance of a signing up here in Sac? :)